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I am Borg - Part 2 - Chapter 8


  I am Borg - Part 2 - Chapter 8

By Kudara

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.

Warning: Contains f/f references between women.

Stardate: 52700

Rating: PG-13

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Summary: Weapons training. Seven tells B'Elanna who knew about her quarters soundproofing problem. B'Elanna reacts to Seven's information. Seven speaks to the Kathryn about the problems her emotions are giving her.


Seven arrived at the Holodeck before B'Elanna, wanting to avoid discussing the topic they had been talking about earlier she entered and began the program, setting the door controls to allow B'Elanna to enter. She walked around to the pavilion and saw M'ara waiting for her.

As she got closer the Klingon woman shook her head at her, "Luckily for you your new physiology allows you to survive spear thrust wounds to your abdomen. I see we need to work on your skills when dealing with multiple opponents. You're lucky that strike wasn't any higher, if it had hit your heart you would have been disabled and perhaps killed."

"You would have allowed me to die?" questioned Seven curiously.

"I do not coddle my reborn, but you need not fear dying in training. However, during any other time... you are not any more protected than any other member of this crew. Do not let yourself start believing you are invulnerable." M'ara informed Seven sternly.

Seven nodded, "I will keep that in mind," she replied with a lifted brow.

"Best you do," said M'ara with a growl. "I would hate to loose you; I've grown rather fond of your continued presence."

Seven's face softened, "I will comply", she assured M'ara.

"Hey, what's this starting without me?" came the amused voice of B'Elanna.

M'ara grinned at B'Elanna as Seven turned, "I believe she wanted to escape your curiosity for awhile longer."

B'Elanna looked at M'ara startled, "How do you know about that?" B'Elanna glanced at Seven wondering why she had mentioned the subject to M'ara but Seven shook her head slightly, silently informing B'Elanna that she had not spoken to M'ara about the subject.

"I am always aware of Seven," said M'ara to B'Elanna.

B'Elanna groaned inwardly, great not only was there a protective Captain watching over Seven but also a energy being powerful enough to be termed a goddess.

M'ara smirked at B'Elanna, and then turned to Seven. "Let us go over your performance with Hakan's men."

Thus began a different type of training session, M'ara recreated Seven's attackers along with a hologram of Seven and the three of them watched as Seven engaged and fought her ten attackers.

B'Elanna watched most of the fight admiringly; Seven's moves had been a flowing, graceful and ultimately deadly dance. The Klingon in her was awed; the Human part of her was slightly dismayed at the combination.

Seven watched the fight with a critical eye, wincing internally as she saw what she had missed right before the moment when the one man had managed to catch her by surprise and injure her.

When the fight was done M‘ara asked, "So what did you see that you did wrong?"

"I failed to focus on the entire environment, thus I did not see him pick up the spear," admitted Seven shamed.

B'Elanna nodded agreeing with the assessment, and honesty had her admitting, "I don't know if I could have done any better though. It's hard to keep from focusing on the enemy right in front of you."

"True," said M'ara, "But it is a dangerous habit to get into and one I want to break now. Not only in physical fights such as this but also in other situations such as battles with ships and even political battles. You cannot focus solely on what is right in front of you, you must be mindful of your total environment."

M'ara stared at Seven intently, "This is a critical skill you need to learn. I want you to start going through the infiltrator simulation as well; it also has things to teach you about keeping your focus wide instead of narrow."

Seven raised a brow at these words and looked intently at M'ara, their eyes met for a moment then Seven nodded.

Most of the rest of the training session comprised of B'Elanna focusing on her kata's under the tutelage of Kayaln while Seven practiced against multiple opponents. Then for the last half hour the two of them practiced fighting together against multiple opponents.

B'Elanna, though she was just learning the formal kata's, excelled in multiple opponent combat since that was how she usually practiced her Bat'leth training on the Holodeck. Now with the formal moves under her belt, B'Elanna found herself using the new moves along with the ones she had taught herself. She found that fighting with Seven was an interesting and invigorating experience.

Where B'Elanna fought with passion and emotion, Seven fought with passion and intellect; between the two of them they made a deadly pair. When they finished fighting it was all B'Elanna could do to not turn to Seven and kiss her. Her blood was running high from the fight and the feeling of how well they fought together.

Seven was aware of B'Elanna's arousal; with her sense of smell she could not miss the clear evidence of it. Part of her wanted to respond to it, but a larger part remembered all the unkind words and actions of the half-Klingon. Seven had forgiven B'Elanna enough to consider her a friend, but letting the woman close enough to become a lover was not something she was willing to do without trusting her more.

Thus Seven spoke to B'Elanna somewhat coolly ignoring the woman's arousal, "I will shower and meet with you later to discuss the topic of our discussion of this afternoon?"

B'Elanna nodded somewhat taken aback as she watched Seven stride away quickly.

"How many times today did she look at you afraid of a return to your previous adversarial relationship?" M'ara asked B'Elanna after Seven had disappeared from sight.

B'Elanna glanced at M'ara guardedly, "A few," she allowed.

M'ara looked back at her steadily, "She has forgiven you enough for you to be a friend, when she no longer fears your anger perhaps she will forgive you enough to think of you as a possible lover."

With those words the hologram of M'ara disappeared leaving B'Elanna alone with her thoughts.


The two of them distractedly discussed the day's simulation results over dinner then proceeded toward B'Elanna's quarters.

"Seven please stop acting like you're going to your own execution," said B'Elanna as the doors to her quarter's closed behind them. "I promise that I won't get angry with you for telling me who knew."

Seven still looked at her uncertainly and B'Elanna explained, "Seven you were not my friend then, I don't blame you for not informing me about it. But you are now, and I'm asking you as my friend to tell me who knew and didn't inform me. Obviously from the way your acting it's someone who you think should have told me."

Seven said in a quiet voice, "I first overheard Lt. Carey informing Lt. Paris of the matter. That is how I knew I could include such data in my research."

B'Elanna was stunned, suddenly understanding why Seven had been so reluctant to tell her the information, just two weeks ago she probably would have erupted angrily at Seven for telling her this. "How long ago did you hear that conversation?"

"Fifty-six days, 8 hours and 45 second ago, B'Elanna," said Seven.

B'Elanna smiled weakly at Seven for the exact answer, then turned and walked around her quarters with her hands on her hips considering the information. "Did you happen to hear how Tom reacted to the information?" asked B'Elanna.

"Lt. Paris asked what Lt. Carey meant. Lt. Carey informed him of low toned growls emanating from your quarters. Lt. Paris then informed Lt. Carey that you would be extremely angered to learn of this fact from Lt. Carey and that he would take care of the matter. He then told Lt. Carey that such sounds were evidence that he was doing something right, and the two of them laughed," Seven recited the content of the conversation from memory.

"Really," said B'Elanna agitatedly.

"I can recite the conversation verbatim if you would prefer," offered Seven cautiously.

B'Elanna paused, "No, I'm not questioning what you said Seven. I'm just reacting to the thought of Tom implying that he would tell me and his comment that he was doing something right."

"From your reaction, Lt. Paris failed to inform you of the matter," stated Seven.

B'Elanna nodded, "Did you overhear any other similar conversations?"

"I overheard two more conversations similar to the one with Lt. Carey," said Seven.

"And always with Tom?" asked B'Elanna.

Seven nodded, "Yes, they were always with Lt. Paris. The individuals seemed reluctant to approach you with the information B'Elanna."

B'Elanna clenched her fists and thought about rearranging Tom Paris's features. "Thank you, Seven for letting me know. I will discuss this with Mr. Paris later," she said with a definite growl in her voiced.

"B'Elanna please do not injure Lt. Paris, he is not worth being punished for. And I would miss our training sessions together if you were restricted to the brig," Seven stood in B'Elanna's path and caught her eye.

"Don't want to lose your workout partner so soon Seven?" asked B'Elanna lightly, keeping in mind M'ara's words from earlier.

"I do not," Seven answered her with a slight smirk.

"I'll try not to damage Lt. Paris," B'Elanna promised Seven with a smile.

Seven nodded and the two of them parted for the evening. B'Elanna stood in her quarters after Seven had left thinking of the ex-drone. In many ways the evidence of Tom's actions relieved B'Elanna. Now she had an honorable reason for ending the dying relationship.

M'ara's words had made it clear that B'Elanna had an uphill battle to fight for Seven to trust her enough to even consider her as a lover, but B'Elanna was beginning to appreciate that the Borg woman was more than worth the fight.

"Argg," B'Elanna groaned aloud as she realized she had totally forgotten that she needed to apologize to Seven. After a few moments of thought she decided she might as well get it over with and tapped her combadge. "Torres to Seven, can I come over to your quarters for a few minutes?"

Sevens voice responded affirmatively and B'Elanna could pick up the slightly puzzled tone. As she walked the short distance to Seven's quarters B'Elanna acknowledged that she was not looking forward to admitting her part in the gossip about Seven and Harry.

When the door to Seven's quarters opened B'Elanna marched in and without waiting for Seven to greet her she launched into her apology, "Seven I forgot to tell you earlier that I was the one who made the mistake of repeating what Harry told me about the events in the Messhall to other people. I apologized to Harry right after it happened, I should have apologized to you as well at the time... but well, I didn't. I am apologizing now though, I'm sorry it caused so much trouble for you."

Seven waited for a moment to make sure the rush of words was finished, "I estimated a 50% probability that you were the source of the ‘gossip' B'Elanna." Seven told her with a raised brow and a slight smirk, "I accept your apology and believe it is my turn to tell you to stop acting like you are going to your own execution."

B'Elanna gaped for a moment at Seven then started chuckling, "Yea, I guess so; I really hope though that this is one of the last apologies I have to make to you. I've never apologized so much during one week as I have this one. It's not something I do well."

"I appreciate that it is not easy for you B'Elanna, I do not believe Klingons are known for apologizing," remarked Seven.

"Klingons do not apologize, so I guess you're lucky I'm only half Klingon," B'Elanna said with a smile.

Seven actually returned the smile briefly, and B'Elanna felt a sudden sharp flash of attraction that she did her best to ignore. Now was not the time to be thinking of her nascent attraction to Seven, she still needed to speak with Paris first.

Seven caught the signs of B'Elanna's arousal and looked at her curiously, uncertain what she had done to cause the reaction. B'Elanna noticed the look and for a few long moments the two of them stared into each others eyes as the feeling of connection between them grew.

Suddenly Seven tore her eyes away, and when she looked back at B'Elanna uncertainly, B'Elanna was suddenly struck by how very much the look in Seven's eyes reminded her of that young foal. It was the same uncertain and slightly fearful look the young horse had given the spot of ground it had stumbled over and hurt itself on. A sudden sharp pang tore through B'Elanna as she realized what the look meant; emotionally Seven didn't trust her not to hurt her again. M'ara had been very accurate in her assessment of Seven's feelings for her.

Huskily B'Elanna said, "Seven, I can't change what I did in the past. I promise though that I'll try my best not to hurt you that way again. I know I have a temper, but I'll do my best not to direct it at you. Please just give me a chance to show you that you can trust me."

Seven had been looking directly at B'Elanna during her entire speech, and now she dropped her eyes feeling ashamed. "I am sorry B'Elanna, I told you I had forgiven you and I believed it was true. Yet, I find myself unable to forget some of your past actions. My emotions do not seem to want to forgive you; I apologize for lying to you Lt. Torres, I will understand if you do not want to be my friend now."

"No Seven," B'Elanna walked close enough to the woman to place a hand on her arm and get her to look back at her. "You did forgive me, you didn't lie to me. But forgiving me doesn't mean that you trust me, and after the past two years I can't blame you. I have to earn that Seven; I just want you to give me a chance. You're still my friend Seven, unless you don't want to be?"

"I want to be your friend," Seven assured her, "I will give you a chance B'Elanna, I want to trust you. I do not like these emotions."

"That's all I can ask," B'Elanna gave Seven's arm a squeeze and then released it. "Well I'll see you tomorrow morning to make our report to the Captain?"

Seven nodded and B'Elanna wished her a good night.

Seven stared at the closed doors after B'Elanna left, analyzing the events of the last few minutes. She had been deeply disturbed when she realized that at some level she had not forgiven B'Elanna, yet her admission had not made the woman angry. Instead she had been understanding and even supportive of Seven's failure, telling her it that it was not a matter of forgiveness but one of trust.

Seven didn't quite understand the difference, to her forgiving someone meant that you trusted them not to repeat the action that they were being forgiven for. Yet, obviously she had failed to do when it came to B'Elanna. Perhaps Kathryn might be of assistance in figuring out why, thought Seven.


B'Elanna sighed as she walked into her quarters, thinking of the upcoming discussion with Tom Paris. The day had gone well, Janeway had been rather excited when B'Elanna and Seven had presented their idea for a chemical fusion reactor to her, and she had authorized them to do more testing. If those tests worked then they would be building the chemical reactor shortly.

Seven had spent the day in Astrometrics going over her sensor logs, and B'Elanna had spent the day in Engineering answering some not so subtle questions about the ex-Borg and her changed relationship with her. It hadn't taken the crew long to realize that her guilt induced kindness had changed into an actual friendship, and they were all curious as to why.

The only explanation B'Elanna would give them was that she had misinterpreted the ex-drone all along and it was only now that she was getting to know the person behind the Borg shell. And that she liked the person she had met the past few days. She also informed them that she was lucky that Seven had a forgiving nature and was willing to forgive the things she had said and done in the past. She had essentially admitted to anyone courageous enough to ask her that she had been wrong and the entire engineering crew knew how rare an admittance such as that was.

B'Elanna hoped it would help them begin to look for the person she had met, and undo some of the damage she had done to Seven.

When the admittance chime rang she was not surprised to see Tom Paris.

"Hey, B'Elanna," he said bending over to kiss her and looking surprised when she turned her head so that it landed on her cheek. "You ah... wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes, I do Tom. I think we need to discuss our relationship. Or lack of one to be more precise," said B'Elanna.

"Well, that's not my fault," protested Tom, "You're the one whose been spending all your free time with Seven these days."

"And a certain rumor I've heard recently about several people discussing the lack of soundproofing in my quarters with you," B'Elanna informed him slowly getting angry.

Tom froze and looked at her, catching the rising color in her cheeks and the tight look to her face. "Oh, well yea I meant to discuss that with you... soon. But... I mean it's not like it has been an issue lately."

B'Elanna just stared at him, "Really and when did you plan on having this discussion? Another two or three months from now?"

Tom seemed to deflate, "I guess Carey or Seven mentioned it to you didn't they?" Tom stared at B'Elanna but she didn't answer him. "That's ok, it doesn't really matter. Maybe you're right, we do need to discuss the lack of a relationship."

B'Elanna raised an eyebrow trying to figure out where he was going with the suddenly reasonable attitude.

"Seven has definitely shown me one thing, you don't dislike holoprograms. You just dislike the ones that I like," Tom informed B'Elanna.

"If you mean I like training programs instead of holonovels, then yes you're correct," said B'Elanna.

"And I like using the Holodeck for relaxation not training. You've spent more time with Seven this past week in the Holodeck than you ever spent with me. And well, I've been thinking that perhaps I would like to find someone who enjoys my holoprograms as much as you enjoy playing with your Bat'leth in Seven's," said Tom looking at B'Elanna with a frank look on his face.

B'Elanna looked at Tom and noted the hurt puppy dog look in his eyes, she wasn't sure if he was serious or not but she wasn't about to feel guilty because she didn't like playing Constance Goodheart to his Captain Proton. "I can understand that Tom, and I wish you luck in finding her."

Tom looked surprised for a moment then thoughtful, "So you have someone in mind to replace me already?"

B'Elanna rolled her eyes, "Tom the only thing I have in mind is to get this chemical reactor tested and completed and to try to get my honor back by being a friend to Seven."

"You're taking that honor thing rather seriously," Tom said in surprise.

"Yes, I am. But it's not just that anymore, I've found out we have a lot in common. Both of us have a part of ourselves that we rely on for strength and yet dislike at the same time." B'Elanna paused for a moment then continued in a lower voice, "Both of us have complex feelings about our parents."

Tom looked at her searchingly and then nodded, knowing something about her feelings about her father. "Well," he said, "I hope you two become good friends. Maybe we could go back to being friends too? I seem to remember that we used to do more things together. Like shoot a game of pool or just have drinks occasionally."

"I think we could do that," allowed B'Elanna with a small smile.

Tom grinned back then sobered, "I think I know where we went wrong."

B'Elanna raised an inquiring eyebrow at him wondering what he would come up with.

"I think we both expected each other to change, I expected you to become interested in the same things I was, like my Captain Proton holoprogram," Tom said.

"And I expected you to stop wanting to play your holoprograms and spend time with me," finished B'Elanna surprised at his insightfulness. It was something she had forgotten he could show occasionally.

B'Elanna gave him a somewhat sad smile but Tom shook his head, "Well, I'd better be going. I hope to see you in Sardines sometime soon, maybe we can see if I can still beat you at pool with one hand tied behind my back." He gave her a taunting smile.

B'Elanna chuckled at the old teasing tone, "In your dreams flyboy. Maybe I'll drop by tomorrow night." She looked thoughtful for a moment, "If you don't mind I'd like to ask Seven to join us, she should be good at pool and she needs to socialize more."

"Certainly, but don't confuse an analytical mind with playing pool. Tuvok is a good pool player yet no better than you or I, but the more the merrier. Besides, I'd like to meet the new and improved Seven," Tom replied.

B'Elanna shot him a look and he raised his hands in a gesture of surrender, "I'll be nice I promise. No way am I messing with the Captain's daughter, at least not again. Having the Captain mad enough to bite off my head over her once was quite enough for me. Not to mention that having you mad at me is a bad idea as well. I'm not stupid," Tom reassured her.

B'Elanna looked him in the eyes and was reassured by the steadiness with which he met her gaze. She nodded at him, "I'll see if I can't get her to go with me after our workout, I think we are going to try that infiltrator program tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it."

"What's that?" asked Tom intrigued.

"Well depending on the technology setting, you're either dropped into a combat zone with nothing but the clothes on your back or a standard Starfleet scout combat suit. From there you have to successfully sneak up and disarm or kill the enemy to gain supplies and eventually break into their base and reach your objective," explained B'Elanna with a definitely predatory grin.

"Ah," said Tom looking at her predatory smile uncertainly, "Sounds like work instead of relaxation. I think I'll skip that one."

B'Elanna grinned at him; she was looking forward to seeing what Mulara had programmed. Doubtless it would be a challenging and difficult program to complete. "Yea I'm expecting it to be pretty hard, no telling what the program is going to throw at us. From what I saw the higher the technology setting the more technical the traps and security measures will be that you have to break through. And it looks like it increases the difficulty setting if it thinks you are breaking through them too easily."

"Ah, well you and Seven knock yourselves out. I'll look for you two tomorrow evening," Tom said as he rose to leave, a rueful look on his face at the obvious pleasure B'Elanna was showing in participating in what sounded like a cadet training exercise to him.

B'Elanna looked at the door to her quarters for a few moments after Tom had left, reflecting that the ending to their relationship had gone much differently than she had imagined it would. Instead of a fight she got agreement, she just hoped Tom would continue to be as calm if he ever figured out that she did have someone else in mind, she just didn't know if Seven would ever return her interest.

B'Elanna shook her head free of those thoughts and went over to the computer in her quarters. She had been meaning to do some research on the Viking ancestors that M'ara had mentioned Seven being descended from. B'Elanna knew very little about them and M'ara's comment about them being warriors combined with the recreation of Seven's battle had raised her curiosity.


At 1700 hours Seven presented herself at the Wildman quarters for her game of Kadis-kot with Naomi Wildman.

"Seven!" Naomi greeted her enthusiastically as she opened the door to the Wildman quarters to admit Seven.

"Naomi Wildman, you have been doing well?" Seven asked the young girl.

Naomi looked at her, slightly surprised at the question; it wasn't quite like she remembered Seven. It was not long, however, before they were sitting on the floor playing Kadis-kot and Naomi was informing Seven of all the things she had done since the last time they had played.

After the game Samantha invited Seven to stay for dinner, which Naomi eagerly seconded. Seven, with a slight smile for Naomi, agreed and over dinner she told them about her time on Mularan. Leaving out the details of how she had been injured she told them about the beautiful gardens and invited them to use her Holodeck program to visit them. After dinner she replicated some of the Mularan fruit for desert and was gratified when both of them expressed their liking of it.

After she left the Wildman quarters Seven contacted Kathryn to see if she was free.

"Of course Annika, I'll make us some coffee?" came back the reply, to which she replied "That would be acceptable, Kathryn."

Seven made her way to the Captain's quarters and Kathryn meet her at the door. "Good evening, Annika," she greeted her.

"Good evening, Kathryn," Seven returned the greeting as she entered the Captain's quarters and walked over to the couch to sit down in her accustomed place. Kathryn replicated two cups of coffee, one black and one with milk and sat down beside her.

"So how have you been doing Annika?" Kathryn asked.

"I am well... " allowed Seven, "However, I am experiencing some difficulty with B'Elanna." Seven paused trying to find the words to explain what she was experiencing. "I thought I had forgiven her as she asked but I am having some difficulty in doing so. I explained this to B'Elanna and she informed me that I did not trust her and that she would have to regain that. I am confused as to the difference. I tried to explain to B'Elanna that I had inadvertently lied to her but she insisted that forgiveness and trust were not the same."

Kathryn listened to the rush of words patiently and when it looked like Seven was done she smiled at the confused woman, "Annika its difficult to forgive someone so completely. B'Elanna understands that, which is why she told you she would have to regain your trust."

Seven stared at her unsatisfied, "I have forgiven others without this difficulty. I am finding that my emotions are proving to be a source of difficulty when I try to forgive B'Elanna."

Kathryn noted how Seven seemed to hunch slightly after her last statement, "What are you afraid of Annika?" She knew she had guessed correctly when Annika whipped around her head to stare at her.

"Fear is irrev... " Seven paused mid word and then glanced away from Kathryn and sighed, "I am afraid we will return to the previous antagonistic relationship we had before."

"And if you did?" questioned Kathryn softly.

"I would be hurt if we returned to our previous relationship," answered Seven.

"Those other people you forgave, would you have been hurt if they did the same thing again after you forgave them?" asked Kathryn.

Seven stared at her for a moment then answered, "I would have been disappointed in their inability to change. I would not have been hurt by their action to the degree that B'Elanna doing the same would injure me."

"So the difference is that you care more about your relationship with B'Elanna than you did with them, thus she has the power to hurt you more deeply than they did, which is why you're afraid of opening up to her," Kathryn explained. "You need to be more patient Annika, your new relationship with B'Elanna isn't going to be built in a week. Over time you will be able to trust that the friendship between you isn't going to disappear. And your fears will fade."

Seven nodded slowly, "It was simpler before I started feeling these emotions, they do not seem to be easily controlled by logic. Perhaps I should approach Lt. Commander Tuvok for training in Vulcan methods of emotional control."

"I think you are doing just fine, but if you feel overwhelmed perhaps he could help," allowed Kathryn. She hoped though that Annika would give herself a chance to become used to her emotions before she attempted to replace her Borg emotional controls with Vulcan ones.

Seven caught on to Kathryn's tepid response, "You do not wish me to take that course of action, why?"

Kathryn raised an eyebrow at being so quickly caught, "I just think you should give yourself a chance to become used to feeling your emotions before you attempt to control them. You're Human not Vulcan, you don't have to fear your more aggressive instincts taking control of you."

"You believe that what I am feeling is appropriate then, like B'Elanna," Seven stated.

Kathryn nodded, "Just give yourself some time to become used to not having your nanoprobes control your reactions."

Seven raised a brow, "I believe there is a human saying appropriate to my situation." Seven was remembering how she used to wish that she could feel emotions like the people around her, most especially B'Elanna. "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it."

Kathryn looked at her inquiringly and Seven explained how she used to bait B'Elanna just to see the half-Klingon's open emotions because she could not feel such passion herself. She also rushed to assure her that she had already told this to B'Elanna after seeing Kathryn look at her in disbelief.

"And what was her reaction?" asked Kathryn faintly, still trying to come to grips with the fact that Seven hadn't been as innocent a party in the altercations in Engineering as she had once believed.

"She was more amused than angry; she commented that most people tried to avoid angering her," Seven responded. "Now, however, I find that I do not want to anger her, I am enjoying our friendship much more than the antagonistic relationship we had before."

Kathryn looked intently at Annika, a thought beginning to worm its way through her mind. Could Annika possibly be attracted to B'Elanna? And if so, had she been all along?

Kathryn gestured, spreading her hands apart, palms up while she said, "All I can suggest is that you give it time Annika. I really think that's the only thing that will allay your fears."

Seven nodded, accepting Kathryn's voice of experience in these matters.

After Seven had left, Kathryn stared out of her viewport thinking of the surprising revelations of the evening. If she were to suppose that Seven was attracted to B'Elanna then a lot of Seven's actions since she had come back from Mularan made sense. Her willingness to trust B'Elanna even with their past interactions, could be looked at in a new light. The question remained though, was she correct and if she was what did B'Elanna feel about Seven? The engineer had certainly been spending much of her time with Seven lately, but as far as Kathryn knew she was still seeing Tom Paris.

Kathryn shrugged, as she had told Annika earlier, time solved many things. Likely it would be the solution for this puzzle as well.

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