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I am Borg - Part 1 - Chapter 1



I am Borg – Part 1 - Chapter 1


By Kudara


Disclaimer: Star Trek Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.


Stardate: 52668 (Note: after events of Someone to Watch Over Me)


Rating: PG-13


Revision Date: 7/3/04; 3/21/07


Summary: Seven is captured by the orders of a Mularan because she is Borg, the results of her capture result in an appeal to the Mularan goddess Mulara.  When a powerful energy being takes an interest in Seven and the Borg who knows what will eventually happen.




As Seven slowly regained consciousness, the first thing she was aware of was the pain in her head; the second was that she was lying on a hard grey floor.  The last thing she remembered was turning around to reply to one of the Mularan security guards on the space station and registering that the guard was aiming a weapon at her before pain exploded in her head and everything went black. 


The pounding pain in her head made it difficult to focus on her surroundings, but Seven made the effort to raise herself to a sitting position and proceeded to examine the bare room.  The floor, ceiling, and three walls of the room were uniformly light grey in color.  The fourth wall of the cell was not a wall at all but a steady shimmering bluish force field.  Seeing no immediate way out of the room Seven began to evaluate her physical condition.


Gingerly she examined her face and head with her Borg enhanced hand, using its advanced sensory capabilities to assess the extent of the damage, the results were not promising.  From her initial investigation, she could tell that her cortical node was damaged, and the flesh around it was deeply bruised.  Looking at the floor where her head had been laying, she could see that she had bled slightly from the injury as well, but her nanoprobes had healed that wound.


Of more concern was the fact that her continued headache and dizziness indicated that her cortical node might be beyond the capabilities of her nanoprobes to repair.  If that was the case, she only had a few days for Voyager to find her before her system started rejecting the implants and she died.  Seven refused to further consider that line of thinking, and instead continued to evaluate her physical condition.  After a few more seconds, she decided that aside from a few bruises on her legs she was functioning adequately.


With the self-evaluation finished, Seven decided it was time to see if she could free herself from what appeared to be a holding cell.  She stood up unsteadily using the wall to balance herself and walked closer to the force field to look out into the corridor.  Across the way from her and slightly further up the corridor, she could see another cell identical to the one she was in, it appeared to be empty.  Past the next holding cell, she could tell the hallway extended further, but she could determine nothing else.  Straining her senses, she tried to gather more information, but she could hear nothing aside from the faint hum of the force field.


Seven began a careful examination of the force field that barred her cell.  After an exhaustive examination, she could tell that the cell was constructed similarly to Voyager’s brig and seemed just as inescapable.  Seven sighed in frustration.  Out of a lack of any other constructive idea, she decided to review the events that had lead up to this point in the hope that she might garner some insight as to why she had been attacked.


Species 3567 – humanoid, prominent facial ridges, similar genetically to the Kazon, they called themselves Mularan, after their goddess Mulara.  The Collective knew Mulara was actually an advanced non-corporal entity, but little else.  Nine years earlier, in an attempt to gain more information about this entity, the Borg assimilated thousands of Mularans.  From those assimilated, the Collective determined that one of the more powerful energy beings had once taken a personal interest in the Species 3567.  Approximately 100 years ago that entity had ceased interacting with them, leaving behind some buildings and artifacts that only it could power.  Upon gaining this information, the Borg ceased their efforts to assimilate Species 3567, as the species itself was not yet advanced enough to add to the perfection of the Collective.  Instead, the Borg had attempted to assimilate the technology the entity left behind, but they had failed.  


Seven had recited all of these facts to the Captain at the senior staff meeting before Voyager decided to accept the Mularan’s trade offer.  She had been on her way back to the ship after a meeting with some of the Mularan astrometics scientists.  Once the Mularan scientists realized that she had been Borg, they had become very tense around her.  Evidently, they expected her to turn and assimilate them at any moment.  Such reactions were not uncommon, but they never failed to distress Seven.


The former Borg had taken the earliest opportunity to leave what had become a tense situation, stating that she needed to return to Voyager in order to complete her analysis of the most recent nebula Voyager had come across.  She had been walking along a relatively deserted corridor when one of the Mularan security guards that had just passed her hailed her.  The fact that the guard had a weapon drawn and aimed at her caught her by complete surprise, giving the Mularan guard a perfect shot.




In another part of the complex, several Mularans were arguing over what to do with the Borg they had just captured.  The Commander of the Space Station Guard had ordered the Borg’s arrest, and then transferred the unconscious woman to the planet below.  Now she was in the custody of the Intelligence arm of the Mularan military.  More specifically, she was in the custody of Ahaoe Muahe, whose entire family had been assimilated by the Borg nine years earlier.


The Intelligence complex was very close to one of the major Mularan temples and nearly all of the Mularans serving there were devout believers.  The idea of physically harming the humanoid woman in the cell, Borg not withstanding, could only be justified if she was guilty of assimilating Mularans.  If she was not, what the Ahaoe Muahe wanted to do was not only illegal according to their justice system, but also completely detestable in the eyes of their religion.  Even if she was guilty, the proper response was a quick death and everyone in the room was uneasily aware that Muahe seemed to have other ideas for the Borg.


Such was the subject of the intense debate that was being held in the room.  Finally, Ahaoe Muahe screamed, “I don’t care if the Borg drone was personally involved in our people’s assimilation!  They have a collective mind therefore all of them are equally guilty of what any of the Borg do.  This discussion is over; bring the drone to the interrogation room for questioning immediately!”


Though still reluctant, his sub-officers rushed off to do his bidding leaving only his immediate subordinate Buaea Vauar in the room.  Ahaoe Muahe stared at his subordinate and snarled, “Are you disobeying me?” 


Vauar calmly replied, “I am officially informing you that I am notifying Commander Mlaer of your actions.”


Muahe stepped in close to Vauar and said, “You do that, and you had better pray that he agrees with your interpretation or you will find yourself assigned to the worst hell hole I can find.”


Buaea Vauar merely nodded calmly and with a respectful salute sharply turned and exited the room.  Ahaoe Muahe stared angrily after him and then began pacing impatiently.  Finally, a subordinate appeared to inform him the prisoner was in the interrogation room.  Muahe sneered at the man’s back as he left.  He had plans for the Borg drone, but first he would have to make sure that all of his subordinates were well away from that room.




Seven had drawn herself up straight with her hands behind her back when she heard the sound of several humanoids moving toward her.  She contemptuously examined the group of ten guards that came for her, and was about to inquire as to their intentions when the force field dropped and one of them immediately fired upon her rendering her unconscious yet again.


When she awoke she was strapped securely to an upright platform, and a Mularan male was the only other occupant of the room.  The cold glittering look in his eyes as he noted her awakening chilled her, as did the menacing nature of his posture.


The former Borg asked coolly, “Why have you detained me?” hiding her unease behind a calm veneer.


The Mularan sneered, “For your crimes Borg, you will die for all the Mularans you have killed, and I shall take great joy in being the one that kills you.  Nine years ago you assimilated my family, and their blood cries out for vengeance.”


Seven replied, “I was one of the Borg that assimilated the Mularan, what proof do you have that I assimilated your family?”


Ahaoe Muahe was stunned at his good fortune.  When he recovered he growled, “It looks like Mulara smiles on me today… to find one of the drones that killed my people shows that she favors what I am about to do.”


“I do not know the individual names of the Mularans that I assimilated, how do you know that I assimilated your family?”  Seven was frightened, but also curious as to why this Mularan believed that she was responsible for his family’s assimilation.


Muahe smiled cruelly, “That is… as you would say… irrelevant.  The fact is that all Borg are responsible for what you did the Mularans, that you were actually involved is just a bonus.”  Seven shifted in her bonds and Ahaoe Muahe gloated, “Don’t even bother, not even you can break those.” 


She looked back at him coldly and stated, “Captain Janeway will search for me, she is probably already aware of my disappearance.  By what legal right do you hold me?”


Ahaoe Muahe sneered, “Captain Janeway is the only one on the Voyager who would miss you.  We have been quietly asking questions about you Borg, you have no friends on that ship, and most of them would not mind your disappearance at all.  Especially the Chief Engineer, she had quite a few things to say about you Borg.  As for legal rights, the fact that you admit to being one of the Borg who murdered us is quite enough.”


Seven paled, but gamely replied, “I have showed my loyalty to the crew of the Voyager many times, you are lying.” 


Muahe mocked, “What?  Do you think they actually care about you drone?  I’ve heard how rude you are to all of them.  How you sneer at them and treat them as lesser beings, flaunting your Borg arrogance!”  This last was practically screamed at the former Borg drone.


Seven, who was trying hard to hide her trembling at this point, stated defiantly, “I have risked my existence several times for the crew of the Voyager, they are my Collective.”


Muahe laughed scornfully, “What?  Do you think you bought acceptance from them with that?  I can tell you that you didn’t.  They don’t want to be your Collective drone; they reject you and your pathetic attempts to win their approval.  The only one who wants you on that ship is the Captain and that’s only because you are some type of project to her.”


Seven decided not to dignify that with an answer, as she was more concerned with new evidence that her cortical node was malfunctioning.  She was experiencing several uncomfortable sensations including constriction of her throat and chest and a feeling of nausea.  The symptoms seemed to have been triggered by Muahe’s words and Seven realized that she was feeling severe emotional pain at the thought of the crew of the Voyager telling all this to the Mularan.


Ahaoe Muahe regarded her coldly, ignoring the signs of Seven’s distress, “Enough of this, time for you to pay for what you did to my people.”  Muahe whirled around, and going to the cabinets on one side of the room opened a particular drawer.  It contained instruments definitely not approved for use during an interrogation that he had placed their earlier, and grabbed a laser scalpel.  Turning back to the helpless drone, he immediately began to sever her Borg enhanced arm, uncaring of the fact that he was cutting through flesh and bone.


At first, Seven was too shocked by the extreme pain to scream, but that soon changed.  Ahaoe Muahe ignored the drone’s cries and continued severing Seven’s arm, when he was done he contemptuously asked “What?  You must have done this to countless Mularans.”


Seven had ceased screaming and was attempting to focus on something besides the pain, she replied in a weak voice, “New drones are sedated by the assimilation nanoprobes during the process of Borg attachments, Borg do not intentionally cause pain.”


Ahaoe Muahe stared at Seven of Nine, and completely lost what little control he had left.  He glanced around the interrogation chamber and found a length of metal.  With it, he began to beat the drone that, in his mind, represented the terrible mindless Borg who had taken his family away.  He started by beating her across the abdomen trying to break the implant he could see under the silver suit she wore.  Ignoring her screams when she could no longer restrain them, he continued beating her, far past the time when her cries stopped. 


At some point, several guards finally piled into the room and pulled him off the drone and subdued him.  His superior, Huiah Mlaer, hurried into the room and stared, shocked at the blood on the floor and walls, and then looked sickened at the torn and bloodied body on the interrogation platform.  In a shaking voice, he called for medical assistance, though he had no hope that the Borg drone known as Seven of Nine was still alive.


The medic that rushed in a few seconds later quickly confirmed that the drone was indeed dead, and in a flat tone he pronounced, “There is no heartbeat or brain activity, the pelvis has been broken at several points, as have the bones in the remaining hand, forearm and arm.  Several ribs have been broken and driven into the lungs and other internal organs.  The upper leg bones are fractured on the left and broken on the right; both lower legs are broken as well.  That’s beside of course, the obvious damage to the skin and muscles and the extensive blood loss.”  The medic finally concluded, “There is nothing we can do for her, she is dead.”


Huiah Mlaer’s thoughts turned to the very angry Captain of Voyager who had been speaking to him earlier, demanding to know why her crewmember had been attacked by his security forces on the space station.  How she had so quickly discovered the facts of the Borg drone’s abduction was a mystery to him.  Huiah Mlaer said, “Ahaoe Muahe you have chosen to take justice into your own hands, we will have to convene a court to determine whether or not you were right to do so… however this appalling level of violence cannot any way be justified.”


Ahaoe Muahe said, “I demand my right for this to be decided by Mulara, I demand that I be taken to the Arch of Judgment.  Mulara brought this drone to me to be punished, let her show the justice of my actions.”


Huiah Mlaer stared shocked at Ahaoe Muahe for a moment but then nodded saying, “That is of course your right, it matters not that Seven of Nine is dead.  Mulara can still determine her guilt or innocence and by that your guilt or innocence as well Ahaoe Muahe.”


Huiah Mlaer called for a stretcher and ordered that the body of Seven of Nine be carried to the Arch of Justice.  Carefully the guards released the restraints on the body and lowered it to the stretcher; one of them gingerly picked up the severed arm and placed it next to the body on the stretcher.  They waited until Huiah Mlaer exited the room and proceeded to follow him to the temple, Ahaoe Muahe brought up the rear of the procession, head held high despite the presence of the guards around him.


Ten minutes later the High Priest ushered them into the room containing the Arch of Justice.  The room contained what looked like a simple diagnostic bed under an undecorated arch comprised of a yellowish stone.  Two stone statues of Mulara stood at the head of the bed.  The statues were humanoid in shape and about seven foot tall; the features were smooth and vague only hinting at a face that did not show any Mularan characteristics. 


The High Priest was obviously trying not to become ill at the sight of the body of the accused as the guards placed it on the bed under the arch.  The paleness of his complexion and the perspiration dotting his forehead bore silent witness to his struggle.


Immediately the arch began to glow, and what looked like a golden scanning beam passed over the body of Seven of Nine.  A disembodied voice stated, “What is the accusation?” 


Ahaoe Muahe stated, “That the Borg Seven of Nine is responsible for assimilating and murdering several thousand Mularans.  She is guilty personally by her own admission that she participated in the assimilation, and because of the nature of the Collective Mind of the Borg, for all the assimilation’s and murder’s of the Mularans they attacked.”


The beam once again swept over the body of Seven of Nine then its focus changed to concentrate over the head where it stayed for several minutes.  The High Priest shifted nervously saying, “Perhaps there is too much damage for a judgment to be made?” 


The disembodied voice replied, “Memories are undamaged, still determining judgment.”  Ahaoe Muahe, who had previously been so confident, became nervous at this pronouncement, and his eyes flickered about the room obviously looking anywhere but at the bloodied body of Seven of Nine.


Finally, the voice spoke again, “Seven of Nine is innocent of all charges.  The nature of the Collective mind of the Borg is such that a drone has no individual will, without individual will there can be no associated guilt for any action carried out while under the Collective minds influence.  Perhaps the entity known as the Borg Queen at the time of the attack upon the Mularan might be found guilty of the accusation since she directed the hive mind.  However, this former Borg drone, known as Seven of Nine, is innocent of the accusation; in addition due to the unusual nature of her past she has been found to be insufficiently emotionally and socially developed to be considered an adult by Mularan law.  Ahaoe Muahe is declared guilty of misuse of his authority, kidnapping, torture of a minor, and murder of a minor.  Any person who directly assisted in the kidnapping of Seven of Nine is guilty of assisting in the murder of a minor.”


The voice fell abruptly silent.  An anguished scream was heard from Ahaoe Muahe as he fell to his knees in disbelief.  Finally, he stared at the body of Seven of Nine as it sunk in what he had done.  The guards lifted him back onto his feet, and he was lead away unresisting to his fate.


Huiah Mlaer stared at the former Borg’s body and wondering exactly how he could explain what had occurred to Captain Janeway.  Perhaps they could dispose of the corpse before the angry woman saw exactly what had been done to her crewmember.


As he was thinking this, something occurred that had not happened in several hundred years.  The lights in the deeper part of the complex powered on, and one of the statues of Mulara beside the diagnostic bed began to glow with a faint golden aura.  As the Mularans stared in awed disbelief, the stone statue stepped fluidly off its dais.  The statue walked around the diagnostic bed and picked up the body of Seven of Nine, including the detached Borg arm, turned and walked into the complex.


All of the Mularans stared speechless until the statue disappeared into the depths of the temple.  Then all at once they began excitedly speaking, trying to understand the meaning of what had just happened.  The High Priest shook himself out of his astonishment, and attempted to follow the statue, but was stopped by a golden hued force field that now blocked the hallway.


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