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Discussions - Chapter 2



Discussions - Chapter 2


By Kudara


Disclaimer: All the characters appearing in Gargoyles are copyright Buena Vista Television/The Walt Disney Company.  No infringement of these copyrights is intended as this is a not for profit fan fiction work.  All original characters are the property of the author.


Warning:  Sexual content


Notes:  Dominique Destine’s home, and the character’s Candice and Gregory are from ‘The Gargoyles Saga’ world and adapted for use in this story.


Rating:  Adult


Feedback: Always welcome, feedback is what encourages me to keep writing.  Please let me know what you like and what you dislike about the story.


Revision History: 05/12/08




December 5th, 1997 (night)


After cleaning up after dinner and moving the throes over to the dryer, the two women moved to the living room.  Dominique had picked up both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal while at the grocery store, and now they sat side by side on one of the two couches in the room, Dominique reading the Journal and Kendra the Times.  The room was quiet only the sound of the newspaper pages rustling and the occasional noise as one of them shifted position disturbing the silence.  Finally, Kendra folded her newspaper and dropped it on her lap, looking over towards Dominique with a discontented expression.  The redhead lowered her paper, glancing over at her lover with a raised eyebrow, “What’s wrong?”


“I didn’t mind the quiet out in the woods, but now that we’re back I’m reminded of the fact that it’s been twelve days since I listened to some music or watched TV,” Kendra commented.


Dominique turned her head in the other direction and looked at the flat panel TV hung on the wall.  She wasn’t interested in watching TV, but she could always go to her study or up to the library and read if whatever Kendra chose was too distracting for her to concentrate on the paper.  A small unhappy noise from the woman next to her had the redhead glancing back at her lover, the look on Kendra’s face told Dominique that the black-haired woman didn’t really want to watch TV either.  “Music,” Dominique said, the blue eyes lit up and the gargoyle tried to think of where she had put the radio, she knew she had one somewhere.


Fifteen minutes later, she unearthed device in one of the utility room cabinets.  The rather startled and dismayed expression on Kendra’s face when the redhead handed the device, which looked as if it had been purchased a few decades ago, over to the black-haired woman spoke volumes about Kendra’s opinion of its acceptability though her lover did try to hide her consternation.  Resigned, Dominique asked, “Can we at least wait until tomorrow to go out shopping for a replacement?”


“Sorry,” Kendra apologized though the effect was marred by the laughter in her tone, “when did you buy this anyway?”


“I didn’t, I found it in the house,” Dominique explained as they walked back toward the living room.  “It still worked, and I thought I might need it someday so I kept it instead of throwing it out.”  She sat down on the couch and watched while Kendra plugged in the old radio and found a classical music station.  The choice surprised her, given the two CD’s Kendra had bought her she had expected her lover to choose something else.  “Better?” she inquired when the black-haired woman sat down beside her.


Kendra looked over at the old radio, the speaker quality could definitely be improved, but it would suffice for tonight, “It works,” she replied.  “I’ll look up the closest Bose store tomorrow morning, but I’m fairly certain there’s one out this way.”


“Why a Bose store?” Dominique asked, wondering why they couldn’t just go to the nearest electronics store, there were a few in Forest Hills.


“Their Wave Radio’s have the best sound quality for their size,” Kendra replied, picking up the Times paper, “I have one at the condo and two at the estate house.”


Dominique nodded absently, willing to take Kendra’s advice on audio equipment since, as was evidenced by the radio playing now, she had never bought one herself.  She was hesitant to suggest this, but the subject of electronics made her remember her promise to Rachael.  The senior Owl’s chosen had said that the youngest of the Eagle Owl’s chosen was exceptionally intelligent and particularly gifted when it came to anything electronic.  She had also told them the reason why Robert had been given the power of transformation; he was confined to a wheelchair and had been ever since the accident that took both his parent’s lives when he was eight.  The young man lived with his aunt and uncle and a nurse that came in to help care for him.  Between the three of them, him he didn’t have the privacy to go into the deep trance like state to visit the spirit realm very often, or transform into his owl shape.  That was also the reason why they hadn’t met him in the spirit world before now.  “Would you mind if I asked Robert if he wanted to come with us?”


Kendra stopped flipping through the pages of the paper in her search for where she had stopped reading earlier to glance over at the redhead in surprise.  “No,” she replied, “Rachael told us he lives in Union City right?”  Dominique nodded and Kendra continued, “I know the closest Bose store to him then, it’s the one nearest my condo, Columbus Circle.  I was actually thinking about inviting him as well, but we don’t have a handicapped accessible vehicle to take him, and I’m not certain how to go about getting one, maybe they rent them or something.”


“I was planning on asking Gregory if he could find one,” Dominique commented.  “I can call him first thing in the morning see if he can locate something for us to use tomorrow,” she proposed, looking questioningly at Kendra to see if the black-haired woman had any objections.


“Shouldn’t we see if Robert wants to go first?” Kendra remarked.


Dominique glanced over with an arched eyebrow, “I’d like to see if we can get the vehicle first,” she said, her tone firm.


The redhead’s tone had Kendra arching an eyebrow of her own until she realized why, “you don’t want to bring it up if we can’t take him.”


The redhead nodded, “Rachel implied he didn’t get to go out much; I don’t want to mention it to him if it’s not possible on such short notice.”


The black-haired woman inclined her head gracefully in acknowledgement, “good point.”


Dominique picked up the Journal, which was folded open at where she had stopped reading when they went searching for the radio, “I’ll call Gregory in the morning, and if he can get something then I’ll call Robert and see if he wants to go out with us,” the redhead said decisively.


Kendra reclined against the back of the couch, choosing to observe the woman sitting next to her instead of reading the paper in her hand.  She was curious why the gargoyle was still in her human form this late at night.  In Canada, even after the Ancient One had given Demona the ability to control her form changes, the gargoyle had always changed at sunset or immediately afterward.


“What is it?” Kendra could hear the hint of irritation in the redheads tone as she turned to glance her way.


“You’re usually in your gargoyle form by now,” the black haired woman responded.


Dominique glanced at the clock on the mantle above the fireplace it was well past sunset.  The gargoyle knew the exact moment every day when the sun set and rose; some instinct inside of her realized she should be breaking out of her stone sleep or going into it.  Tonight hadn’t been any different, but they had been setting the table at that moment and she hadn’t wanted to go up and change clothes right then.  Since then she just hadn’t thought about it.  She looked back over at Kendra, meeting her curious eyes, “I’ll change when we go up to bathe.”  Evidently, that was enough to satisfy the black-haired woman’s curiosity, because she turned her attention back to the newspaper in her hands. 


Dominique, however, stared at the paper in front of her without actually reading it.  Why hadn’t she noticed?  She asked herself, profoundly disconcerted that until Kendra had mentioned it she hadn’t really thought about the fact that it was night and she was still human.  She had stayed in her human form the night before at Rachael’s, but that had been out of necessity, not choice.  She had planned on going out to eat or dance with Kendra at night, but again that was remaining human for a specific purpose.  Right now though, she wasn’t human for any particular reason other than she didn’t feel like going upstairs and changing into her halter top and loincloth at this moment.


She used to wait anxiously for the moment when she could be a gargoyle again, be her true self instead of the weak human shape she assumed at dawn.  Of course, she didn’t have to wait for anything now, she could be her true self whenever she desired.  Perhaps that was part of the reason, Demona considered, now that it was her choice which form she chose it bothered her less to be in her human form at any time.  The fact that she could change instantly into a gargoyle was comforting to her, reassuring her that if she needed her gargoyle strength it was just a quick transformation away.  She looked at the pale five fingered hands holding the paper, she hadn’t hated them for a while, but she had resented them, their paleness, their weakness.  With a shock of surprise, she realized she didn’t even feel that resentment any longer.


She turned and looked at Kendra, altered her sight and looked at the energies flowing through her lover.  She could see the jaguar inside the human sitting next to her, not struggling to get out, not confined or imprisoned by the human form that was outermost at the moment, just resting and always present.


“Dominique?” Kendra’s worried tone had the redhead changing her vision back to normal. 


She met the concerned blue eyes, “Just thinking about the fact that its night and it doesn’t bother me to be in my human form,” she admitted.  “It doesn’t bother you does it,” she asked reflectively.


Kendra frowned in confusion, “For you to be human?”


The redhead shook her head, “No, I was referring to what you said a few days ago about your human and jaguar spirits merging.  Does it matter to you anymore what form you’re in now?  Do they both feel like you?”


Kendra’s confusion cleared, “I used to see the jaguar as not being my true form, that my true from was the human one, but that’s not the case now.”  She sighed frustrated that she couldn’t find the right words, “Of course this one feels more human because it is, but they’re both me, just different…different aspects of me are predominant.”  She tilted her head to the side and placed a reassuring hand on the redhead’s leg, “Don’t worry about it so Demona, you are always you, no matter what shape you’ve chosen to show to the world at any particular time.  One will feel more gargoyle and the other more human because that’s the nature of the body you’re in, but they are both you.”


The redhead thought about it, thought about her gargoyle form curled up inside the human at this moment.  Later tonight, it would be the opposite; perhaps it was just that simple.  She put a hand over Kendra’s on her thigh, and turned her attention back to the article she had been reading. 


Approximately thirty minutes later Dominique asked, “Did you want to read the Journal?  I’m done with it.”


“Not particularly, maybe in the morning,” Kendra answered, “did you want the Times?”


Dominique shook her head, she looked down at their entwined hands, “I thought maybe we could go upstairs, take a bath,” she said quietly.  She was actually feeling slightly uncertain about showing Kendra her bath, she was fully aware of the fact that it was rather…indulgent.


Kendra glanced over at the redhead curiously; there had been something odd about her tone.  “A bath sounds like a good idea,” she agreed remembering that Demona had said something about her bath being large enough for her to enjoy as a gargoyle.  “I gather it’s big enough for two?” she asked thinking of the possibilities of a naked gargoyle, a soft washcloth and those wonderfully sensitive wings.


The husky tone in her lover’s voice caused a tingling rush of awareness to race through Dominique, just as it had earlier in the day when they were in the limo.  And just as then, the gargoyle found it slightly disconcerting to realize how quickly and eagerly her body became aroused by the slightest hint that Kendra was interested.  She swallowed against a suddenly dry throat as she laid the paper on the coffee table and rose from the couch.  “Did you want to get the throes now?  They should be dry.”


“That would probably be a good idea,” Kendra agreed with a slight smile that increased the tingling awareness in the redhead’s body.


It didn’t take them long to pull the two black throes out of the dry and fold them.  As they walked toward the stairs Dominique said, “Several centuries ago I visited a clan of gargoyles northern Japan; they had a local hot spring that they enjoyed soaking within.  It was the first time I had ever willingly immersed myself in water and certainly the first time that it was a pleasant experience.”


“Let me guess an accidental dip in a cold river wasn’t that pleasant?” asked Kendra with a grin, as they made their way up the stairs.


“Something like that yes,” agreed the redhead dryly.  “Anyway, after that I kept an eye out for any hot springs I could find that weren’t already known and visited by the humans in the area.”


“I suspect those were few and far between,” Kendra commented.


Dominique nodded, “They were,” they entered her bedroom and she placed the throes on the foot of the canopied bed, “which is why when I had the bathroom remodeled I had them design it to incorporate all the things I liked best about the springs I had visited over the centuries.”  She opened the door to the bathroom and glanced in, staring at it for a moment before stepping out of Kendra’s way so the woman could enter.


Kendra’s jaw dropped, when Dominique said she had a bath large enough for her to soak with her wings stretched out, the black-haired woman had known it had to be a large tub, but she had never imagined anything like what she was seeing now.  The floor and walls of the bathroom were both covered in multi-toned blue tiles.  The raised platform at the far end of the room, also covered in the blue tiles, enclosed a whirlpool jet tub that could easily hold four people without anyone feeling remotely cramped, if the people in the tub didn’t mind being friendlier, it could hold eight.  However, the tub was not what held Kendra’s attention, what held her attention was the waterfall fountain behind the tub.


It too was covered in the blue tiles.  The fountain structure rose to within two foot of the ceiling and fit into the entire right rear corner of the room.  Three waterfalls, one in the middle at the top, and two further down on either side flowed down into two terraces filled with water at the sculptures base.  The first terrace was almost flush with the whirlpool top, the middle waterfall poured into this terrace.  The second terrace above the first was a foot taller and inset a foot from the lower terrace, and the two side waterfalls poured into it.  Around the terraces and up the sides of the sculpture, plants were growing; their light needs taken care of by the grow lights in the ceiling above the sculpture.


“Wow,” Kendra said softly taking another step into the bathroom and taking in more of the details now that she had gotten used to the waterfalls behind the whirlpool.  Next to the waterfall structure, tall plants in white containers grew lushly green underneath the lights, one on either side.  Next to the tall plants were short pedestals with water filled bowls on top that held floating candles.  In the corner of the room, opposite from the waterfalls there was a shower, and Kendra guessed it was for those times Dominique didn’t have either the time or inclination to fill the whirlpool and take a bath.  Next to the shower were the toilet and sink.  Two racks with thick cream-colored towels hung over them were in the room, one next to the shower and one against the wall near the whirlpool.


Kendra turned to the woman standing next to her, “Dominique this isn’t a bathroom,” she solemnly informed her.  Ignoring the frown forming on the redheads face, she continued in the same straight-faced serious manner, “This is a sybaritic bathing experience,” she finished and finally allowed her amusement to show.


Dominique stared narrowly at the black-haired woman for a moment before giving in and smirking at the comment.  She looked at the waterfalls and whirlpool; she couldn’t exactly disagree with the description.  The carpenter and plumbers who had worked on it had been impressed with the finished room as well.  She had overheard one of the men telling another that he wasn’t mentioning this job to his wife out of fear she would get the idea she wanted something like it.


The redhead walked over and up the short stairs onto the raised platform and knelt by the whirlpool.  She checked the temperature readout and then started the water flowing, the thermostat would automatically adjust the hot and cold water to keep the desired temperature and then the heating system would keep it that temperature as it circulated the water.  “It will take it a few minutes to fill,” she said, rising and coming back down the stairs.


They returned to the bedroom, Kendra watched as Dominique removed the tie controlling her hair and began to brush it out in front of a full-length mirror.  She loved the gargoyle’s hair; it almost had a life of its own, springing out wildly about Dominique’s face in complete defiance of the usual regal aristocratic aloofness so often displayed there.  It was a contradiction that fascinated Kendra.  “What are you thinking about so seriously,” the redhead asked huskily, staring back at Kendra’s reflection in the mirror.


Kendra moved until she was right behind the redhead, looking over her shoulder to meet her green-eyed gaze in the mirror.  “The contradictions that make you so fascinating to me,” Kendra answered honestly.  Dominique raised one eyebrow and stared at her lover in curiosity.  She reached up and stroked her fingers through the thick red locks, “You present yourself with such haughty regalness when you’re human.  Oh, your eyes flash and warn of your temper, but your demeanor insists to everyone that you are in complete control of yourself.  Then you let loose your hair and it completely contradicts that, it’s wild and untamed and hints of the presence of another you that isn’t quite so rigidly controlled.”


“Let loose?” Dominique repeated with a smirk.  She chose not to remark on the other things Kendra had said; after all, it had been that not so controlled part that had willingly participated in the passionate kisses earlier today in the limo.


Kendra reached up with both hands as the redhead watched and gathered the red hair into a thick ponytail as it had been earlier, then she let go and drew her hands back.  The scarlet hair immediately sprang back into the wild tumbled locks that it seemed to prefer.  Now it was Kendra’s turn to smirk, “let loose,” she confirmed.


Green eyes met blue, it was useless to protest and Dominique knew it, “I like my hair,” she said instead.


“And so do I,” said Kendra huskily, burying her nose in the thick locks and inhaling their scent.


A fine shiver ran through the redhead’s body at this as she watched their reflection in the mirror, she felt the urge to arch backward into Kendra’s body, and her body ached to be touched.  “The whirlpool should be almost full,” she whispered.


Kendra drew slowly away, “Where should I put my clothes?” she asked.


“There is a clothes hamper next to the dresser,” Dominique turned slightly and pointed toward the back of the room.


Kendra stared at the piece of furniture the redhead was indicating with a frown, she had taken it to be some type of in-table, but now that she looked more closely at it, she realized it was solid on the sides with a hinged top.  Bemusedly she walked over to it and opened the wooden top, it slid open smoothly and stayed open, held securely by the hinge. 


Aware that the redhead was watching her, she knelt and untied her boots first, and then slipped them off her feet along with her socks.  Her sweater was next, pulled up over her head and then down her arms, she turned toward the clothes hamper and dropped it in.  With her back still turned towards the woman behind her, she undid the catch of her bra and removed it, dropping it in after the sweater.  She heard an indrawn breath behind her as she undid the button of her jeans and lowered the zipper, pausing briefly, she closed her eyes and sought to steady her own breathing, she could almost feel Dominique’s gaze on her back like a caress.  Turning slightly so she was more in profile, she slowly pulled off both remaining pieces of clothing in one smooth economical move.


Kendra turned her head, as she suspected she had Dominique’s complete attention.  She straightened and walked past the redhead into the bathroom.  Pausing at the doorway, she glanced inside the room toward the pillars with the bowls of floating candles, “Matches or lighter for the candles?” she asked, meeting the darkened green eyes.


“Lighter on the shelf below the sink,” Dominique responded quietly.


Kendra nodded, turned in that direction, she paused, twisted at the waist and looked back at the redhead watching her from the doorway, “Don’t you think you’re a bit overdressed for a bath,” she asked archly before proceeding to the sink to get the lighter.  On her way there, she realized that the tiles under her bare feet were warm instead of cold and realized there was a floor warmer underneath them.  Kendra smirked at this touch; it went well with the generally hedonistic theme going on in this bathroom.


Kendra finally heard the redhead move as she was lighting the candles, she glanced at the doorway, Dominique was no longer there and she assumed that the redhead was undressing.  A minute or so later the bathroom lights lowering drew Kendra’s attention to the doorway again, the redhead had transformed into her gargoyle form.  Demona had foregone wearing the golden headband that covered her eye ridges and kept her hair from obscuring her vision, she also hadn’t put on any of the other pieces of gold jewelry that she usually wore.  “So beautiful,” Kendra whispered.  Holding out her hand, she requested softly, “Join me.”


Demona crossed the room and climbed the three steps to the raised platform, her green eyes never leaving Kendra’s blue ones.  The blue-skinned gargoyle reached out and took the black-haired woman’s hand; however, instead of letting her lover lead her into the whirlpool, Demona pulled the dusky skinned woman into her arms.  The scarlet haired gargoyle sighed in pleasure as Kendra’s smooth muscular thighs, flat stomach and soft full breasts pressed against her.  The gargoyle’s wings wrapped around her human lover as their lips met, pressed together, withdrew slightly and then brushed against each other lightly before pressing in once again.  The kisses grew hungrier, lips opened and mouths pressed together, and tongues gave silent promises of what other things they might be caressing later.  When they parted both the gargoyle and human were breathing heavier, and their locked gazes mirrored the other’s arousal.


Almost as if some silent signal had passed between them, they slowly parted.  Kendra stepped down carefully into the whirlpool and moved to the side as she watched the gargoyle enter with almost exaggerated caution as Demona made sure her talon’s didn’t scratch the inside of the tub.  The black-haired woman breathed an, “ah,” of pure pleasure as she knelt in the middle of the whirlpool immersing herself up to the shoulders in the deepest part of the warm swirling water.  With the lights down and only the candles lighting the room, the dim lights in the water filled ledges shining upward to light the waterfalls from behind were noticeable for the first time as they lit the water rippling down from above.  The sound of the falling water pouring smoothly into the water below filled the quiet room lit only by the flickering lights of the candles and the cool, water-rippled light of the fountain.  Pivoting in the water, Kendra shifted her gaze from the fountain to the sky-blue gargoyle.


Demona was sitting on the whirlpool’s bench, her wings partially extended and lowered so that they were mostly covered by the gently churning waters.  The water lapped along the top of the gargoyle’s breasts, Kendra’s eyes followed the swell of them upward to the delicate hollow of the collarbone.  She wanted to reach out and trace her fingers along the same path, trail her lips across the collarbone and up the slim neck.  She met the gargoyle’s intent green eyes, and her pulse thudded heavily in her throat once and then again. 


After their failed attempt to be quiet in the camp when Rachael was there, neither of them had felt comfortable enough last night to do anything in the Cree woman’s guest bedroom, which was across the hallway from their hostess’s bedroom.  It had been very hard not to touch Demona last night, and to stop in the limo on her way to her apartment, and to not touch the redhead as she stood in the bedroom of her apartment.  Now though there was no one else besides them around, no one waiting on either of them, no calls that needed to be made.


“I want you,” the black-haired woman whispered with quiet hunger, “I want your wings wrapped around me, I want to feel you touching and stroking me,” Kendra paused, both to take in a shaky breath and moisten her lips.  The gargoyles intense gaze followed the path of her tongue over her lips with an almost burning intensity.  “I want…” she paused, inhaled sharply before admitting, “I need…to feel you inside of me.”  She stared into the green eyes, “Demona,” she said in a hoarse plea, “I ache…”  Kendra didn’t have to finish the gargoyle was already moving through the water toward her, her green eyes intense and dark upon her blue one’s.


Demona knelt down beside Kendra, and lifted her up out of the water.  The black-haired woman grasped for her shoulders, startled for a moment before relaxing into the gargoyle’s strong arms, Demona moved over to the edge of the whirlpool and laid Kendra gently down upon the blue tiles of the raised platform.  This was definitively one time she was glad that she had allowed the bathroom designer to put in the heaters underneath both the floor and platform tile, Demona thought to herself as she lifted herself out of the whirlpool to kneel beside her human lover.  Kendra raised up, supporting herself upon her elbows; Demona grabbed one of the towels from the rack, folded it, and handed it to her. 


Their eyes met as the black-haired woman took the folded towel from her, glanced at it for a moment and then slowly lay back putting it underneath her head.  Demona moved carefully over Kendra, mindful of the spurs on her knees.  Most of her weight was supported by the gargoyle’s bent leg near the woman’s hip, the other leg was extended and between Kendra’s knees.  Demona hovered over her, staring down into the passion darkened blue eyes, her eyes wandered over her lover’s face, “you are beautiful,” she whispered.


Kendra reached up, ran her fingers gently over the gargoyle’s eye ridges, “as are you,” she whispered in return. 


The gargoyle’s green eyes shut briefly, as she enjoyed the feeling of her lover’s fingers stroking her eye ridge.  The fingers wandered over to her ears, stroked up the bony spike at the top and then gently caressed along the outer edge.  They buried themselves into her hair and there was a gentle downward pull on her head, she opened her eyes and allowed Kendra to pull her down into a hungry kiss.  She curled her tail and slowly stroked upward along the smooth skin of Kendra’s inner thigh.  With a deep groan, her lover parted and raised her knees, the thigh between the gargoyle’s own coming into contact with proof of Demona’s own arousal.  The gargoyle heard Kendra’s quickly indrawn breath at the same time as she arched her hips into the contact, pressing herself against her lover’s muscular thigh and coating it even more with her arousal.


“Oh, Demona,” Kendra moaned against the gargoyle’s lips.  Her hands drifted down the gargoyle’s neck and then began gently stroking along what portions of the blue-skinned gargoyle’s wings joints and wings.


It was Demona’s turn to pull away from their kiss as her wings quivered in reaction to the caresses.  She brought her tail further up; when it brushed against soft curly hair, she brushed the tip through them until she found what she sought, soft, tender and very moistly aroused flesh.  “So wet for me,” Demona murmured hoarsely.


“All day,” Kendra groaned thrusting her hips against the teasing tail tip, trying to obtain more contact.


The admission reassured Demona; at least it hadn’t only been she that had experienced those moments of intense arousal throughout the day.


“Demona, please,” Kendra begged.


Demona looked down into her lover’s blue eyes, slowly she thrust her tail into Kendra’s warm, moist depths, stretching and filling her until she could go no further.  Kendra’s head went back; she half closed her sapphire blue eyes and a raw look of carnal satisfaction crossed her face.  The flame haired gargoyle stared down at her, fascinated and hotly aroused by this clear evidence of how much Kendra wanted her.  The blue eyes opened and fixed on her with a silent question as the gargoyle did nothing but enter her and remain.  Demona was concentrating on what she wanted her tail to do, remembering how wonderful Kendra’s twisting hand had felt inside her.


A low throaty cry from Kendra’s lips and the surge of hips into the gargoyle’s tail heralded the gargoyles success as her tail slowly twisted inside the velvety channel.  Demona could feel the muscles inside Kendra ripple and tighten around her tail, holding it inside her lover.  A sweet, welling, hot sensation filled her chest as she stared down at Kendra, taking in the naked pleasure on her face, the sensual way she was moving as she rocked her hips into Demona’s tail inside her.  The sky-blue gargoyle stared down at that point of contact between them.  Watching her tail as it withdrew from inside Kendra and then pushed back slowly into her again, this time she managed to twist her tail as she entered her lover.


A gasping, “Oh yes,” drew her eyes back to Kendra’s face, the passion darkened blue eyes were staring up at her, “so good,” the black-haired woman moaned.  Demona was familiar enough with how it felt to be inside Kendra now that she knew when she had gone as far as was comfortable for her lover.  Keeping her tail where it was fully sheathed inside the woman beneath her, she twisted it once again.  Kendra arched forcefully up against her in reaction to the feeling, and the thigh pressed so intimately against the gargoyle rocked and slid against the gargoyle’s sensitive flesh.


Demona’s eyes closed reflexively as she arched against Kendra’s thigh, she felt so wild, so almost out of control, she wanted to bury her tail over and over again in Kendra’s warm, tight depths.  She clung determinedly to what control she had left though, the one thing she absolutely never wanted to do was hurt Kendra, and right now with her tail buried inside her lover’s tender, vulnerable flesh it was too frighteningly real a possibly given her gargoyle strength.  Not that Kendra seemed at all concerned about the possibility, she noted, as the woman arched and drove herself into her tail and the gargoyle barely relaxed the muscles in it so that it would give with her lover’s thrust.


Demona growled, this was too dangerous and Kendra was too aroused to realize it.  The gargoyle lowered her body, resting her elbows on the tiles and pressing her hips against Kendra’s to hold her lover still as she entered her once again.  This time when the woman tried to arch into her thrusting tail she had little room in which to do it and only managed to rock her hips slightly.  This was not the first time Demona had to restrain her lover so she was not surprised when Kendra grew even wetter in response to the confinement.  Kendra liked feeling her strength, liked knowing that Demona was powerful enough to physically restrain her.


Now Demona was able to begin a steady rhythm, arching into the thigh pressed up against her as she thrust her tail inside Kendra and then twisting inside the tight velvety passage before withdrawing and beginning again.  She kept the place slow even though she knew Kendra would prefer she go faster.  She was enjoying the sensations too much to hurry.  There was nothing quite as wonderful as feeling the muscles in her lover’s passage tighten around her tail, in thrusting into the warmth of her wet yielding center and hearing Kendra’s gasping aroused cry as she did so.


Kendra calmed as they continued and they began rocking against one another in a slow sensual pace that pleased Demona more than the almost desperate need her lover had shown earlier.  Kendra’s hands moved from her shoulders, down her sides and then to her back where they began gently caressing in long slow strokes up and down the wing joint on either side.  “Oh, Kendra,” Demona gaspingly murmured as she ground herself against her lover’s thigh.  Everything felt so good, the sensual contact of their bodies as they moved against one another, the tender stroking hands on her back that sent tingles of pleasure through her wings and down to her center, the warmth intimate depths of her lover into which she was slowly thrusting and twisting her tail.  In the quiet of the warm, candle lit room, their gasping breaths echoed off the blue tiles and mingled with the sound of the waterfalls and the hum and swirling water of the whirlpool.


Slowly their movements became more intense, blue eyes stared up into green ones as they against one another, their breaths coming in pants as their arousal climbed.  Demona could feel that Kendra was close from the way her inner muscles were tightening around her tail, and she could tell that she was not that far herself.  One of Kendra’s hands trailed down her back and began gently massaging at the base of her tail, and the gargoyle gave a gasping cry at the additional stimulation.  She was so close, the gargoyle realized, she buried her tail inside Kendra’s warm depths and began twisting it back and forth inside the woman faster.


“Demona, oh, Demona, so…cl…” the last word broke off into a wailing cry as Kendra’s channel tightened with almost punishing force around the gargoyle’s tail, and the blue-eyed woman arched and shuddered helplessly against the flame-haired gargoyle’s body above her.


Her dark eyes intent upon her lover’s pleasure filled face, Demona thrust twice against Kendra’s thigh, her body stiffened and then the heated rush of her own release raced thru the gargoyle’s body.  Demona roared her pleasure into the darkened, candle lit room as her entire body stiffened and her wings sporadically jerked and twitched.  Smaller aftershocks of release had her thrusting herself against Kendra’s body with soft gasping cries of pleasure; even as she felt Kendra arching up into her and the heated intimate flesh enclosing her tail convulsively tighten with her lover’s own aftershocks.  Finally, the gargoyle slumped almost boneless onto the woman underneath her, barely managing to remember to support most of her weight on her elbows and knees.  With a concerted effort, the gargoyle managed to twitch her wings together so that she could lie down on her side.


With what sounded suspiciously like a purr, Kendra curled up next to her, tucking her head underneath Demona’s chin and pressing soft kisses along her collarbone and up the gargoyle’s neck.  Demona wrapped her arm round her lover’s back and pulled the human closer, and extended her wing to cover her lover’s body as well.  The gargoyle dipped her head and waited, the soft lips trailed along her jawbone in a caress before meeting her own in a long gentle kiss.


“Shall we return to our bath,” Demona asked softly when their finally lips parted, the tiles underneath their bodies were warm, but that did nothing to soften their hardness.


“Mmm,” Kendra murmured. 


The gargoyle wasn’t certain whether or not the sound indicated Kendra’s agreement with her suggestion until the woman moved to get up.  They returned to the warm waters of the whirlpool tub, Demona moved to the side where there was a bar of soap and a stack of washcloths.  Thickly soaping one of the washcloths, the gargoyle returned the soap to its dish and moved out of the way so Kendra could get to the soap.  They bathed, each pausing occasionally to watch the other, their eyes following the path of the washcloth across smoothly muscled limbs and bare skin.


“Would you get my back,” Kendra asked quietly when she had washed all that she could easily reach. 


Demona nodded, “turn around,” she directed, when the black haired woman did the gargoyle took a moment to admire the view presented to her.  Kendra’s shoulders were relatively broad for a woman and her waist trim above the feminine curves of her hips.  Demona took the washcloth and began running it over the dusky skin in slow circles.  Kendra sighed in what sounded like pleasure as she bent her head forward and pulled her hair over her shoulder to get it out of the gargoyle’s way. 


Once Demona was done, Kendra knelt in the water, lowering herself until it was over her shoulders; she turned and looked up at the flame haired gargoyle.  “Would you like me to get yours?”


The gargoyle had already run the washcloth over her back, but she nodded anyway.  Not only could Kendra wash the area more thoroughly, but the gargoyle suspected it would feel much better as well.  The washcloth moving in small circular strokes across her back did indeed feel much better.  Remembering what Kendra had done when she was washing the woman’s back, Demona reached up and pulled her hair to the side so her lover could wash her upper shoulders and neck. 


“Rinse that and I’ll get your wings,” Kendra whispered in the gargoyle’s ear. 


The husky, low tone sent a shiver through Demona.  She dipped low in the water to rinse the soap from her shoulders and neck.  When she stood she felt Kendra’s steadying touch on her wing arm just before she felt the washcloth begin to move over the outside of her wing in long gentle strokes from the upper part of the wing to the edge and back.  The gargoyle didn’t usually wash them unless they had gotten something upon them and she couldn’t was them like this herself.  Demona extended her wings and relaxed them.  Kendra’s hand upon her wing arm supported the weight of her wing and held it steady as she washed first the outside of the wing, and then the inside.  The gargoyle closed her eyes and just concentrated on the pleasant sensation of the washrag upon her wing membrane. 


“Rinse,” her lover’s voice was low and gentle, “and then I’ll do the other wing.”


Demona knelt down in the water and moved her soapy wing gently through it before standing once again.  Kendra moved around to the other side and lifted the unwashed wing with one hand while gently washing the wing membrane with the soapy washcloth in the other.  The black-haired woman smiled at the peaceful look on the gargoyle’s face, Demona’s eyes were closed and she looked to be almost dozing as her wing was washed.  Demona might try to deny it, but Kendra knew the flame haired gargoyle loved being pampered like this.  Every time she did something like this for the gargoyle, Demona got the same pleased happy look that she had right now.


They washed their hair, and spent a few minutes longer in the warm soothing waters before Kendra decided she was pruning and it was definitely time to get out.  Kendra helped Demona dry her wings, and then went into the bedroom; there were a few things she needed to set out.  Exiting the bathroom a minute later Demona watched Kendra spread the throes over her bed and the pillows stacked in a chair with surprise; she hadn’t expected that the black-haired woman would want to tonight after the long bath. 


Catching the look Kendra asked, indicating the cover, “did you not want to?”


Demona looked at the velvety black blankets on the bed; she saw the bottles setting on the nightstand.  She caped her wings on her shoulders letting them settle behind her.  “I’d like to,” the gargoyle said huskily feeling a rising heat within her at the thought of Kendra’s hands gliding over her skin.


Kendra patted the soft surface of the throe, “then lie down,” she said, her voice soft.


Demona climbed carefully upon the bed and lay down on her stomach upon the black soft fabric.  Remembering the last massage, she kept her wings close to her body as she got comfortable.


She felt the bed dip and watched as Kendra got up on the bed beside her.  The black-haired woman reached up and brushed the gargoyle’s hair off her back and then reached over for the massage oil.  Kendra laid it on the bed and moved until she was kneeling by the gargoyle’s side, then she picked up the bottle of almond oil and poured a small amount of it into her cupped palm.  Demona closed her eyes and listened as Kendra spread the oil between her palms.  Then Kendra’s hands were warm upon her shoulders, the oil on them allowing them to gliding firmly and smoothly over the gargoyle’s skin.  Demona let out a breathy sigh at the feel, Kendra had said last time that it would be better with oil and the gargoyle could already tell that her lover was right.


The hands on her shoulders paused and she felt Kendra lean over her, “Last time I only got to massage one sensitive place,” Kendra whispered close to the gargoyle’s ear, “shall we see how far I can get this time?”


The action and words sent a shiver through the gargoyle, desire rose in a hot inexorable wave from deep within.  Demona’s green eyes opened and she looked into the dark intent blue eyes of her lover, and then she did something she hadn’t done since her youth and her first matings with Goliath, she whimpered.  Kendra eyes grew soft and there was more than a hint of gentle amusement in them, she leaned over and placed a kiss on the gargoyle’s bony ear ridge.  “Darn,” she said with a sexy grin, resting back on her bent legs once again, “I guess I’ll have to settle for you having one while on your back and one while on your front then.”


No sooner had the gargoyle registered these words with widening eyes and a sharply indrawn breath, than Kendra shifted from kneeling beside her to straddling the gargoyle’s hips.  The base of Demona’s spine where her tail began and the very top of the tail was normally sensitive, and when she became aroused, it became very sensitive.  She was aroused now so when Kendra rested upon that area Demona could easily tell that the warmth pressed against her there was very soft and slicked with arousal.  With a moan she arched her back and pressed her rear into the wet warm flesh resting upon the base of her tail, she heard Kendra’s answering moan and then the woman was pressing and thrusting into her sensitive flesh.  Demona growled softly, this was definitely a submissive position, but she found to her surprise that she really didn’t care.  The thought of feeling Kendra’s body pressed against her back, the woman’s soft breasts rubbing against her wing joints and her lover’s most intimate flesh against the base of her tail as Kendra moved against her was too delicious.


“Stop that or you’re not going to get your full massage,” Kendra chided softly, her voice breathy and low.


Demona buried her face into the velvety softness of the material under her, as Kendra began massaging her shoulders once again.  The gargoyle swallowed a bit desperately; she could feel every slight movement of Kendra’s sex against the base of her tail as the woman shifted.


“Relax into it,” Kendra’s words came as a surprise to the gargoyle, “take deep even breaths and relax into what your body’s feeling, don’t try and make anything happen or even anticipate it just let your body exist and feel.”


Demona turned her head to the side again and evened out her breathing as she attempted to do what Kendra wanted.  It helped that her lover wasn’t pressed against the base of her tail anymore.  As Kendra’s strong hands continued to knead and stroke along her neck and shoulder muscles the gargoyle was finally able to relax into the massage.  By the time that she felt Kendra’s warm wetness against the base of her tail again, Demona was able to do what her lover wanted and remain relaxed while the hot sweet feelings inside her rose steadily as she felt her lover move gently against the sensitive location.  When Demona’s release eventually came, it came as a surprise, the sky blue gargoyle arched underneath Kendra’s stroking hands upon her wing joints as the sensations rippling from the center point of her groin all the way out to her toes and fingers and even her wings as they snapped out to their fullest extension.  Her cry was an extended wail of satisfaction as the orgasm caught her in its grip and then left her completely limp upon her bed.


Demona sighed in pleasure as she felt Kendra’s soft kisses along the center of her back, “I’ll get us some water and let you recover before I have you turn over.”


The gargoyle could only make a slight sound of protest at the thought, she was feeling so wrung out and exhausted at the moment she simply couldn’t.  She heard Kendra chuckle softly before reassuring her, “If you don’t want to then it will just be a nice massage.”


Demona felt the bed move as Kendra got off it and then she watched as her lover left the room for a glass of water from downstairs.  A random thought went through Demona’s head that caused the gargoyle to snicker softly to herself in amusement, maybe Kendra hadn’t actually given up the Canmore quest to kill her, she had just chosen a very different method from all the others.


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