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I Am Borg
Arana - Book 1
A Perfect Mate
Nine Months
Penchant to Dream
A Thoughtful Gift


Star Trek Voyager Fan Fiction

I am Borg - Seven/Torres pairing, currently still in progress.  A higher energy being takes an interest in Seven's future after Seven is tortured to death by one of her followers.  Seven becomes one of Mulara's reborn and is given new implants and exoskeleton but what will be the task that lies ahead of her?

Arana - Book 1 - D&D Character/Seven pairing, currently still in progress.  A cleric of Ilmater and Paladin of Torm is rescued by Seven when a Planar Gate appears on Voyager.  How will Arana adapt to such a different environment.

A Perfect Mate - Seven/Other pairing.  Warning pairing is not exactly f/f and Seven's partner is not fully humanoid.

Nine Months - Seven/Torres pairing.  Completed.  H/C based story.  Seven and B'Elanna are captured and imprisoned for nine months.

Penchant to Dream - Torres/Seven Erotica, currently still in progress.  Experimental work.

Deadlier than a Scorpion's Sting - Seven/Original Character pairing, currently still in progress.  An exploration of what Seven of Nine might have been like had her introduction and early months on Voyager been very different.


Miscellaneous Fan Fiction

Puppet Strings- (Gargoyles) Original Character/Demona pairing, first story in After A Millennium A Renewal storyline arc.  A shamaness shape changer that despises the scheming of the fey comes into Demona's life.

A KOTOR Tale - (Knights of the Old Republic Computer Game) Revan/Bastila pairing, currently still in progress.  Light side story.  Retelling of the events in the game with some additions.

A Thoughtful Gift - Based upon the game world created by Bethesda Softworks The Elder Scrolls Series.  Specifically Morrowind as modified by mod creators Cortex and Zennorious.


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