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I am Borg - Part 1 - Chapter 6



I am Borg – Part 1 - Chapter 6


By Kudara


Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.


Stardate: 52683


Rating:  PG-13


Revision Date: 7/3/04; 7/09/07


Summary:  Seven has her first Bat’leth lesson.  Seven learns more about how to interact with humans.  B’Elanna has an interesting discussion in the mess hall with Harry and Tom.  Seven begins to learn how to control her enhanced strength and agility.  Seven says goodbye to Analea and Kayaln.




jInepbe’ - I do not lie


jItojbe’ - I do not deceive


jIHoS - I am strong


wanI'mey vIqaSmoHbogh vIlaj – I accept the events which I cause to happen


batIh jIvang - I act with honor.


MajQa’ – Very good or Well done.




Seven finished with the day’s exercise protocol, the resistance belt had functioned perfectly.  Even when she had used her full strength the belt had provided enough resistance that every repetition of an exercise had been difficult to complete.  Between her earlier emotional distress and then the strenuous workout, she was feeling drained and tired.  Currently, she wanted nothing more than something to eat, drink, and rest to regain her energy.


She walked back to her room and helped herself to the juice and fruit available there, then laid down on her bed.  She wasn’t feeling particularly sleepy, and she felt that continuing to dwell upon her death was illogical.  To distract herself from unwanted thoughts, she ran over her Bat’leth moves in her head as she waited for her energy levels to return to normal.


After an hour had passed, Seven felt refreshed once again.  She sat up, wondering when, or if, Kayaln or Analea would arrive today.  As she gazed out into the garden, she saw Kayaln approaching along the path.  The blonde swung her feet off the bed and stood up, eagerly exiting her room.


Kayaln gave her a searching, intent look.  Then, as if discerning an answer to an unspoken question, she nodded once sharply.  “Anticipating your first Bat’leth lesson are you?” she asked with a smile.


Seven had her suspicions as to why the Mularan woman had nodded, but was relieved that the topic of woman’s question was not her reaction to her newly acquired memories.  She quirked her lips slightly, returning the other woman’s smile, “Yes, I am also curious to find out how I will be trained.”


“As a matter of fact, so am I,” remarked Kayaln, “why don’t we head over to the training area and find out who awaits us.”


“Mulara gave you no indication?” asked the ex-Borg curiously.


Kayaln replied, “Not this time, but then sometimes Mulara likes to surprise people.  I suspect this will be one of those times.”


As they spoke the two women walked toward the training area, when they approached the pavilion, they saw a tall form awaiting them.  As they got closer, it was clear that the form belonged to what appeared to be a Klingon woman.  A weapons rack holding three Bat’leth’s was also a new addition to the pavilion area.


The two women approached the Klingon who stood with her arms at her side giving them both an intelligent penetrating look as they approached.  Her gaze rested longest on Seven of Nine who straightened under her regard as they paused in front of the woman.  “I am M’ara,” said the Klingon woman, “I understand you think you are worthy of learning how to fight with the Bat’leth.”


Seven was uncertain how to respond to the Klingon, it sounded as if the woman was challenging her.  Finally, she chose a cautious answer.  “I desire to learn how to fight with the Bat’leth.”


“Desire!” laughed the Klingon woman, “You can desire many things.  I am speaking of honor.  Why should I teach you how to fight with Kathless’s Sword, why are you worthy of learning?  You are not even Klingon, why don’t you choose to learn how to fight with a sword or axe?”


“I want to learn how to fight with the Bat’leth, not the sword or axe.  If you did not want to teach me how to use the Bat’leth, then it should not have been one of the weapons that you taught me while I slept,” said Seven with a decidedly arrogant tone, not backing down an inch from the Klingon woman.


Kayaln had to resist chuckling over the scene.  The ex-Borg was certainly not lacking in courage or maybe foolhardiness in this case, considering whom she probably was confronting.


“Well you certainly are not lacking in courage.  But what of honor?”  said M’ara.


jInepbe’, jItojbe’, jIHoS, wanI'mey vIqaSmoHbogh vIlaj, batIh jIvang,” growled Seven.


MajQa’!” laughed M’ara. “Let us begin then with your kata’s then.”  M’ara indicated the weapons rack and waited for Seven to select a Bat’leth.


Seven paused for only a second, then walked over and chose the uppermost Bat’leth.  Carefully holding it under her arm she walked over to a spot several feet away from M’ara and began her kata’s.


In a few moments, M’ara said in disgust, “Stop!  You are not chopping down trees.  If you want to chop down things, take up the axe.  The movement of the Bat’leth should always be fluid, it should never stop, the end of one motion should flow into the beginning of the next.  Begin again.”


Seven glanced for a moment at Kayaln recognizing that she needed to move with the Bat’leth the same way as she had learned the day before in unarmed training.  Taking a breath she paused for a moment to think of the Omega molecule then began the first Bat’leth kata again.


M’ara watched her for a few minutes nodding to herself then asked, “Can you clearly visualize the moves by your opponent that you are countering?”


Seven considered the question for a moment then shook her head, “No I cannot.”


M’ara nodded looking satisfied, “I thought that might be the problem.”  She turned and picked up a Bat’leth then took up a position across from Seven.  “Begin the first kata again; I will demonstrate the opponent’s moves.”


Seven began again, and M’ara moved with her, gracefully and powerfully demonstrating the counter moves.  The two of them worked through the afternoon, until they had completed the final kata.


“Well done,” complimented M’ara after they had finished, “Meet with me again tomorrow after you have completed your exercises and we will continue your training.”

With that statement the Klingon woman walked over to the weapon rack and hung her Bat’leth upon it, she then disappeared in a golden shimmer of light.


Seven raised her ocular implant at this and turned to Kayaln and stated, “My Bat’leth training appears to be completed for today.  Did you want to continue my unarmed training at this time?”


Kayaln smiled, “Lets get a bite of something to eat and drink first.  I also want to go over a few things with you before we begin your physical training.  More body language information,” Kayaln clarified seeing Seven’s questioning look as they began walking back to Seven’s room.


Seven looked pensive, “Kayaln would you relay a request to Voyager for me?”


“Quarters,” guessed Kayaln with a smile.


Seven was surprised, “Yes, a request for quarters.  I do not need to regenerate anymore.  I will need a place to sleep… the thought of sleeping in the Cargo Bay is…unpleasant.”


“You need your privacy Seven; it’s something you have the right to.  You should have been given quarters already…at least that’s my and Analea’s point of view.  In any case, Captain Janeway anticipated our request and you have quarters on Deck 9 waiting for you,” said Kayaln.


Seven replied, “Thank you,” and graced Kayaln with one of her rare full smiles.


“Your welcome,” replied Kayaln looking at Seven and watching the minute play of emotions that were running across her face.  Kayaln realized that Seven was experiencing several different emotions at the thought of having her own quarters.  “It’s quite a change isn’t it,” she stated.


Seven nodded thoughtfully, “I will adapt.”




B’Elanna sat in the mess hall slowly eating her dinner and studying the information High Priestess Analea had given them about Seven.  She and the Doctor had thoroughly analyzed the information after the Captain and High Priestess had left for the holodeck.  Now B’Elanna was going over how the bio-implants generated energy using chemical fission and fusion reactions.  She had a second padd that she was entering notes into; her mind was germinating the idea for a chemical reactor for Voyager’s use based upon Seven’s bio-implants.


The Federation had not intensively researched chemical fusion and fission due to the fact that other energy sources were available that were far simpler to use.  In the Delta Quadrant, however, resources such as dilithium, were far more scarce and difficult for Voyager to obtain.  Seven’s new bio-implants were very sophisticated, and the matter to energy conversion rate was very efficient.  It wasn’t as efficient as the warp engines matter anti-matter energy conversion, but any type of matter that didn’t produce dangerous waste products would work as fuel.  The trick would be to replace the end product, adenosine triphosphate, with something that was compatible with the existing plasma grid.


The seating of Tom Parris and Harry Kim across from her drew her attention from her reading.  “Those the new technical specifications for Seven?” Tom smirked.  Harry frowned slightly at his friend, he wasn’t pleased with the way Paris spoke of Seven lately.


B’Elanna frowned, “What do you mean by that, Paris.”


Tom rolled his eyes, “What’s up with you, you’re the one who always called her a machine.  Now she’s even more of one.”


“And I was wrong,” replied B’Elanna shortly.


“Hey, just because your feeling guilty doesn’t mean your were wrong.  She does act like a machine, all efficiency and little emotion.  As you’ve said, the perfect Borg Ice Princess,” replied Tom trying to needle B’Elanna.  After all, he wasn’t the one who had made up most of the nicknames for Seven.  Where did B’Elanna get this self-righteous attitude from all of a sudden.  Her jealously was even the reason he had quit being as friendly toward the ex-Borg, as the half-Klingon had accused him of being attracted to the curvaceous blonde.


B’Elanna grimaced at the reminder of one of the derogatory terms she had made up for Seven, “Why would she want to show us whether or not she was hurt by what we said?  I wouldn’t if I were her.  Did you know she can hear even better than I can?  She could before she died,” B’Elanna tapped the data padd Analea had brought.  “This information makes it clear that the new implants provide the same auditory sensitivity as the Borg implants did.  I doubt that there was much that was said in whispers around her that she didn’t hear, just like I hear everything that’s said about me.”  B’Elanna finished with an angry look at Tom.


“I’ve never said anything about you B’Elanna,” protested Tom.


Harry had been silent throughout the exchange but now he spoke up, “But you’ve said several things about Seven, and most of them were when she was near.  What B’Elanna’s saying is; why would Seven want to trust you enough to show her emotions, you treat her like a friend to her face but you talk about her behind her back.”


Tom turned to Harry with a betrayed expression on his face, “What’s this, The Defend Seven club?”


B’Elanna stood up with her tray, “I treated her dishonorably.  I won’t allow you to sway me into doing so again Tom so just change your attitude.”  With that, she turned and left a gaping Tom Paris and a pleased Harry Kim sitting at the table.




Kayaln finished off her piece of fruit and looked thoughtfully at Seven, unsure of where to begin.  A raised ocular implant caused her to grin at the blond woman.  “Ok, body language lesson part 2,” said the Mularan.  “Let’s see…what did I leave out last time.”  Kayaln paced around the room some trying to order her thoughts.  “Don’t imitate male body language; men generally have a different way of holding themselves than women.”  Kayaln paced some more thinking.  Seven observed her curiously while she helped herself to another green skinned fruit.  “Don’t be too obvious about watching people if you can help it, it makes people uncomfortable if they think you are analyzing them, and yes I know you are examining them, just try to be discrete about it.”


Kayaln paused a moment then continued, “Everyone’s body language will be to some extent uniquely their own.  Most people learn their body language while they are still children.  Thus, they learn it mostly from their family, peers and teachers.  Your Chief Engineer for example will probably have a unique body language; she would have learned Klingon mannerisms from her mother and human ones from her father and her peers.  You will have to develop your own body language; a personal ‘accent’ might be an accurate term.  It will probably be a blend of what you see others doing on Voyager.”  Kayaln looked inquisitively toward Seven and asked, “Do you have any questions?  Any thing you used to do that caused a reaction that didn’t make sense to you?”


Seven considered the question, “Yes, I was constantly asked to sit when others sat.  Due to my abdominal implant sitting was not comfortable, therefore I would decline the request.  It seemed to frequently cause an antagonistic response; at the time I could see no reason why whether I sat or stood should cause such a reaction, so I decided such reactions were examples of human irrationality and thus irrelevant.  I wonder now if I was unknowingly saying something in this ‘body language’ that caused the antagonism.”


Kayaln nodded, “You were, there are two ways that your refusal to sit would probably be interpreted.  The first would be that you were intending to be rude, the second that you were stating that you were of higher social rank than the person inviting you to sit.  It also could have been interpreted as a bit of both.”


The ex-Borg stared pensively out the window, “I did not mean to imply either of those.  It was merely uncomfortable for me to sit.”  A flash of anger crossed the blonde’s face and she said in a tight voice, “It would have been more efficient if I had known of this ‘body language’ sooner.  I have offended several members of the crew, it is not surprising that they dislike me and call me Ice Princess and Borg Queen.”


The Mularan woman put a comforting hand on Seven’s arm attracting her attention, and said softly, “I think you will find that your death and the finding at the Arch of Judgment has caused several of you fellow crewmembers to reevaluate who they thought you were.  Many of them have decided that they judged you unfairly, what they though was arrogance was actually unfamiliarity with human customs.  I think you will find that several people are willing to start over.  If you try your best to adapt to your Collective, I think you will find that you will develop several new friends.”  


Kayaln looked at her student compassionately.  After a moment she continued, “Now about whether or not it’s appropriate to sit or stand.  You should sit if you are invited to do so; if you are not invited to sit then you should remain standing.  Both of these actions show respect for the other person.  If you are in your office or quarters and someone comes in it is polite to offer them a seat, unless of course the amount of time you are planning on speaking to them is less than a few minutes.  If you plan on talking to them for say over five minutes, and you don’t invite them to sit then you are usually implying that you are displeased with them.  Your Captain when she is disciplining someone probably does not invite them to sit, though she may sit herself,” Kayaln paused with a questioning look.


Seven said, “Sometimes when she is angry with me she invites me to sit, sometimes she does not.”


Kayaln nodded, “The times when she’s asked you to sit, has she been angry over professional issues or more personal issues.”


The blonde considered the question, trying to decipher the difference between what Kayaln would consider professional and personal.  Finally, she replied, “Personal.”


Kayaln said, “That’s the difference then, it’s fairly standard in military organizations to have a person who’s being disciplined have to remain standing until their superior is finished chastising them.”  Kayaln sighed, “Most of this will just take time to learn.  One final thing about sitting and standing, if you are not being disciplined, and you wish to sit, but have not been invited, simply ask politely if you may take a seat.  Sometimes people simply forget, and in your case they may have grown so use to you standing that they don’t make the offer anymore.”


A silence ensued while both though over what had been said, finally Kayaln asked, “Any other questions?”


Seven looked thoughtful for a few seconds, “I can think of no other questions at this time.”


Kayaln smiled, “Well we have three more days counting today before you are released back to Voyager.  If you think of any between now and then just ask either I or Analea.”


Seven looked sharply at Kayaln, “Three days until I return to Voyager…”  The ex-Borg wasn’t entirely sure what to feel about her return.  She missed Astrometrics, and the challenges that she faced almost every day on Voyager.  She missed the times when she and Lt. Torres were discussing new engineering ideas or working against time to solve a problem.  She even missed their arguments.  There was something about the half-Klingon’s emotions that fascinated Seven, the Chief Engineer showed what emotion she was currently feeling so clearly that Seven found herself sometimes behaving irrationally by intentionally doing things she knew would elicit strong emotions from the woman. 


Yet she also valued the peacefulness she was experiencing in the inner temple.  She enjoyed talking to Analea and Kayaln.  They always gave her calm, thoughtful explanations and never seemed to get angry or irritated when she did something that was incorrect.  She was enjoying her training more than she anticipated, the movements of the unarmed combat, and the feel of the Bat’leth in her hands.  She was used to extending and exercising her brain, not her body, and the feel of extending her physical strength and agility to her limits was more satisfying than she had thought it would be.


“How will I continue my training when I return to Voyager?” Seven asked.


Kayaln replied, “Mulara has already prepared several holodeck programs for you to use, you don’t have to worry about ending your training.  I think you will find the programs quite satisfactory.”


Seven tilted her head to the side, revealing her surprise, “I am sure they will be sufficient,” she finally responded.


The Mularan woman smiled, “I have no doubt they will be, now what about some unarmed lessons?”




Seven’s remaining days went by quickly, she did her exercise program in the morning, stopped for a quick lunch then went to Bat’leth training.  In the afternoon was unarmed training, then dinner, and after dinner Kayaln gave her various lessons.


The first night Kayaln brought a strange device that looked somewhat like a wind chime, a metallic wire frame supported several hanging four inch squares of some type of whitish metal.  Kayaln grinned at her as she brought it in, hung it up, and then tapped one of the squares.  Seven watched as the square changed color from white to blue before it faded again.


“Pressure sensitive coating,” said Kayaln, “Its set for you to practice controlling your enhanced state strength.  Currently it’s set at it’s non-combat setting.  Blue means you haven’t damaged the skin, red means that you have either bruised or broken the skin.  If you change this setting,” Kayaln showed her a small input area at the top of the structure, “You can change it to combat conditions, at that setting red means that you have used excessive force and probably broken a bone or severely injured your opponent.  I want you to practice with both settings each day.  It’s yours, so take it with you to Voyager.  If you need to use your enhanced state to rescue someone, you don’t want to accidentally hurt them while doing so.  If you are subduing someone that is hostile, then you don’t want to accidentally kill them.  I think your Captain and Security Officer would rather they were alive.”


Seven nodded, she did not necessarily agree that hostile boarding parties should be captured alive, but she knew it was preferred by Janeway and Tuvok.  “How do I utilize this device?” asked Seven.


“Touch each square as quickly as you can without turning it red.  Each time you practice change a variable: stand close to it, stand far away, or change your angle.  It’s meant to teach you to gauge the speed and force with which you interact with an object,” explained Kayaln.  “Try it out,” she encouraged.


Trying to touch the various squares that seemed to move most erratically, without turning them red, proved to be more difficult than Seven had anticipated at first.  She finally had to slow down her movements, and pay close attention to how hard she touched each square before she managed to touch all of them without turning them red.


The next night Kayaln told her about one of the holodeck exercise programs that Mulara had sent to Voyager.  The program could replicate several different landscapes, mountainous, forested, scrub covered flatland, and swampy terrain were some of the choices.  The program could be run alone or with up to four others.  If a group played, they could either cooperate, or form two teams and play against each other.  The goal of the program was to start without any weapons or supplies and make ones way through various guards and obstacles to the mission objective.  You could choose to disable or kill the guards and take their supplies, or choose to try and get by them without being detected.


Kayaln suggested that it might be a good way for the blonde to interact with others in the crew.  She pointed out that Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok and Lt. Torres would likely be highly interested in playing through the program with her.  After Seven thought about the four people Kayaln mentioned she agreed that Kayaln’s assessment was probably correct. 


They spent the next few hours going over the basics of moving silently, how to move without being detected, how to observe your surroundings to spot others and how to approach your target so that you could incapacitate or kill them.  Seven was not pleased with her progress after the evenings practice, but Kayaln assured her that the program had training routines built in; she could practice whenever she had the time.


Seven’s final night upon Mulara was spent much more sedately than the previous two, both Analea and Kayaln came to walk with her around the garden.  Their discussion ranged over several topics as they discussed how Sevens training was progressing.  Analea related the events of her visit to Voyager and assured Seven that she would like the paintings she had put up in her quarters.  Seven was not sure about some of the paintings, but she was intensely curious to see the painting of the Omega molecule.


“Seven, you are not going to loose contact with us tomorrow.  Mulara will keep in contact with you, and through her us,” said Analea realizing that some of Seven’s uneasiness was coming from the thought of never seeing her or Kayaln again.


Seven turned and looked at each of them, “Through dreams as she has before?”


“Yes,” replied Kayaln, “though I suspect the dreams will be less like the lessons you have had previously and more like what is happening now, a dream of a walk through these gardens.  That’s more like what my dreams are like when Mulara talks to me, and I suspect that you may find your holodeck instructors to be…more than what their program allows.”


Seven paused and seemed to absorb this information, then nodded.  “I…” Seven paused and looked at Analea then at Kayaln, “It is comforting to know that I will be allowed to contact you from Voyager.”


“You are concerned about what your reception from the crew will be on Voyager,” stated Analea. 


Seven didn’t directly respond, but looked her in the eye for a moment then dropped her gaze.  Seven didn’t really want to think about having to listen to the hurtful comments that she was sure she was meant to hear.


“Seven,” Analea waited until the blond met her gaze once again.  “One thing everyone has to learn is that not everyone will like you.  I have people who whisper behind my back as well, it’s a fact of existence.  Just make sure you are treating people properly and if they do not treat you well in return then ignore their opinions.  Some people are just small minded and petty.”


Kayaln added, “Value the friends you have now and when people reach out to you in friendship when you return to Voyager make new friends.  Remember to make friends you have to be a friend in return.”


From there the discussion quickly evolved to delve deeply into matters such as how one developed a friendship, and how friends treated one another.  The night ended on a positive note, and Seven went to sleep in a much lighter frame of mind than she had begun the evening.


The next morning, Seven awoke and felt a thrill of anticipation; this was the morning that she was going back to Voyager.  Looking about the room she saw a small bag by the dresser.  After she had eaten Seven went to enjoy one last bath in the bathing pool then dressed in her favorite set of clothing the sapphire blue shirt and black pants. 


When she was done she packed her belongings in the bag and went out to walk about the garden for one last time.  She was still walking around the garden when she saw Analea and Kayaln approaching.  Kayaln was carrying her bag and as they approached Analea held out a combadge to Seven which she took and affixed to her shirt.


They looked for a moment at each other then Kayaln stepped up and embraced Seven, it was enough for the younger woman to begin crying.  Kayaln just held Seven until the tears ceased then she assured the blonde, “I will see you again, this is not goodbye.”


Seven nodded, “I know but I am still feeling sorrow at the thought of leaving even though I want to go to Voyager.”


Analea said, “Understandable, emotions are not ruled by logic.  I shall miss you too, even though I know this is not goodbye either.”  With that Analea stepped close and gave Seven a warm hug as well.


Seven calmed herself and picked up her bag looking at them and wiping her face dry.  “Until we meet again then, my friends…”  Seven said hesitantly.


Warm smiles rewarded her and Kayaln said, “Yes you are our friend Seven, until we meet again.”  Analea repeated the sentiment and then nodded to Seven indicating to her that it was time for her to contact Voyager.


Seven took a breath and activated her combadge, “Seven of Nine to Voyager.”


A voice replied, “Voyager here.”


Seven looked one last time at the two of them and straightened, “One to beam up.”.


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