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I am Borg - Part 2 - Chapter 2


  I am Borg - Part 2 - Chapter 2

By Kudara

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.

Stardate: 52677

Rating: PG-13

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Summary: Dinner with the Captain. Paris gets a reprimand. B'Elanna and Seven exercise together.


vay' DaneHbogh yIchargh - Conquer what you desire.


Seven had barely escaped from Sickbay in time to arrive at Kathryn's door by 1900 hours. She was finally able to persuade the hologram to stop running various scans on her, only by informing the Doctor that she was expected to report to the Captain.

Seven rang the admittance chime and after a few seconds the door opened and Kathryn greeted her with a smile and invited her to enter. The dinner Kathryn had prepared was simple, pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken breasts, accompanied by a light white wine.

After the meal was completed Kathryn invited Seven to sit on the couch with her and asked Seven to tell her about what she had experienced in the inner temple. Seven began with her first awakening in the healing tank and over the next few hours related the events up to the point where she had beamed up to Voyager.

Kathryn had asked her questions about the discussions she and Analea and Kayaln had about how to read body language. Kathryn had sighed and after verifying that the Doctor had never mentioned the subject, apologized for not considering that Seven needed to know about such a thing.

Kathryn grumbled aloud that perhaps the Doctor had not been a good choice for a teacher after all. Seven assured her that the Doctor had helped her quite well the first few months, lately though he seemed to have reached the conclusion that Seven knew all she needed to know.

Seven looked at Kathryn and said, "I suspect that the Doctor feels I know all I need to know... in order to get along with the Doctor."

Kathryn looked at her and said, "I suspected he was attracted to you, I never thought that he would purposefully limit what you knew so you would be dependent on him."

Seven frowned slightly, "I did not mean to imply that, I have been imprecise. I do not believe he would do such a thing consciously. However, I do believe the Doctor may be concerned that I will... outgrow him and choose not to interact with him if I progress much farther in regaining my humanity. From his perspective the fully human members of the crew do not care to interact with him unless forced to do so, it would be logical for him to assume that I would do the same."

Kathryn replied with some heat, "That doesn't give him the right to limit what he chooses to teach you. Now I wonder what else he hasn't mentioned in his lessons. I'll have to go over his lesson plans and see exactly what he has taught you." Kathryn paused then asked, "How do you feel about the Doctor Seven?"

"He is a friend, I believe he would like to be more, but I do not share that desire. I have no wish to be more than a friend to the Doctor. I was... disappointed that he would bet on the state of my social development with Lt. Paris and then choose to win the bet by inviting me to the reception for the Kadi Ambassador," replied Seven.

Kathryn stilled for a moment and asked, "How did you learn of this bet?"

Seven's face tightened, "Lt. Paris discussed it with the Doctor during the reception."

Kathryn asked, "Where were you when you heard them?"

"Standing beside the Doctor," clarified Seven.

Kathryn closed her eyes a moment, "I will discuss with Mr. Paris the appropriate subjects for betting and the inappropriate ones. That was inappropriate of Mr. Paris to bet on and inappropriate of the Doctor to accept. I'm sorry their behavior hurt you Seven, especially since it was your first date?"

Seven said, "Second date, my first was with Lieutenant Chapman. The premature ending of the evening was unfortunate; I accidentally dislocated the Ensigns shoulder while dancing."

"Any dates since the reception?" asked Kathryn hesitantly.

Seven answered, "No, I determined that there were no potential mates for me aboard Voyager."

Kathryn looked at Seven puzzled, "How exactly did you determine that? It takes time to decide if you are attracted to someone, you have to get to know people before you can establish whether you are attracted to them or not."

Seven stared at Kathryn, "The Doctor told me to pick a suitable candidate from among the male members of the crew. I prepared a program that created a list of candidates based on work performance and compatible interests."

Kathryn sat back on the couch and looked out for a moment to the stars streaking by, "Seven, you really cannot make a decision on who might be a suitable partner by that method. There are other variables that you need to consider besides work performance and compatible interests. But, perhaps now isn't the time to discuss this, not after what you've been through. Perhaps in a couple of months you might be ready to reconsider your decision."

Seven was puzzled, "Why not now?"

"You have just been though a very difficult experience Seven; it would not be the best time for you to begin a romantic relationship with someone. Not while you're going through so many changes, in a few months when things have settled down for you would be a better time," explained Kathryn.

And give me more time to get used to the idea, thought Kathryn. I'm getting used to the idea of being her mother' I'm not sure if I'm ready to deal with the worries of her dating on top of that right now. Not to mention the fact that she would have to explain to Seven that she might also want to include the female members of the crew.

Seven considered Kathryn's explanation, "I will comply. Though I will research the subject on my own, apparently the Doctors explanations were not complete."

Kathryn took a deep breath and yielded to the inevitable, "That might be a good idea, you will probably have questions afterward, and I'll do my best to answer them... Unless you would prefer to ask someone else?" Kathryn remembered that she hadn't wanted to discuss certain things with her mother at all.

"I can think of no one else I would ask besides you, or maybe Lt. Torres," responded Seven.

"Lt. Torres?" questioned Kathryn, wondering what had changed between the two women to cause Seven to suddenly look upon her as a suitable confidant.

"Lt. Torres, though we have frequently been antagonistic towards one another, has always been honest and direct in her dealings with me," said Seven.

Kathryn had to admit that Seven was probably correct, B'Elanna was not one to be anything less than honest and direct. However, Kathryn wasn't certain that B'Elanna met the criteria for someone suitable for the type of discussion Seven would probably want to have after her research.

"Yes, well you should probably choose a friend for those discussions, I'm not certain that you and B'Elanna are friends quiet yet, though I believe you could be given time," said Kathryn.

Seven replied, "We discussed several issues today when B'Elanna came over to see my Bat'leth. I believe her invitation to call her B'Elanna while not on duty was an indication that she intends our relationship to change from an antagonistic one to one more amicable."

Intrigued Kathryn asked, "What issues did you discuss?"

Seven began explaining that they had discussed the reason behind Seven's decision to be polite. Kathryn did not react quite as negatively as B'Elanna had to her reasoning, but she seemed upset nonetheless.

"Seven, while I agree that you should probably be more polite than you have in the past, I am upset because it sounds as though you feel that you are not safe from the crew unless you are polite to them. I understand why you feel that way though, it's just that it upsets me. I hope that everything works out to where you feel you can trust them again, and they realize that you aren't the person they assumed you were," said Kathryn.

Seven said softly, "Arrogant, rude and superior? But I frequently did act that way. Even if sometimes it was unintentional on my part."

Kathryn sighed, uncertain of what to say, "You are prideful of what you know, and for good reason, you are one of the brightest people I have known. You just need to learn how to express yourself ... "

"More politely?" broke in Seven. "I am trying to do that but both B'Elanna and you have reacted negatively to my solution. How else can I correct the problem? People perceive me as being arrogant, rude and superior. My research indicates that the method of correcting my communication error is to be more polite." Seven finished with some agitation.

Kathryn reached over and took one of Seven's hands in both of hers, hoping that the contact would calm her. Seven looked at her wonderingly, and then down at their joined hands, tentatively she returned the reassuring pressure. Seeing that Seven was calming down Kathryn tried to explain, "Seven, I don't disagree that you being more polite will help matters. I am upset though, with the events that lead you to this point, I'm upset that some of the members of this crew betrayed you. I don't disagree with your conclusion, I'm just unhappy with the incentive behind the rationale."

"My reasoning is correct; you are upset with the events that lead me to make the conclusion. You can do nothing to change what happened, I can do nothing to change what happened. I can only modify my behavior so that it is unlikely to happen again," said Seven.

"I know Seven; I know that I can't change what happened. I just wish... I could do something to lessen your pain," said Kathryn with suppressed emotion in her voice.

"I am not in pain," said Seven, not quite meeting Kathryn's eyes.

Kathryn raised an eyebrow, "Emotional pain Seven, which I think you know I meant."

Seven looked at their joined hands, "I do not wish to feel this pain, how do I make it go away? It does not seem to have a hormonal component; I cannot command my nanoprobes to do anything about the cause of it."

"Time helps Seven, and talking about how you are feeling, like we are now. It also helps to know that people care about you; I think there are more people than you know of that care about you Seven. I do, as does Chakotay, Tuvok, Harry, B'Elanna and of course the Doctor. And I haven't mentioned how much Naomi was concerned about you," finished Kathryn.

"I wish it to go away now," said Seven, then she sighed "But I accept that it will take time."

Kathryn thought that it was probably a good time to change the subject, she couldn't think of anything else to say about Sevens decision to be polite. "Would you like some coffee and some desert?"

Seven remembered how she had said just before going back to the Borg Queen that one day she would try coffee, maybe now would be a good time to please Kathryn and try some of the beverage. "I would like that," Seven said, not adding on the please that she would have before their conversation. Kathryn's smile rewarded her and she felt that she had gauged her response correctly. Apparently a decrease in the formality of her responses was warranted to calm Kathryn and probably B'Elanna.

Kathryn replicated two black coffees, some milk and sugar and two cheesecakes. Seven looked curiously at the milk and sugar when Kathryn brought them over. "Not everyone likes their coffee black like I do Seven, milk and sugar are commonly added to coffee according to taste. Try it without either first and see if you like it or if it's too bitter."

Seven tried the coffee and grimaced at the taste; Kathryn obligingly added some milk to her coffee and urged her to try it again. This time the taste was much more acceptable, the milk having sweetened the coffee. "Is that alright or would you like to try sugar?" asked Kathryn.

"Perhaps next time," said Seven. "It is acceptable with just the milk."

Kathryn nodded and the two women chatted over the cheesecake about some of the holodeck programs that Mulara had provided and arranged a Velocity match in two days. Seven admitted afterwards that the coffee had been a pleasant choice with the cheesecake and Kathryn was certain that she had a new convert to her favorite obsession.

Finally Kathryn noted the time and mentioned that they both needed to get some rest so they would be ready for the next day. Seven hesitated before she left and shyly asked if it were permissible for her to hug Kathryn. With a warm smile Kathryn said, "That would be most acceptable, Seven."

Seven bent down and hugged Kathryn about the shoulders and said softy, "Thank you."

Her embrace was returned as Kathryn hugged her back and said, "Any time you need to talk to me let me know," Kathryn released her and then said with laugh, "Well unless there is a yellow or red alert." Seven smiled back and nodded then turned and left, Kathryn stepped out into the hallway and watched her new daughter walk to the turbolift. She was pleased to see that Seven appeared to be walking more confidently than she had earlier in the day.


B'Elanna, along with the other senior staff, was surprised to see Seven walk into the Briefing room the next morning wearing a science blue Starfleet uniform. The Captain had smiled proudly and the other senior staff complemented Seven on how good the uniform looked on her. After Seven briefly blushed from the attention they stopped, surprised at the show of emotion.

The meeting turned out to be a short one since the only Department with anything of significance to report was Engineering. After B'Elanna had reported that repairs would be completed in the next four hours the Captain hurried though the rest of the meeting so she could go arrange for Voyager to depart from the space station.

B'Elanna caught up with Seven after the morning brief, "Seven you mentioned practicing the Bat'leth together? When were you thinking?"

"I have Holodeck One this evening from 1800 to 1900 hours, would you like to accompany me?" answered Seven.

"I'll meet you there then," replied B'Elanna with a small smile.

Seven was surprised and without thinking she returned it with a shy smile of her own before she stepped off on Deck 8, while B'Elanna stayed on the turbolift to descend to Deck 11.

B'Elanna thought back to the meeting and was certain she was the only one who noticed when Seven briefly closed her eyes and breathed deeply to activate her nanoprobes. It brought home to B'Elanna how that one change made so much difference. Seven had to consciously choose to limit her emotions, before they had been limited for her and everyone had wrongly assumed she had none. B'Elanna resolved to keep her ears open for gossip about Seven; she didn't want anyone being hurtful towards her.


Janeway finished the last of the diplomatic communications with the Mularans. Once again assuring them that Seven was fully recovered and that she had forgiven them for not stopping Muahe in time.

Janeway didn't know whether the last was true but felt reasonably certain enough to make the statement to reassure the Mularans.

After the last communication was done Janeway stepped out onto the Bridge and fixed her eyes on Tom Paris. "Mr. Paris if you would come to my Ready Room," she said in a flat voice. She was rewarded by the sight of his head whipping around at her tone and a worried look that entered his eyes. Janeway turned and went back into her Ready Room, not waiting on the Lieutenant.

In a moment the chime sounded and she said "Enter." Paris walked uncertainly to stand in front of her desk, waiting for her to tell him to sit down. Instead she stood and leaned over the desk looking him in the eyes. "Mr. Paris unfortunately this is coming a bit late, however, I want you to understand something. Your betting is getting out of hand. If I hear you making another bet dealing with another crewmember's personal life I will bring you up for conduct unbecoming an officer."

Janeway could see his eyes flicker with understanding and resentment. Janeway decided to stomp any ideas he might have, "More specifically I had better not hear of you making any bets that pertain in any way to Seven of Nine. Consider that a direct order, Lieutenant. I don't believe I have to explain myself further." The last was said with a definite chill that Janeway hoped got through Tom's ego.

Janeway didn't really want to be too harsh with him but the idea that he had made such a callous bet and had humiliated Seven had severely disappointed her. "You are dismissed Lieutenant," finished Janeway. She sat back down in her chair and watched as he smartly turned around and left the room.


Seven arrived outside of Holodeck One at 1755 hours precisely. B'Elanna was already waiting for her wearing a pair of black tights and tank top. Seven was wearing her Mularan clothing, a cream colored blouse and blue pants. She had changed her exoskeleton from silver to blue as well and B'Elanna gave a start of surprise when she saw her.

"It changes color," B'Elanna exclaimed.

"Yes, it can also change to red and there is a means for me to cover the entire surface with a thin layer of skin as well," stated Seven. Seven glanced once again at B'Elanna, experiencing a sense of appreciation of the woman's apparent strength revealed by the musculature of her arms and shoulders.

B'Elanna absorbed this information realizing something important, "You can conceal the entire exoskeleton and appear fully human. Why don't you?"

"I am not fully human; I am part Borg even though my implants are not anymore. It is part of who I am," said Seven.

"Aren't you ashamed of your Borg past," blurted B'Elanna. She then realized what she had said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that. Forget it."

Seven knew how hard it was for the half-Klingon woman to apologize, and she knew something of how hard it was for the woman in front of her to accept her dual nature. She had overheard enough comments over the past year and a half for her to know that B'Elanna did not always appreciate her Klingon half.

Seven choose to answer, "I am angry that I was used to assimilate and kill others. I feel remorse for the things I was made to do. But my Borg enhancements allow me to be stronger than anyone aboard this vessel, they allow me to operate for far longer than anyone else, and my cortical node allows me access to the knowledge of thousands of species. It would be hypocritical for me to be ashamed of being Borg when I enjoy so many advantages from it."

B'Elanna listened to Seven and was silent for a moment after she had finished. The holodeck doors opened and two crewmen exited, their Velocity outfits mute testimony as to their previous activity. Seven waited until they had left then said, "Computer activate holoprogram Seven Mulara Temple."

Shortly the computer beeped and replied, "Holoprogram activated."

Seven nodded to B'Elanna and they walked toward the holodeck doors which opened at their movement. Seven wondered where they would enter the program and smiled slightly when the doors closed and she found herself standing outside the glass door that lead to the room she had stayed in on Mulara. Looking curiously into the room she noted that it was completely bare.

"The training area is to the left along this path, the gardens are to the right," Seven said and then proceeded up the left hand path. B'Elanna followed her looking curiously around at the park like area.

"This is a recreation of the inner temple where you stayed?" B'Elanna asked curiously.

"Yes, we entered outside of the doors which lead to my room; it was not bare though when I stayed here." They passed the path leading off to the bathing pool and Seven paused, "This path leads to the bathing pool and a waterfall that is used for rinsing." B'Elanna peered up the path and hesitated, Seven stopped looking at her curiously.

"Do you think we could see if its still there?" B'Elanna asked.

Seven nodded and they turned aside to walk single file along the path, it was not long before they reached the bathing pool and waterfall. B'Elanna stared at the large rock lined thermal pool and the small waterfall that fed the stream that meandered through the area. Seven looked at her and said, "I will be training on the holodeck three times a week, if you would like to use the pool at one of those times for bathing you may."

B'Elanna looked a bit embarrassed but finally she chuckled, "I think I will take you up on that sometime. This looks relaxing."

Seven nodded and asked, "Are you ready to proceed to the training area?"

B'Elanna looked at Seven, "You're not being so formally polite, not that I want you to be," B'Elanna said the last in a rush, "just why the change?"

"It seemed to bother you and the Captain. I determined that a less formal mode was required in order to not annoy you. It also seemed to cause both of you pain, which was not my intention," explained Seven.

B'Elanna regarded her soberly, but just nodded, "Well it sounds more natural. I still wish though that you didn't feel that you have to be polite."

Seven almost smiled, "You and the Captain sound alike, she too was not pleased with my reasoning and wished that circumstances were otherwise."

B'Elanna nodded then looked ahead as they came around a corner and stared at the large pavilion. Two women stood by the structure, a Mularan woman dressed similarly to Seven and a Klingon woman. A weapons rack beside the structure held four Bat'leths.

Seven paused saying, "B'Elanna there is something you should know."

"What?" asked B'Elanna curiously.

"The holograms may be more than just holograms," stated Seven. She watched to see if B'Elanna understood what she was saying and seeing the other woman whip her head around to look at the holograms, knew that she had. Seven started forward again toward the waiting woman and in a moment B'Elanna followed.

"M'ara," Seven respectfully greeted the Klingon woman. "This is B'Elanna Torres, Chief Engineer of Voyager."

"I know who B'Elanna Torres is," said M'ara. "Kayaln is sleeping right now, why don't you go and practice your katas with her Seven."

Seven looked at her curiously and then asked, "She is here then?"

M'ara nodded and Seven started toward the Mularan woman then paused looking back at B'Elanna.

"I will evaluate her training," said M'ara. "Go or you won't have time to talk with her."

Seven turned at that and went to join the Mularan woman, B'Elanna was surprised to see the two embrace in a quick hug before they walked to the other side of the pavilion. She hadn't been aware that Seven had gotten so close to either of the High Priestesses she had spoken of. B'Elanna had gathered, from the somewhat odd discussion, that in some manner Mulara was enabling Kayaln to actually be here while she was dreaming and that's why Seven had been so eager to talk to her friend while she could.

B'Elanna turned her attention toward the Klingon hologram, she wasn't afraid but she was wary. The holograms words had affirmed what Seven had said, this wasn't just a hologram. Obviously Mulara had no intention of letting Seven go unsupervised on Voyager. B'Elanna wasn't certain if she should mention this to the Captain or not, Seven seemed entirely unconcerned about it, perhaps the Captain already knows thought B'Elanna.

"Shall we begin," said M'ara and walked over to the weapons display to choose one of the two Bat'leths left.

B'Elanna walked over toward her but found herself distracted by Seven. She hesitated for a moment watching Seven perform her Bat'leth katas. There was something different about how she moved with the Bat'leth than from what B'Elanna had seen when Seven had been doing her unarmed katas. B'Elanna was puzzled, Seven still moved gracefully and powerfully. But there was something else, finally B'Elanna realized the difference, Seven had looked calm while doing her unarmed katas. These however, had an element of emotion to them; there was an intensity that had been missing from the unarmed katas.

Suddenly it dawned on B'Elanna what she was seeing. Seven had said that she tried to bring what she saw as beautiful into her katas. Seven had said that she saw her passion as beautiful, and B'Elanna was sure that this was what she was seeing in Seven's kata. B'Elanna had decided not to think of what Seven had admitted, but now seeing Seven striving to bring a sense of passion to her Bat'leth katas, B'Elanna had to admit she was flattered that Seven thought her passion was beautiful enough to want to emulate.

"She comes closer every day to displaying her own passion, her own people's warrior spirit," said M'ara.

B'Elanna jerked, surprised, she had forgotten for a moment that M'ara was there. "Her own people's?" asked B'Elanna.

"She is descended of Viking blood from both parents, there is a banked fire under the ice she shows the world. For her to reach the perfection she desires she will have to touch her own fire. For now though she uses your fire as a guide, perhaps it will lead her to her own." M'ara paused and then turned her attention to B'Elanna, "Enough of Seven though, let us see what you know of the Bat'leth."

B'Elanna was not particularly surprised when M'ara frowned at her after a few minutes of sparring and had asked if she had ever learned the katas for the weapon. After admitting that she hadn't M'ara had promptly began teaching her the first kata. B'Elanna was embarrassed, she was the half-Klingon, and the Borg knew more about how to handle the Bat'leth than she did.

Seven had completed her katas, but she was still dissatisfied with them. She knew there was something missing, they felt incomplete.

Kayaln gave her a one armed hug and said, "You are getting closer, that was much better than your last time. You need to use B'Elanna's passion as a guide to find your own passion, instead of trying to find her passion in yourself." Seven sighed, uncertain that she had a passion as intense as B'Elanna's inside herself.

Seven glanced at her hand and noticed that her exoskeleton was now red; she had initiated the change when she realized that B'Elanna had not known that her exoskeleton could change color. Seven looked at it puzzled, the color seemed to be deeper and darker than she remembered from before, checking the current color against her memory of the old she realized that it had changed, curious.

Seven and Kayaln wandered back over to where M'ara and B'Elanna were still training. M'ara had stopped the kata training due to B'Elanna's growing frustration and the two were now sparring, working out some of B'Elanna's anger.

M'ara called a halt to the sparring when the two approached, B'Elanna was feeling much better her anger had worked itself out and she was feeling energized from the fighting. Suddenly a new scent entered the immediate area, salty-sweet with a tang of metal. B'Elanna took in a deep breath intrigued with the scent, and feeling the sharp stirrings of desire. She shook her head to clear it and looked for the source of the scent.

M'ara chuckled and said, "I see that your exoskeleton is fully completed now Seven. I can scent the traces of your blood in the red coloration. Last time you tried the red it was not the proper color, now it is."

Seven raised her hand to her nose and sniffed bemused, "You are correct, the scent is very faint but it is present. I had not realized the Klingon sense of smell was that well developed, I can barely scent the blood traces."

"That is because it is your own," explained M'ara with an amused look at B'Elanna.

B'Elanna stared at Seven and the now deep blood red design around her eye stunned. Seven was the source of the scent, B'Elanna was suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to know what it would feel like to conquer the Borg, to lay claim to such a strong and intelligent mate. Her Klingon half said vay' DaneHbogh yIchargh.

B'Elanna fought off the desire, Seven was an innocent, and she was with Tom Paris. It was wrong of her to feel this way, looking into Seven's eyes she knew that Seven had no idea what the smell of her blood was doing to the half-Klingon. There was only concern there and B'Elanna fought hard to quell the desire to growl her desire to the woman.

B'Elanna knew that she had to come up with a reason to get away from the other woman. She couldn't tell Seven that the scent of her blood was bothering her it would only take Seven a short period of time to figure out exactly what that was likely to mean. She needed another excuse, luckily the computer announcing the five minute warning of the end of their holodeck time gave her the perfect one. "Well I'm going to head to my quarters for a quick shower, thanks for the invite Seven. We will have to do this again soon," said B'Elanna.

Seven replied, "There are two teachers, you are welcome to join me any time B'Elanna. I will be running this program Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 1800 and 1900 hours."

Seven realizing their time was almost up turned and thanked M'ara for her time and with a smile told Kayaln that she hoped she would see her again soon. The two holograms nodded and then disappeared as the holodeck returned to it's natural state.

"I'll have to get used to that," muttered B'Elanna belatedly realizing that she had been rude. Seven looked at her curiously and B'Elanna elaborated, "I didn't thank her for her teaching, I'm just not used to needing to thank a holodeck program."

The two of them exited the holodeck and greeted the two Ensigns who were impatiently waiting their turn. "Do you switch up training unarmed and Bat'leth?" asked B'Elanna curiously.

"Yes," replied Seven as they continued along the corridor to the turbolift. "Deck 9," said Seven.

After the two had agreed to meet again on Thursday night they separated and went to their respective quarters. B'Elanna leaned against the wall when she reached the safety of her quarters and took a deep breath of air. She desperately hoped that Seven had not been able to pick up the scent of her arousal, she really didn't feel up to the questions it would generate and she was quite sure Seven would bluntly ask her why she had been aroused.

B'Elanna wondered how Seven would react if she knew, with the past between them, would she reject B'Elanna? Or did the fact that Seven found B'Elanna's passion beautiful mean that Seven would welcome B'Elanna's desire for her? B'Elanna knew she would not try to find out, she would not dishonor herself by betraying Tom.

B'Elanna sighed and went to take a shower; with any luck Seven would not use that particular color of exoskeleton around her again. Maybe she would mention to Seven that she had thought that the woman had been hurt, no... she couldn't do that, it would be lying, she had never thought the faint smell had been from a wound. She would just have to control herself. B'Elanna hit the shower wall in anger, why couldn't she have had this reaction to Tom and why have this reaction to the Borg now?

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