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Deadlier than a Scorpion's Sting

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Deadlier than a Scorpion's Sting - In Progress

Seven/Original Character pairing. 

This story idea actually started bugging me while I was writing Nine Months, and kept bugging me when I started writing on Arana again.  So, finally I decided that it wouldn't quit bothering me until I got at least part of it done.

The idea started out as an exploration of what Seven of Nine might have been like had her introduction and early months on Voyager been different.  No chip on her shoulder from being forcibly severed, but her choice.  No holding onto her Borg identity as if giving it up was a defeat, at least not too much.  And more people to actually help her adjust than the Captain and the Doctor. 

And yes, the introduction of an original character for her to interact with that had an interesting and different cultural background.  One reason Torres can prove interesting is Seven's exploration of Klingon culture, but I didn't want to use Torres in this story.  So one of the first things I did was to think up the outlines of a unique human colony, then I designed the planetary system they colonized, and fleshed out the background story that ended up being the Introduction.

Then I actually began outlining the story and writing it.


Introduction Chapter 7  
Chapter 1 Chapter 8  
Chapter 2 Chapter 9  
Chapter 3 Chapter 10  
Chapter 4 Chapter 11  
Chapter 5 Chapter 12  
Chapter 6   Data for 51 Pegasi

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