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I am Borg - Part 3 - Chapter 2


  I am Borg - Part 3 - Chapter 2

By Kudara

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.

Warning: Contains f/f situations between women.

Rating: PG-13

Feedback: Always welcome, feedback is what encourages me to keep writing. Please let me know what you like and what you dislike about the story.

Revision History: 9/5/04

Summary: Alternate events of Warhead.


"The time is 0600 hours," the voice of the computer waking her up seemed much too loud to Seven given that she had fallen asleep at 0100 hours. Grumbling she forced herself out of bed and into the sonic shower. Seven knew she had a full morning, first an hour's workout in the gym, followed by a quick breakfast. Then she needed to work several hours in Astrometrics before meeting B'Elanna and Harry on the Holodeck just after lunch to finish their work on the Jem'Hadar weapon.

Seven did not see B'Elanna until she walked into the mess hall for lunch where B'Elanna and Harry were sitting at a table together. Seven wasn't prepared for the warm rush of feelings that surfaced when she looked at the dark skinned woman, her expressive hands emphasizing something she had just said to Harry.

Just then B'Elanna looked up and saw her and with a welcoming smile greeted Seven causing a slight acceleration in her respiratory rate and pulse. Before she could restrain herself Seven responded to the smile with one of her own. Several startled looks directed her way caused the smile to slip away, and Seven reflexively retreated behind her usual cool mask. B'Elanna shook her head slightly at this, but directed a tolerant look at her as Seven went over to Neelix to get a plate of whatever he was serving today.

After getting some of the Leola root stew Seven sat down with the two and B'Elanna quickly filled her in on what they had discussed so far. B'Elanna and Harry had been going over what they knew about the weapon and discussing what testing they should to answer the remaining questions they had about it. Seven listened intently as she ate her meal then made a few observations that got the discussion rolling again. Between the three of them when 1400 hours arrived they had a fair idea of what needed to be done to complete their research of the weapon.

After a few more hours in the Holodeck the three of them felt they were ready for the next stage of their work, actually building a working model of the weapon in Engineering. Harry declined their invitation to work on building the weapon components citing his need to sleep before needing to be on the bridge as duty officer during gamma shift.

Seven and B'Elanna headed to Engineering both of them very interested in building a working power cell. If they were able to build it, they knew they could modify the more powerful cell to work in Federation phaser rifles. And that would give them a needed advantage out here in the Delta Quadrant.

It was 1900 hours, "B'Elanna I believe we should take a break and consume food. Perhaps an increase in blood sugar would enhance our ability to solve the problem," said Seven.

B'Elanna sighed in frustration, Seven was probably correct, a break for food might be just what they needed. They had been trying to solve the latest problem for a full hour with no luck. "Alright let's go see what Neelix had come up with tonight," she agreed.

An hour later when they went back to engineering it was not long before a renewed discussion of the problem bore promising fruit. By midnight the two of then were looking at a working Jem'Hadar power cell that matched the output of the one on the Holodeck perfectly.

"B'Elanna, I believe there are several modifications we can make to improve the reliability, power flow, and longevity of this power cell," Seven said already thinking of how to apply her Borg knowledge to the design of the cell now that they understood how it worked.

B'Elanna nodded, "I've got some ideas on how to modify it for Federation use and maybe even increase the total capacity of the cell. It's a very different design than what we use, and its better, but it does have some room for improvement doesn't it. I bet these things rupture and blow up on a fairly regular basis. I guess the Dominion doesn't care that it's not as safe as it could be," B'Elanna yawned.

"I believe it is time we got some sleep, B'Elanna. We can begin designing the modifications tomorrow morning," suggested Seven.

"Sounds like a good idea Seven," then musingly B'Elanna commented, "I wonder how Harry's doing on the bridge?"

They proceeded to Deck 9 and paused outside of B'Elanna's quarters. "Come in for some bloodwine Seven?" inquired B'Elanna.

"That would be nice," responded Seven as she followed B'Elanna into her quarters. A few moments later B'Elanna handed her a glass of replicated wine and sat down on the couch. Seven followed suit a moment later sitting down beside her. When B'Elanna wearily rested her head against the back of the couch Seven took a moment to examine the features of the woman beside her. Despite the tired circles under B'Elanna's eyes she was still very beautiful to Seven.

Seven took a few more sips of her wine then quickly retrieved B'Elanna's glass which was listing heavily to one side as she dozed on the couch. Placing both of the glasses on the coffee table Seven stood and slid her hands under the half-Klingon's back and knees, easily lifting her from the couch.

"What?" came the startled sleepy response from B'Elanna as Seven carried her into her bedroom and laid her on the bed. "Stay with me Annika," asked B'Elanna, "I'm too tired to do anything but sleep; I just would like for you to be here."

Seven still crouched over bed looked down at the sleepily blinking woman and considered her request for a moment. Seven debated the wisdom of staying, then realized that she didn't want to leave, the thought of cradling B'Elanna in her arms all night was too enticing to walk away from.

"You should change into something to sleep in and I should as well," said Seven.

B'Elanna nodded and sat up then shuffled to the shelves inset into the wall and pulled a set of dark red satin night clothes from it. Turning her back to Seven she quickly stripped out of her uniform and underclothes and pulled on the pajamas then laid the uniform over a convenient chair for recycling in the morning.

Seven found she was having trouble breathing, the sight of B'Elanna disrobing, seeing her bare muscular back and legs. 'Just sleeping, will be a hard task' thought Seven as she brought her breathing under control only to loose it again as she opened her eyes to see the red draped form of B'Elanna standing in front of her holding an ice blue set of night clothes like those she wore.

Seven reached out and accepted them, glancing as she did so into the eyes of the woman she was so strongly attracted to and realizing they were dancing with amusement. Seven realized that B'Elanna knew exactly what the effect of her undressing in front of her had been, either because of her sense of smell or by design.

That realization was all Seven needed to change her mind about undressing in B'Elanna's bathroom. Putting aside her doubts about her current course of action, Seven moved over to the chair B'Elanna had undressed in front of and turned her back to B'Elanna. Keeping a slow but steady pace she unhurriedly stripped off her uniform jumper and removed her bra then pulled on the satin night clothes. The phrase 'playing with fire' ran through her mind, as she heard the sharply indrawn breath of the woman behind her.

B'Elanna hadn't really thought things through when she decided to change clothes in front of Seven. She had only been hoping that Seven would find her beautiful and had been pleased to see the obvious reaction the woman had to her actions. Never had she thought that Seven would return the favor, and the slow almost leisurely pace with which she did so… 'Kathless, she is beautiful', thought B'Elanna as she beheld the exoskeleton design across Seven's back for the first time.

When Seven turned around B'Elanna took one long look at the satin draped form and started wondering if she was possibly tired enough to actually manage to sleep beside this woman. B'Elanna was highly embarrassed to hear a higher pitched growl that sounded suspiciously like it was mixed with a whine issuing from her throat. From the raised brow she received from Seven, B'Elanna knew she had noticed it as well.

"Perhaps I should go to my own quarters," offered Seven reluctantly.

"No," said B'Elanna. She took a deep breath and reminded herself that it was late and she wanted the first time with Seven to be special. "I am tired, and I want our first time to be something special for both of us; which means when I'm fully awake and when we have several hours free." B'Elanna felt herself calming down as she said this. "Which side of the bed do you want?" she asked.

Seven looked at her searchingly for a moment then nodded, "I usually find myself on the left side of the bed."

B'Elanna nodded and went over to the right hand side of the bed and slipped in under the sheets. She laid on her back and looked at Seven, waiting till she got into the other side of the bed then ordered the lights off. Tentatively she shifted over toward Seven till she felt the woman's arm beside hers, reaching down she laid her hand over Seven's and smiled when Seven entwined their fingers.

Giving a contented sigh B'Elanna felt the softness of the bed and the warm presence beside her relaxing her. Sleepily B'Elanna wondered why Seven had a comforting effect on her and could only come up with the fact that Seven felt 'right' beside her. Like something she had been missing without ever knowing.

Seven listened to B'Elanna's breathing even out into sleep, she was not as tired as B'Elanna was but then she needed less sleep than the half-Klingon due to her Borg/Mularan physiology. She was enjoying watching B'Elanna sleep when the woman rolled toward her. Instinctively Seven moved her arm so that B'Elanna could cuddle up beside her.

As Seven glanced down at the head of the woman which now rested on her shoulder she felt a rush of tenderness which moved her to drop a kiss on the brown hair. Seven was drifting off to sleep when she felt B'Elanna shift again, this time to drape a definitely possessive arm and leg over the ex-drones body. Seven smiled and wrapped both arms around B'Elanna feeling rather pleased by the woman's possessiveness. Seven's last thought before she fell asleep was of how good it felt to have B'Elanna wrapped around her.

"The time is 0600 hours," announced the voice of the computer waking up both women.

B'Elanna was surprised to find herself resting essentially on top of Seven with a leg thrown over hers and one arm curled possessively around her midriff. A sudden awareness of Seven's body under hers immediately followed her realization of where she was resting.

B'Elanna groaned to herself as she ran through the tasks she had to accomplish today in Engineering. Reluctantly she concluded that she could not possibly ask for a day off. So instead of staying wrapped around Seven, B'Elanna slowly pulled away from her and looking up exchanged a regretful look. "Good morning Annika," she said with a smile.

"Good morning B'Elanna," Seven replied somewhat huskily.

B'Elanna shifted herself further up in the bed and leaned over Seven slowly bringing their lips together in a gentle kiss that rapidly grew in passion. When Seven brought up both hands to B'Elanna's back and pulled B'Elanna more firmly against her B'Elanna regretfully groaned and pulled away. "I have to go to Engineering this morning Seven, though I wish I could take the day off and make love to you. Soon though, Kathless it had better be soon or I think I'll loose my mind… I'd better go take a shower now," B'Elanna almost babbled as she forced herself to get out of bed and away from the temptation of Seven.

Grabbing her uniform and a robe B'Elanna hurried out of the bedroom leaving behind Seven who sat up in the bed and stared after the retreating woman confused. Reluctantly Seven got out of bed and walked over to the replicator, ordering some coffee with milk and enough Quara fruit for the both of them. As she ate Seven reviewed the events in the bedroom tying to figure out B'Elanna's actions.

Reluctantly Seven decided it had been mostly her fault, B'Elanna had been willing to exchange kisses with her until she had attempted to deepen the intimacy between them whereupon B'Elanna had pulled away knowing that they had to begin their duty shifts shortly. Something that Seven had forgotten entirely in that moment, it was a good thing B'Elanna had been more responsible than she. Seven smiled wryly agreeing with B'Elanna's comment that they would have to have physical intimacy soon. B'Elanna obviously wasn't the only one who was starting to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the desire between them.

B'Elanna stepped out of her bathroom dressed in fresh uniform and looked rather uncertainly at Seven not quite certain what to say after her ungraceful retreat earlier. "Would you like some Quara fruit, B'Elanna" offered Seven, "I believe you will enjoy the taste, it is a Mularan fruit."

B'Elanna focused her attention on the plate of fruit slices Seven was offering her and took a slice. Surprised at the taste she said, "This is good; it reminds me of nut bread."

"The remainder is for you, I have already eaten my fill," said Seven, "If I might use your shower?"

"Of course," replied B'Elanna accepting the plate of fruit.

Seven went back into the bedroom and retrieved her uniform; laying it on the bed she quickly passed her hands over it activating the self cleaning properties of the material. When she was finished she replicated her self some under clothes and with her uniform in hand went to use B'Elanna's shower.

When she finished and returned to the living area B'Elanna was looking over some padds intently. She looked up when Seven walked out of the bathroom, "I need to get going, will you be in engineering this afternoon to continue working on the Jem'Hadar weapon?"

"As soon as I have completed my work in Astrometrics I will join you in engineering," answered Seven.

"Great, I'll see you for lunch?" B'Elanna inquired.

Seven smiled as at her as they walked out of B'Elanna's quarters, "That is acceptable, I will contact you to arrange the time later."

The two of them went their separate ways at the turbolift, Seven to Astrometrics, B'Elanna to Engineering. Later in the morning when Janeway walked into Astrometrics, Seven was already scanning the surface of the planet Ensign Kim had diverted to in the night to answer a distress beacon. She was looking for any other signs of technology like the artificial intelligence that currently resided in Engineering where Harry and B'Elanna were busy examining it.

Janeway requested that she scan for metallic particles similar to the AI's and it did not take Seven long to locate them. Unfortunately they were located within impact craters that were 200 km in diameter, a closer scan of the crater confirmed what they both had suspected upon seeing it. The AI in engineering was a weapon.

During the following senior staff meeting Seven, when asked for suggestions, first recommended destroying the weapon. When that met with resistance from the Doctor she suggested returning it to the surface and leaving a warning buoy. She knew the Doctor was outraged by her lack of sympathy for the AI, but she was far more concerned with the thought of the danger the weapon represented to the crew and especially to a certain Chief Engineer.

When the AI seized control of the Doctor's matrix and sealed Sickbay, Seven's nebulous fears became reality. She immediately began reviewing everything Harry and B'Elanna had found out about the weapon so far, looking for a way to safely neutralize it. When Janeway called for another staff meeting Seven still hadn't come up with any good ideas, though she now had a better idea of the weapons capabilities.

When Lt. Paris suggested lowering the shields around Sickbay and beaming the weapon away Seven was able to inform him that the weapon would be able to arm itself and detonate before Voyager could get a safe distance away. Seven was relieved when Neelix brought up the idea of asking one of the regional traders about the weapon due to similar technology he had acquired from them, perhaps they might have more information about the AI.

Not surprisingly when the trader offered to take the weapon off their hands the Captain was unwilling due to concerns about whom such a device might be sold to. Seven was taken aback when the trader open fire on their ship trying to beam the weapon away. She was more astonished when the AI was able to send a feedback surge to the trader ship that destroyed it when the trader attempted to transport the weapon away. Seven made a mental note to herself to check the sensor logs later to try and determine exactly how the weapon had accomplished that, she was rather impressed.

When the third staff meeting was called Seven had only one suggestion to make that had any chance that she could see of succeeding. The trader had given them some basic schematics of the weapon, Seven could tell there were details missing but there was enough there to give her hope that she could use her nanoprobes to disrupt the bio-neural circuitry of the weapon. The difficulty in her plan was that she would need direct access to the weapon's primary control port.

The Captain tentatively accepted her suggestion if they could come up with a way of getting her into Sickbay and distract the AI while she was accessing the control port. A group comprised of Lt. Paris, Seven and Neelix was formed, and within a few hours had a workable plan to present to Chakotay.

Lt. Paris, using the inertial dampeners in a decidedly unorthodox manner, would pretend that the ship was encountering mines. Neelix would doctor Seven so it would appear that she had been injured in a plasma leak to get her into Sickbay. Once she was there Tuvok would disrupt the power to the Doctor's matrix allowing Seven time to access the control port of the weapon. Chakotay thought about it for a few minutes then nodded and gave them the go ahead to prepare for the deception, he would inform the Captain of their plan.

Seven had instructed her exoskeleton to grow an overlay of skin when the idea of her suffering plasma burns had first been brought up as a means of getting her into Sickbay. The astonished looks on the faces of her crewmates as her exoskeleton was slowly covered over made Seven realize that they had never seen her without some sign of her Borgness; the last time she had done this had been back on Mulara when she was testing out the different exoskeleton colors.

Thus by the time that Neelix was ready to create the appearance of plasma burns he had a clean canvas, so to speak, to work upon. Seven sat very still as Neelix worked going over the plan in her mind and worrying about the missing specifics in the diagrams the trader had given them. When Neelix had completed his work they met with the team one last time to go over last minute details, then they took their positions in the corridor outside of Sickbay and awaited the signal for Seven to pretend to be injured.

After a few minutes while the ship jolted from Lt. Paris's maneuvers Neelix and Seven got the notification from Janeway they had been expecting. Seven carefully collapsed into Neelix's arms and let herself go limp as he dragged her into Sickbay. A frantically worried half-Klingon awaited them just inside the doors unaware of the deception that was occurring.

"Seven!" B'Elanna exclaimed in a panicked tone as the doors opened and Neelix dragged in the apparently unconscious woman. Seven felt B'Elanna's arms around her shoulders as B'Elanna took over from Neelix and they both raised her to one of the biobeds. Then there was a gentle touch on her hand and Seven could almost see the puzzled look on B'Elanna's face as she realized that Seven's exoskeleton was not showing. Seven hoped B'Elanna would figure out that she wasn't actually injured; she did not want her to continue to be worried.

Just then Seven heard the words she had been waiting for from the AI, he, or rather his stolen holomatrix was destabilizing and he was demanding that the Captain tell him what was going on. As soon as the Captain informed him that they had sustained damage to the secondary systems and he would have to stand by Seven opened her eyes and looked into the face of a bewildered B'Elanna Torres.

"What's going on here?" B'Elanna asked in an aggravated tone.

As Neelix explained that Seven was going to try and defuse the weapon Seven extended her tubules, wincing as they tore through the new skin covering her exoskeleton and interfaced with the command port. Immediately she realized that the missing sections of the schematic were indeed critical, the system immediately reacted to her intrusion. She attempted to counter it but she had too little knowledge of what she was fighting against.

As a feedback surge entered her system Seven felt a flash of anger at herself, she had underestimated the AI and it's abilities and had failed to save B'Elanna and the ship. It felt as if someone had set her exoskeleton on fire Seven realized dimly as she frantically sought to disengage her tubules from the port. Suddenly she felt someone forcefully pull her away from the weapon.

"Seven," she heard both B'Elanna and Neelix exclaim.

From the closeness of B'Elanna's voice Seven was able to guess that she was the one who had pulled her away from the port, disengaging her tubules and saving her from further damage. Seven realized with some fear that she couldn't respond to B'Elanna, she was still aware of her surroundings, but she couldn't seem to move. After a few moments of frantic effort to force her body to cooperate Seven forced herself to calm down and run what diagnostics she could to determine what the problem was.

Seven felt herself being lifted once again onto the biobed and allowed herself to feel a moment of irony, now she actually did need medical attention. As information flowed into her cortical implant Seven realized that the feedback surge along her tubules had damaged her neural fibers, her body had automatically blocked certain pathways to her brain in an effort to prevent damage to her neural pathways. The effort had not entirely succeeded as certain areas had been damaged. This was why she could not currently move but her nanoprobes were repairing her as quickly as possible.

Seven was relieved when she realized that she would probably be healthy enough to move within the next 10 minutes or so and entirely healed within the hour. With a time limit on her helplessness, Seven allowed herself to relax somewhat and enjoyed the feel of B'Elanna stroking her hair. Seven had heard Neelix quietly tell B'Elanna that he thought she would make a full recovery on her own and that there were signs that she was already repairing herself, so she was hopeful that B'Elanna would not be too upset with her.

Seven focused on the sounds around her and realized that the other bombs that had been fired with this one had found Voyager and were demanding that they release the weapon in Sickbay so they could tractor it with them to their destination. In the mean time, Harry was busy arguing with the AI about some codes it had received ordering it to disarm itself. As the argument continued Seven realized Harry was succeeding in getting the AI to recognize that the war had ceased and it had been launched in error.

Suddenly Seven realized that Harry was talking about her as he used her injuries to point out that the weapon already had one victim and was it prepared to kill several million people. From the following conversation it was clear that Harry had made his point, the AI was attempting to get its fellows to accept the orders and disarm themselves. Unfortunately the other thirty-two bombs did not believe that it had received the orders before crossing the targeting threshold.

Suddenly the AI asked to be beamed to the other weapons assuring Harry that it would make sure that the other weapons never reached their target. Confused at first Seven quickly realized what the AI planned to do, it would detonate itself before reaching its target. In such close proximity to the others, it would destroy them as well.

Harry obviously believed the weapon as well, for he asked B'Elanna to help him reprogram it's bio-neural matrix. Seven felt B'Elanna leave and strained her hearing to determine what was happening. In a few moments she heard Harry ask the Captain to lock onto the weapon and prepare to transport it into space. Janeway paused as if to measure the confidence in his voice and then agreed, a few moments later she heard B'Elanna tell Harry that she had completed reconfiguring the weapon's matrix.

Seven heard Harry ask the AI if it was ready and it apparently replied with an non-verbal affirmative for the next thing she heard was Harry telling it that he was sorry. The AI replied that it was completing it's mission, only that the target had changed. There was a long moment of silence then B'Elanna informed Harry that the transfer was complete. A few seconds later Seven heard the voice of the Doctor.

"Please state the nature of the emergency…" the Doctor's voice trailed off and he started asking what had happened an how long had he been offline.

B'Elanna cut him off and apparently dragged him over toward Seven for the next thing Seven heard was B'Elanna's voice near her telling the Doctor that he needed to treat her.

Seven heard the minute sound of the medical tricorder being run over her then the Doctor's voice said, "She's sustained quite a lot of injury to her neural pathways. It looks like her Mularan systems reacted to some type of feedback surge by breaking and in some cases blocking her neural pathways. Her nanoprobes are busy reconnecting them, she's entirely conscious of what's happening around her right now she just can't move. She should be regaining control of some of her nervous system within the next fifteen seconds or so."

Since this matched what Seven had determined ten minutes ago she was pleased to hear the Doctor confirm her diagnostic results. As she felt control of her body returning to her Seven opened her eyes, the blurry world that greeted her was disconcerting and she blinked several times trying to clear it.

"Fine control of the muscles around the lens of your eye are not completely re-established, Seven. You should be able to focus in a few minutes when all the neural connections are established," commented the Doctor upon seeing her difficulty.

Seven was able to nod and with difficulty reply, "Thank you Doctor. B'Elanna?"

"I'm right here Seven," said B'Elanna and a dark blur moved into view as Seven felt her hand being grasped in a firm reassuring grip.

Over the Sickbay communications channel the four of them heard the Captain say, "Bridge to Ensign Kim, the weapons have been destroyed." There was utter silence in Sickbay as they absorbed the meaning of the message. Seven felt a moment of admiration and sorrow for the AI which like One, had gained individuality and had chosen to sacrifice itself to preserve the lives of others.

Seven blinked again and was relived to see that things were coming into focus; she could now distinguish B'Elanna's form from the Doctor's instead of them both being indistinct people shaped blurs. Seven was now able to grip B'Elanna's hand reassuringly, "I misjudged the defensive capabilities of the weapon," she rather sheepishly admitted. Seven could tell that B'Elanna was staring at her.

"I would say so," B'Elanna replied, "You could have been killed Seven. Why did you do that and why did the Captain let you?" she exclaimed in a clearly upset tone.

Seven winced, "I neglected to tell her the information we obtained from the trader was missing several pieces of information."

There was silence from B'Elanna, but the Doctor broke in with an aggrieved tone, "Maybe I should run some diagnostics on your cortical node, obviously it's affecting your judgment." He paused for a moment, "And while I'm at it I should run one on myself as well. What happened, why was I deactivated?"

Seven's improving vision allowed her to see that Harry had come over to the group, now he pulled the Doctor aside and started explaining what had occurred to him.

"Seven," said B'Elanna, "why did you not tell the Captain about the missing information."

"She would have prevented me from making the attempt," explained Seven.

"Why would I have prevented you from making the attempt? And speaking of which, what went wrong?" the Captain appeared suddenly behind B'Elanna.

"She forgot to mention that the plans you got from some trader were rather incomplete," B'Elanna explained to the Captain in a tight tone.

"The weapon had more defensive capabilities than where included in the schematics Onquani gave us. I was damaged by a feedback pulse it was able to generate within my Mularan exoskeleton," Seven explained to the Captain. "I was aware there were elements missing in the diagrams, but I had not anticipated they were so… extensive."

"And you neglected to mention this to me," said the Captain coming up alongside the biobed.

Seven sighed internally and forced herself to move enough to sit up so the two women were not looming over her. "At the time I did not feel they were serious enough to mention to you Captain."

"Yet obviously they were," Janeway said giving Seven a serious look.

"Yes," admitted Seven reluctantly.

"Well you still haven't explained to me why you took such a risk!" B'Elanna exclaimed loudly.

Seven looked her in the eyes, "You were in danger," she explained simply.

B'Elanna stared at her with frustration apparent in her gaze and stance. "Damn it Seven don't risk yourself like that again."

"You would rather I did not care about you as much as I do," asked Seven feeling rather chilled suddenly.

"No!" B'Elanna said, then moved up close and loosely embraced her, "You just really frightened me." B'Elanna spoke as she rested her head against Seven's shoulder.

Seven put her arms around B'Elanna's shoulders and pulled her closer as the Captain gazed at them with a small smile playing about her lips. "I am sorry," Seven apologized.

"What's going on here?" came the voice of the Doctor. Seven and B'Elanna looked up from where they were resting their foreheads against one another at the bewildered and hurt looking hologram.

"Doctor, I need to speak with you about a few things," said the Captain. "Seven will make a full recovery?"

The Doctor looked back and forth at the three women, "Well yes, she should be fully recovered already."

"Then you two should probably go to lunch," suggested the Captain to Seven and B'Elanna. Then she reached out and placed a firm hand on the Doctor's arm, "I've been meaning to ask you some questions about the social training you prepared for Seven, Doctor," the Captain said as she drew him away into his office. Over her shoulder she said to Seven, "Seven, I'll discuss your actions with you later this afternoon."

Seven nodded, not particularly looking forward to the conversation as she slid down from the biobed and tested her legs. Discovering that they appeared to be functioning perfectly she turned to B'Elanna, "I believe we were supposed to have lunch together?



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