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I am Borg - Part 2 - Chapter 5


  I am Borg - Part 2 - Chapter 5

By Kudara

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.

Warning: Contains f/f references between women.

Stardate: 52696

Rating: PG-13

Feedback: Always welcome, feedback is what encourages me to keep writing. Please let me know what you like and what you dislike about the story.

Summary: Seven dreams. Seven wakes on Voyager, why are Janeway, Torres and Tuvok outside her room?


Seven followed Altea and Jorunn out of the feast hall and back into the building she had bathed in earlier. Though it was late, it was still light outside, as the sun did not set till almost midnight during the summer. Thus the building was still dimly illuminated as they entered it.

Altea looked at the two of them and directed a stern look at Jorunn who quickly replied, "I won't, not after hearing her tale. I promise I won't take advantage of Annika, Altea. I suspect she wouldn't mind me holding her tonight though." The last was said with a questioning look at Seven.

Seven looked at the two concerned women then into Jorunn's eyes and saw gentleness and sympathy there. "I would like company tonight, Jorunn."

Altea came over and hugged Seven and then kissed her briefly on the cheek saying, "If I do not see you tomorrow, I hope everything turns out well for you Annika. You are a strong woman; you will find a way to defeat the Queen. I hope the people of your ship realize what treasure they have in you." With that she turned and left, leaving a bemused Seven.

Jorunn came over and wrapped her arms around Seven's waist and leaned her head against Seven's chest, tentatively Seven put her arms around Jorunn's waist as well and when Jorunn stepped closer and wrapped her arms tighter, Seven followed suit until they were pressed against each other. Seven closed her eyes for a moment and just absorbed the sensation; she had never been so physically close to another person before.

Jorunn felt very nice in her arms, Seven took a moment to analyze the two times she had been physically close to men and realized how different the two situations felt. She had also never been as aware of her body with a male, Seven tried to analyze what she was feeling. She was very aware of Jorunn's body pressed against hers, of her breasts pressed softly against her, of where her stomach, her thighs, her arms and hands rested against her. She had never been aware in this manner of Ensign Chapman or of the Doctor. They had simply been physical bodies that she was in close proximity too.

Finally Jorunn stirred and said, "We should go to sleep Annika."

Seven nodded and looked at the narrow cot in the dim room, wondering how the two of them would fit comfortably on it. Jorunn grinned at her and said, "Lie down and I will arrange myself around you Annika. It will be more comfortable than you think."

Seven pulled the fur and woolen blankets down and slipped into the bed lying on her back and then waited. Jorunn slipped into bed beside her and laid her head against Seven's chest, laying on one of Seven's arms as she did so and pulling the covers up against the cold night air.

Seven knew something of sleeping like this, she could faintly remember running into her parent's room on the ship and seeing her mother resting on her father like this. Seven turned slightly and using the arm beneath Jorunn pulled her closer and wrapped her arm around her shoulder.

Jorunn chuckled, her breath warming the hollow of Seven's throat, "You do adapt quickly don't you."

"I remember seeing my parent's like this," admitted Seven. "Now I understand why they liked to hold each other in this manner."

Jorunn gripped her tighter and Seven could feel her nod against her chest. Seven asked quietly, "I would like to kiss you again Jorunn."

Jorunn groaned and said, "Annika I promised Altea.... "

Seven said, "I did not agree to anything," somewhat petulantly.

Jorunn laughed, "You are not making this easy on me are you, very well but we stop when I ask Annika."

Seven smiled and said, "I believe the correct expression to say at this moment would be ‘turn about is fair play'."

Jorunn pondered the unfamiliar saying and then chuckled, as she understood the meaning, "Very well then, I guess it is your turn to tease me."

With that she lifted herself up and raised her head and looked into Seven's face waiting. Seven paused a moment and brought her free hand up to touch her face, memorizing it. Then she slid her hand around the back of Jorunn's head and gently pulled her face toward her.

They kissed for several minutes; Seven learning many new things about what one could do with lips, and teeth. Finally they pulled back from one another both of them breathing slightly more heavily and Jorunn looked at Seven seriously for a moment then said, "I know I'm going to regret this but there is one more thing you might want to learn about kissing Annika. But we will have to stop soon or I will not be able to sleep tonight."

With that she brought her lips to Seven's again but this time she paused and with her tongue delicately traced the line of Seven's lips before pressing her lips against Seven's. Seven had stilled at the first touch, amazed at the sensations that it triggered. Her breathing and heart rate increased rapidly as did her body temperature and eye dilation.

All these increased yet again as Seven felt Jorunn's tongue press against her lips seeking entry into her mouth, reflexively Seven relaxed her lips and let Jorunn do as she wished.  Seven was surprised at the rush of arousal the feel of Jorunn exploring her mouth with her tongue produced, now she understood why Jorunn had said they would have to stop afterward, as it was Seven wasn't sure she would be able to fall asleep the way her body was reacting.

Jorunn pulled back and looked at Seven, "You are so beautiful Annika."

Seven pulled her back into another kiss, and practiced the technique Jorunn had just demonstrated to her. A groan from Jorunn rewarded her when she stopped and she could feel Jorunn's heart pounding against her. Both of them were breathing heavily and Jorunn lowered her head to Seven's chest again. Seven tightened her arms around her and they both concentrated on relaxing again.

"Annika, I.... I hope you find joy without sorrow. I want you to find happiness, you deserve it." said Jorunn.

Seven knew that Jorunn did not expect her to be there in the morning, this then was goodbye. "I want you to be happy as well. I will always remember you Jorunn, and everyone I have met. I will always be able to think of you and see you and remember everything."

"Everything?" asked Jorunn.

"As if it had just occurred," confirmed Seven.

"Describe to me when you first saw me," asked Jorunn.

Seven began to describe in painful detail the scene when she had first saw Jorunn and after a few minuets of it, Jorunn laughed and pleaded with her to stop. "I believe you, you see everything in your memory perfectly don't you? I have heard of one other person with a memory like yours, they could recite everything they had ever seen or heard.

Seven nodded and could feel Jorunn smile against her chest and they fell silent. In a moment Jorunn asked, "What do you feel for Kathryn Edwardsdottir?"

Seven wondered at the question, "She is as a mother to me."

"Ah, you sound as though you admire her greatly," said Jorunn.

"I do," said Seven.

"What was your father's name?" asked Jorunn.

"Magnus," answered Seven.

"So you would be Annika Magnusdottir," said Jorunn.

Seven shrugged, "I do not use my father's name."

Jorunn smiled against her and said, "Perhaps Annika Kathrynsdottir would suit you better?"

Seven thought and replied, "I would like that."

They stopped talking after that and their breathing slowed and evened as both of them slipped finally into sleep.


B'Elanna rolled over and glanced at the time, why was engineering calling her at 0400 hours? She found her communicator and tapped it answering, "Torres to Engineering this had better be good." The Ensign on the other end stammered out something about spatial and temporal distortion readings coming from inside the ship. B'Elanna woke up quickly at that point and asked if they had pinpointed the readings. The Ensign answered that he had not been able to contact Seven and Crewman Celes was on her way to Astrometics.

B'Elanna frowned, "Computer locate Seven."

"Seven of Nine is not in her quarters," responded the computer.

"Torres to Seven," B'Elanna opened a communications channel. Silence followed.

"Computer scan quarters of Seven of Nine for bio-signature," B'Elanna said.

"Bio-signature not present," reported the Computer.

B'Elanna was putting on her uniform at this point and paused to say, "Computer scan Voyager for Seven of Nine's bio-signature."

B'Elanna finished dressing and ran a quick brush though her hair and was headed out the door when the computer reported, "Seven of Nine Bio-signature not found on Voyager."

B'Elanna paused and tapped her combadge, "Torres to Celes."

"Celes here," came the response. "Is that distortion on Deck 9 Section 11?" asked B'Elanna.

"How did you know Lt. Torres? I just managed to narrow it to Deck 9," she responded.

"Seven's not in her quarters nor is she on Voyager, I suspect that this distortion is the cause," responded B'Elanna, and then closed the channel.

"Torres to Janeway," B'Elanna grimaced over waking the Captain but knew she would want to know what was happening.

The groggy reply came, "Janeway here."

"Captain, Engineering detected a slight special and temporal distortion and contacted me about it earlier. Crewman Celes has narrowed the source to Deck 9. I had the computer search for Seven since Engineering could not find her and she's not on Voyager. I suspect the distortion is the cause," explained B'Elanna.

She was standing outside of Seven's quarters and waited for the Captain to respond, "Go to Seven's quarters and wait there, Tuvok and I will be there in a moment."

"Will do Captain, I'll see what readings I can get from outside her quarters," answered B'Elanna.

B'Elanna had been taking readings and had noticed the distortions fading until they seemed to disappear. On a hunch she asked, "Computer scan quarters of Seven of Nine for her bio-signature."

"Seven of Nine is located in her quarters," came the reply.

B'Elanna grimaced, "Mulara," she muttered.

Tuvok came up followed by Janeway and Torres reported, "The distortions have faded and I had the computer scan for Seven again. She's back in her quarters. I strongly suspect Mulara had something to do with the distortion and Seven's disappearance."

Tuvok raised his eyebrow at this statement. Janeway looked at her appraisingly and said, "It wouldn't surprise me, I didn't really expect her to just leave Seven alone after what happened. Let's see if Seven knows the reason for the distortions."

Janeway rang the admittance chime to Seven's quarters and a few moments later Seven opened the doorway looking at them with an indecipherable look. She said, "Captain I appear to have been out of my quarters."

B'Elanna noticed that Seven was wearing her Mularan clothes, her hair was done up in a braid that was wound into a knot at the neck. It was an unusual hairstyle, but it looked good on her. Sniffing curiously she detected an odd fatty soapy odor drifting faintly from Seven, as well as the smell of blood? B'Elanna knew it was not Seven's, it didn't smell right, but where was it from?

Seven looked at her and said, "I am sorry for the odor, the last time I bathed I used a soap made from animal fat and potash. I will use my shower as soon as possible."

"Its not that, it's the blood I smell. It's not yours.... " said B'Elanna.

Seven looked down and lifted up a booted foot and examined the bottom, and indicated the tread. "I believe my boots are the source Lt. Torres, I stepped in some blood earlier."

Janeway looked at Seven oddly but didn't comment on the statement instead she said, "Engineering detected a spatial and temporal distortion coming from your quarters. Where were you Seven?"

Seven moved from the doorway and invited them in saying it might be better if they sat down while she explained and would they mind if she took a quick shower and changed clothes before she spoke to them? Janeway nodded her permission and they waited on Seven's couch while she took a quick shower. When she emerged from the bathroom she was dressed in her Starfleet uniform and was busy combing out her hair.

Seven sat down and began braiding her hair saying, "I thought I was experiencing one of Mulara's dreams, until I woke up and determined that physical evidence suggested that I had actually been to ninth century Norway."

"What type of physical evidence?" asked B'Elanna.

"Blood on my boots and pants which I had not cleaned off earlier, the residue of the specific soap I used, and my hair was as it had been braided and arranged for me. All of these along with your statement indicate that I was not dreaming but was actually physically there," responded Seven.

Seven related her experiences in what she identified as mid ninth century Norway, starting with her appearance on the hillside. She told of how she had decided to help the group of women and children, and of her battle with the raiders. Seven paused for a moment and then told them somewhat abashedly of how she had gotten wounded during the fight by one of the raiders.

At that point Janeway insisted that the Doctor come to Seven's quarters and make sure she was as fully healed as Seven thought she was.

Seven took the opportunity to comment to B'Elanna in a quiet aside that the blood she had smelled was likely from the raiders as the ground had become covered with it during the fight. B'Elanna glanced over at Janeway who thankfully hadn't heard the comment and caught sight of Tuvok's raised eyebrows.

B'Elanna was surprised at Seven's matter of fact acceptance of her killing. But then B'Elanna remembered the cold, angry look on Seven's face as she told Janeway that the raiders had planned to rape the women and kill the younger children and realized Seven had no regrets about the raiders deaths. B'Elanna thought frankly that she would probably not have felt any guilt about killing animals like them either.

B'Elanna glanced from Seven's Bat'leth to Seven wonderingly, she had never seen Seven sparring with the weapon, only doing her katas. Obviously Seven was more practiced than she thought since she had managed to take on ten experienced warriors and win. B'Elanna resolved to get Seven to describe the fight in detail later, she wanted to know exactly what moves Seven had used.

Seven continued her story as the Doctor transported over and upon being filled in about the nature of the injury, began scanning her. He commented on the amount of natural meat and alcohol she had consumed and with a comment about the wisdom of eating them, checked her for parasites as well. "Well if you had any your nanoprobes have already taken care of them as well as healing your injury," the Doctor concluded, "What did you eat anyway?"

Seven quirked her lips and replied, "Sea-trout, beef, pork, and red deer along with cabbage and onions and bread made from oats and barley. The dinner was more pleasant tasting than I had thought it would be."

"And the beverage?" he asked.

"Mead," Seven replied, "It was rather sweet. I did not get drunk from it Doctor."

"No you wouldn't get drunk, you might have been slightly affected by the alcohol though," the Doctor replied.

Seven looked thoughtful but did not argue further with him. Janeway inquired if he was finished and when he nodded she asked him to return to Sickbay. He grumbled but obeyed. After he departed Seven continued her story. She told them about the village, meeting Eric Haroldson, and the feast she had attended later that evening. Janeway paled when she related that she had told them about her past with the Borg and about Voyager and the events she had experienced.

"I'm sorry Captain, I thought I was dreaming. Dreams sent by Mulara are very vivid and difficult to tell apart from reality until you wake. I did not realize I was breaking the Temporal Prime Directive," apologized Seven. "I do not believe though that Mulara would have sent me there if it negatively impacted the timeline. Perhaps the information was quickly forgotten or the tale changed beyond recognition."

Janeway looked at Seven intently, "You may be right, they would not have been able to understand most of what you were talking about. Do you know why Mulara sent you to that time?"

Seven nodded and was silent.

Janeway said gently, "Do you want to tell us or should I talk to you alone?"

Seven sighed and said, "You would have to tell the senior staff what I learned anyway for the safety of the ship. The Borg Queen will not give up trying to reclaim me. I was sent to hear a statement made after I had told my tale. One of the men at the feast commented that the Queen wanted me to be like her, that she wished me to be her ‘Heir' as he put it. The word is inaccurate, the idea, however, is not. I realized when he made the statement that he was in essence correct, I meet all the requirements to be one of the drones designated to take over the position of Queen if needed."

Seven watched as they stared first at her and then at each other after she had made the last statement. Tuvok spoke up then and asked, "What are these requirements?"

"That the drone be female and of sufficient intelligence, they must be assimilated by the Queen while immature and thus requiring time in a maturation chamber, and be capable of acting as an individual," said Seven.

Janeway said, "But you were not captured by the Queen were you? Where your parents were captured was along way away from the center of Borg space."

"Correct, Captain, my parents were assimilated when we were captured, I was not however. I remained unassimilated until we reached Unimatrix One and the Queen assimilated me," replied Seven.

Janeway said, "Why have you never told me of this?" in a slightly hurt tone.

"I did not remember it until I remembered everything after I died. Even then it was not clear to me until tonight, all of those memories are from before I was a drone, they are not like the memories that are stored in my cortical node," explained Seven.

Janeway nodded understanding and asked, "What do you remember from when your parents were captured?"

Seven though back and tried to remember, hesitantly she began. "I remember the drones materializing on the ship, they overpowered my father first and assimilated him, my mother was assimilated next as she stood in front of me."

B'Elanna noticed how Seven's body posture had changed, she was slightly hunched and her arms were crossed protectively over her chest. The Captain was trying to catch her eye but Seven was staring fixedly at the floor as she spoke, not seeing her concern. B'Elanna could tell the Captain was torn between maintaining her professional distance in front of them and comforting Seven whom, B'Elanna knew, she thought of as her daughter.

B'Elanna got up from where she had been sitting and went to sit beside Seven where she tentatively rested a hand on Seven's back. Seven paused and looked over at her in slight surprise. B'Elanna was prepared for Seven to reject her touch as she had never touched her in a friendly way in the past. B'Elanna was a bit ashamed to remember that the only time she had ever touched Seven was to push or pull her out of her way in Engineering. However, after an intent look, Seven said nothing but relaxed and even placed her hands back down on her thighs.

Seven was surprised by B'Elanna's touch, it reminded her of Jorunn when she had come to comfort Seven in the feast hall. Seven looked into B'Elanna's eyes, tying to discern what the woman was thinking but saw nothing except perhaps concern. Seven realized she had her arms crossed protectively and loosened them, carefully placing her hands on her thighs before continuing. "The Borg beamed us up to the cube and led us all to an assimilation chamber. Two drones stood on either side of me; I believe to make sure that I did not attempt to escape. The cube must have begun traveling into Borg space at that time."

Seven paused again not really wanting to remember the next part but forcing herself to continue, "Thankfully the sedative effect of the initial assimilation held and neither of my parents experienced any pain as they underwent secondary assimilation."

B'Elanna frowned trying to remember but Janeway was faster, "You were there while they were fitted with Borg implants?" B'Elanna noticed the horrified look on the Captain's face right before Janeway got up and moved to the other side of Seven and took one of her hands.

Seven glanced over at the Captain as she sat down beside her and took one of her hands. Seven smiled weakly at her and returned the pressure before continuing, "Yes, I did not know of course at the time what the implants were, I think I was in a state of shock at that point. The operation must have went on for an hour or more as they installed their optical, cortical and aural implants and amputated one of their arms and attached a Borg limb."

Seven paused and then continued, "When their secondary assimilation was completed they were sent to regenerate, I was allowed to sit on the deck nearby. I believe I slept for a time, when I awoke my father instructed me to stand and follow them. They lead me to where the Queen was located. I remember seeing her for the first time when she was lowered into her Borg body. I remember I was.... unsettled but not afraid. My parents were there and I knew they were drones now, they did not look at me but they were my parents and I found their presence reassuring. I believe that was her intent. She walked around me and told me that I was special; I was intelligent enough to have been brought to her instead of being assimilated by a drone. She then reached out and touched my cheek and raised my head and bended down, I remember noticing that her pupils were silver. She commented that she was impressed that I was not afraid, and then she assimilated me. I dimly remember being carried to the maturation tank afterwards and it closing over me. I remember nothing after that until I was released from the chamber twelve years later and received my designation."

Janeway examined Seven closely and asked, "Are you ok Seven? I don't think I would have asked you to tell all of us if I had known what all you had witnessed."

"I am ok, it is easier to speak of this since I have related it once already. When I realized I was one of the designated drones I became somewhat.... upset. Jorunn comforted me and reminded me I was free. I found that her assistance enabled me to recover quickly and without using my nanoprobes. Also, B'Elanna reminded me of Jorunn when she came over to offer comfort," said Seven thoughtfully.

B'Elanna was embarrassed about having it stated so clearly but she was also curious, who was the Jorunn that Seven mentioned. "Who is Jorunn? And what did she do?" asked B'Elanna curiously. From Janeway's interested look B'Elanna could tell that the question had been on the Captain's mind as well.

"Jorunn is.... was the daughter of Eric. She came over like you did Lt. Torres only she sat closer and placed her arm about my waist, she also held one of my hands like Captain Janeway is doing," explained Seven.

Both B'Elanna and the Captain blinked at one another and then looked at Seven. Janeway asked, "You were comfortable with her being that close?"

"Why would I not be?" asked Seven.

Janeway paused searching for a response and finally settled on, "You have always seemed uncomfortable with people touching you in the past Seven, it just surprised me when you described how Jorunn interacted with you."

"I was comfortable with Jorunn touching me after we discussed the parameters of how and why she was doing so," commented Seven with a slight flush to her cheeks.


Janeway stared at Seven, B'Elanna stared at Seven, Tuvok raised an eyebrow at the statement.

Seven listened to the silence and waited to see what would happen next, she did not particularly feel like talking about the things that had occurred between Jorunn and her yet, at least not in front of so many people. And she was feeling somewhat sad at the thought of not seeing Jorunn again; holding her in her arms as she fell asleep had been more than pleasant. It had chased some of the loneliness Seven always felt away, if only for a while.

Finally Janeway glanced at Seven and noticed that she was looking unhappy and decided not to press the issue with B'Elanna and Tuvok present. She would ask Seven later when they did not have an audience exactly what she had meant by that statement. And why bringing up Jorunn made Seven unhappy.

Janeway gripped Sevens hand and when she looked up smiled at her reassuringly. "Are you tired Seven?" she asked.

Seven looked at her oddly and said, "No I am not tired, I must have fallen asleep for awhile after Jorunn and I stopped talking. I will be able to function normally today."

Janeway smiled and said, "It sounds like you and Jorunn became good friends during the time you were there."

Seven considered this and replied, "I hope so I came to care for her and I will always remember her with affection. I told her I hope she lived a happy life." Seven paused and continued, "She wished that I would find joy without sorrow, and said that I deserved happiness." Seven looked at Janeway and asked, "Does that indicate friendship?"

Janeway nodded, "Yes that was a very caring thing for her to say. I believe you would not be wrong to call her your friend."

Janeway paused and then said, "Tuvok will you search the database and see if there is any evidence of Seven's visit? Lt. Torres, quick thinking in identifying what the anomaly was and why it occurred. I will see the both of you at the briefing later this morning."

B'Elanna and Tuvok knew a dismissal when they heard one and they both rose and left Seven's quarters leaving her along with the Captain.

After they had left Kathryn said, "I'm sorry Seven I shouldn't have had you describe that, I had no idea you had seen your parents be fully assimilated."

Seven nodded and then said, "I told Altea my name was Annika, I think I would like it if you called me Annika as well."

"Altea, Jorunn, Eric all these names, would you tell me about all these people you met Annika?" asked Kathryn.

Seven smiled and Kathryn found herself smiling back. "Jorunn said I should try to smile more, she said I looked even more beautiful when I did."

Kathryn looked at Seven quizzically, "She's right, would you like to tell me about her?"

Over the next hour Kathryn was by turns concerned, angry, then amused and finally she hugged Seven when Seven related their conversation after the last kiss. Kathryn asked, "So how do you feel about her Annika?"

"I am.... was not in love, maybe I could have been had I stayed longer. I came to care about her and I was very attracted to her," said Seven. "I feel lonely now though, falling asleep with her in my arms was.... comforting, I did not feel alone. I know I will feel alone tonight and I will miss her."

Kathryn looked over at Annika and saw slow tears roll down her face. Kathryn pulled her into her arms saying, "Oh Annika you have been through a lot tonight haven't you."

Seven cried for only a little while and when Kathryn asked, "She really whispered that in your ear right in the feast hall?" Seven chuckled, and mimicked the tone Jorunn had used, causing Kathryn to start laughing. Seven admitted, "She had to do it twice before I realized what she meant, and I choked on a mouthful of mead when I did. It was her stroking a hand down my back and along my thigh as she said it which finally made me realized what she actually meant."

Kathryn stared at her wide eyed and shook her head, Seven remarked, "Altea had somewhat of the same reaction when I told her that I had agreed to allow Jorunn to tease me if she didn't embarrass me in front of everyone." Seeing the curious look on Kathryn's face Seven related the tale of what Altea had said to her in the feast hall.

They talked some more and Kathryn marveled at how relaxed Seven.... Annika seemed. She had been shocked when Annika calmly described how Jorunn had touched her while checking out her injury, and even more shocked when Annika related that she realized that Jorunn was attempting to seduce her and let her continue out of curiosity and the realization that she was reacting to Jorunn's touch. Annika did admit that she probably would not have been so willing to let the situation progress if she had been aware that it was real instead of just a dream.

Then as Annika described the rest of the evening Kathryn realized that she had enjoyed Jorunn's attentions. That the promise that it would stop if Annika asked had made her willing to just experience her reactions to Jorunn, and her innocence allowed her to experience them without embarrassment. Kathryn also realized that though Jorunn might have started the evening with the intention of seducing Annika she did not end it that way. Kathryn suspected that Annika had stolen her way into Jorunn's affections just as Jorunn had Annika's.

Annika paused and asked, "Do you mind that I told her I would prefer Annika Kathrynsdottir instead of Annika Magnusdottir?"

Kathryn smiled, "No, I do not Annika. I wish that you didn't resent your parents so much that you don't like to use Hansen but I do understand. If you continue to feel that way after another year we can discuss whether you would be willing to be Annika Janeway."

Annika responded with a brilliant smile and a nod.

"Do you feel alright about coming to the senior staff meeting or did you need some time off today to think about last night?" asked Kathryn.

"I will be fine Captain," said Seven with a smile.

Janeway nodded and then asked, "Did you want to start using Annika with everyone or did you want me to use it?"

"You for right now please, I would prefer to still use Seven while on duty." Seven explained.

"Alright, we had better get headed up to the bridge or we will be late for the meeting," said Janeway as she rose. Seven got up as well and the two of them headed to the bridge together.



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