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I am Borg - Part 3 - Chapter 5


  I am Borg - Part 3 - Chapter 5

By Kudara

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.

Warning: Contains f/f intimate scenes between women.

Rating: NC-17

Feedback: Always welcome, feedback is what encourages me to keep writing. Please let me know what you like and what you dislike about the story.

Revision History: 12/02/04; 12/06/04

Summary: Events following B’Elanna’s dream


B’Elanna sat up in bed staring about her, her hearts pounding rapidly. “B’Elanna?” the sleepy sound of Seven’s voice came from beside her and Seven’s arm wrapped around her waist. “What is wrong?” came the more alert sounding question as Seven woke more fully and realized how agitated the other woman was.

“I had a nightmare,” B’Elanna replied looking with relief at the woman beside her whose normal skin tone reassured her that it had just been a dream.

A hand came up and gently cupped her face. B’Elanna reached up and held it with her own, turning it so the wrist was upright and lowering her face to inhale the scent there deeply. Reassured by the scent B’Elanna grazed her teeth over the delicate skin tasting the unique combination of fragrances and flavors that were Annika.

“B’Elanna?” came the questioning whisper, then “Lights 20%.”The lights brightened just enough for the two women to see each other clearly.

“reH bang larghlu” said B’Elanna in a low intent voice, her eyes dilated and fixed on Seven’s face.

B’Elanna heard Seven’s breath catch as she realized that B’Elanna had said ‘love is first smelled.’ The half Klingon could clearly hear Seven’s heart rate speed up and felt the increased flutter of Seven’s pulse under her lips which still rested lightly against Seven’s wrist.

Seven awkwardly pulled herself upright without pulling her hand from B’Elanna’s grip and stared intently into her face. “You are no longer uncertain,” Seven stated.

“No, I understand now why we must be able to communicate mind to mind. I don’t know if the dream was sent by M’ara or whether it was my subconscious making the connections, but in the dream you were assimilated because I couldn’t warn you. We were on a Borg cube and I was separated from you by this force field and you couldn’t hear me no matter how loudly I yelled,” B’Elanna’s eyes grew haunted as she remembered the last betrayed look the dream Seven had given her.

B’Elanna continued in a sure voice, “I won’t let that happen, I’m certain we will need that connection in order to succeed. I’m not going to let my fears hurt you… and besides I really want to make love to you,” she admitted in a husky low toned voice.

“It was only a dream B’Elanna, I was not there,” Seven reassured her. “I do not want you to make this decision based upon the fear of what might happen. I do not believe that will make a good basis for a relationship.” This last was said with concern evident in the tone of Seven’s voice.

“It’s not that, remember when I said that something was bothering me about what M’ara had told us, that I felt there was something I wasn’t understanding?” asked B’Elanna earnestly.

“Yes,” answered Seven with a nod and an intent look.

“This is it, I knew she wasn’t doing it just to stop us from being together, I knew there was another reason. This is it, being able to speak to one another mind to mind will be an incredible advantage, and I think it will be critical to our succeeding in whatever this task is.” B’Elanna paused, “It’s enough for me to feel certain about this, I’m no longer afraid to have you in here,” B’Elanna pointed to her head.

At Seven’s continuing uncertain look B’Elanna questioned, “Have you changed your mind?”

“No!” Seven replied with certainty.

“Do you want to be my mate?” asked B’Elanna.

“Yes,” Seven replied simply.

Seconds later B’Elanna detected an increased musky undertone to Seven’s scent that drove an involuntary growl of desire from her. “Seven,” she said in a slightly desperate tone, staring into eyes that had darkened to a stormy blue, concerned that Seven might not be prepared for her to be as Klingon as she knew she would be.

“You will not hurt me B’Elanna,” Seven reassured her, correctly interpreting her sudden concern. When she still looked uncertain Seven twisted her hand under B’Elanna’s light grasp and pulled the darker woman toward her. She could see the surprised look in brown eyes just before she took B’Elanna’s chin in her hand and pulled her caramel toned face toward her. She lowered her face to B’Elanna’s now exposed neck and opening her mouth slightly raked with tongue and teeth from just below the ear downward, growling deeply as she did so.

A responding growl from B’Elanna let Seven know she was arousing the other woman with her actions. When Seven pulled back for a moment B’Elanna’s eyes drifted shut and she was breathing deeply. Looking at the willingly exposed cheek Seven knew that her next action would seal what would follow for the rest of their lives. She had done this once under the influence of another personality and had always regretted that she could not remember it, this time though she would.

With carefully calculated pressure Seven quickly made the mating bite, just deep enough to break the warm caramel skin and bring up the slightest amount of blood. With the hormones currently raging in B’Elanna’s blood, Seven knew this would not feel painful to her. Finishing the ritual Seven ran her tongue over the newly made marks, listening to the aroused tone in B’Elanna’s growl as she did so and said, “I have tasted your blood, and it is sweet.”

Just then Seven’s exoskeleton made the change from silver to blood red, the scent of Seven’s blood in the air drove a strangled sounding “Annika,” from B’Elanna. B’Elanna roughly pulled herself from Seven’s grip and turned to face her, eyes fully dilated in arousal stared at Seven.

Seven returned the look in full measure and lifted her chin defiantly, daring the other woman to prove she was strong enough to take her. This action drew another growl from B’Elanna and the not unexpected action of gripping Seven’s chin and forcefully turning her face to expose the side of her face and neck. Seven was careful to resist the pressure enough to satisfy the demands of the dance they were playing out, yet not enough that her enhanced strength would stop B’Elanna from actually being able to turn her head.

Seven had already instructed her nanoprobes to duplicate the effect increased hormones were producing in the half Klingon, the bite she was about to receive would not be painful but pleasurable. Knowing this she enjoyed fully the feel of B’Elanna’s mouth trailing down her neck and in pleasurable anticipation waited for what would follow. When B’Elanna’s teeth broke her skin and then her tongue ran over the marks Seven groaned aloud at the rush of pleasure that followed.

“I have tasted you, and your blood is sweet,” B’Elanna finished the ritual. B’Elanna pulled away and looked at Seven, “Your exoskeleton,” she said hoarsely.

“I did not consciously choose to change it,” said Seven. “It seems appropriate though,” she admitted.

“Very,” agreed B’Elanna then pulled the blond woman toward her and kissed her deeply. When B’Elanna pulled back she looked intently into Seven’s face and satisfied with what she saw there moved to straddle Seven’s legs. B’Elanna hesitated and then looked directly into Seven’s eyes and in a husky voice that left no doubt as to the depth of her desire, “I want to see you.”

Seven raised her arms in reply and B’Elanna reached down, pulled the silky blue top upward and off, then paused and stared as if mesmerized at what was now revealed to her. “So beautiful,” she said after a moment and more gently reached out to cup Seven’s shoulders and pushed her backward until she was lying prone on the bed.

B’Elanna’s eyes traced the flowing lines of Seven’s exoskeleton and the full curves of her breasts then she let her fingers trace the same path. When Seven gasped and arched in response under her at B’Elanna’s touch on her exoskeleton B’Elanna realized how sensitive it was with a smile. Taking intense satisfaction in every gasp, every reflexive arch, every suddenly indrawn breath Seven made, B’Elanna delicately traced her way along the interweaving banding until she was stroking the delicate skin of Seven’s breasts.

Seven made a desperate sound at the continuing maddeningly light touch on the sides of her breasts and looked pleadingly at B’Elanna. The darker woman growled, bent and took the peak of one breast into her mouth, suckling hard upon it and rolling her tongue around the nipple. A strangled moan erupted from Seven at the intensity of the contact and she bucked her hips into B’Elanna who was straddling her.

A possessive growl and increased downward pressure to hold her in place was B’Elanna’s initial response, the grasping of her hands and sudden move to pin them to the bed was B’Elanna’s second. B’Elanna continued her attentions to Seven’s breast, enjoying the reactions they produced from Seven. Now she flicked her tongue rapidly across the nipple and fought to hold the writhing woman down as Seven tried to increase the contact between them.

Satisfied that she had paid enough attention to the one breast B’Elanna switched to the other and enjoyed the strangled “Yes,” this action evoked from Seven. B’Elanna was determined to drive Seven to the point where the Borg in her would quit analyzing things and the woman could only react to what she was doing to her. To this end B’Elanna was determined to control her Klingon desire to immediately claim Seven and take all the time needed to reduce Seven to a point where she would stop thinking about what was happening to her and just experience it.

After several minutes of this B’Elanna alternated it with gently raking her teeth along the sides of Seven’s breasts being careful not to hurt her, during all this the woman’s responses grew less and less restrained. Finally B’Elanna moved to the exoskeleton bands on Seven’s stomach and began exploring them with her tongue, inhaling deeply the slight blood scent they exuded.

It was then that she realized how sensitive the bands were, she knew Seven had control over how much feeling she had through them and it was obvious from Seven’s reaction that they were currently much more sensitive than her skin. When Seven’s writhing grew more desperate and her breathing irregular, B’Elanna judged that Seven had finally stopped thinking about what she was feeling and was fully experiencing it.

B’Elanna groaned; pulled Seven’s pants over her hips, down her legs and threw them to the floor. She paused a moment and took in the full body view of her lover before quickly stripping off her own clothes and returning to Seven. B’Elanna lightly traced the intertwining lines of banding down Seven’s sides and followed it over the front of her hips and down the front of her legs.

B’Elanna enjoyed watching how Seven whimpered and moaned under her touch, finally after a long teasing moments of this she moved to where she could lie between Seven’s legs. B’Elanna nipped Seven slightly harder over her right hip and growled possessively; “mine,” before kissing her just where the curled blond hair began.

Seven groaned and arched upward, “Yes, yours,” she agreed raggedly. “B’Elanna, please.”

Inhaling the scent of Seven’s moisture B’Elanna nipped, kissed and licked Seven’s inner thighs and occasionally the banding near them, but never once going near where she knew Seven wanted her to touch. B’Elanna watched as Seven opened her legs wider to her, finding the sight intensely arousing as Seven offered herself to her and noting with satisfaction the moisture gathering on the curled hairs.

“B’Elanna please touch me,” Seven finally pleaded.

B’Elanna hovered over the moist curls and ever so gently tasted them with her tongue, learning the taste of Seven. A whimper escaped Seven and B’Elanna felt the blood pound through her head, “Mine,” she growled.

“Yours, now!” a suddenly frustrated Seven growled back and B’Elanna suddenly had a hard time not laughing, she did grin though in satisfaction before she obeyed the demand and buried her tongue deep in the tender flesh. An almost exulting cry greeted this, and Seven began rocking slowly in response to the up and down dance B’Elanna’s tongue was performing across her most intimate flesh.

B’Elanna had let go of Seven’s wrists earlier and now she wrapped her arms under Seven’s bent legs and across the top of her hips, anchoring herself so she could move with Seven. Moving her head from side to side she buried her face deeper into Seven and listened to the almost continuous moans Seven was now making.

B’Elanna set up a rhythm between thrusting her tongue deeply into the blond woman’s depths and then moving upward to suck Seven’s sensitive nub into her mouth and flick her tongue hard over it several times. Seven’s motions became more pronounced and B’Elanna could feel the flesh under her mouth twitching and contracting in response to her attentions. Seven was now lifting B’Elanna off the bed with every lift of her hips.

B’Elanna could just see Seven’s face, her eyes were closed, the skin of her face and neck was flushed and the muscles stood out in taunt relief in her arousal and she was breathing in irregular pants through her open mouth. Suddenly Seven’s movements changed, became more pronounced and she arched her head fully back. B’Elanna began focusing on Seven’s nub and flicked her tongue as fast as she could over it.

Seven began rocking more quickly, her hips going up, her head back, then returning to the bed and curling her head up slightly. B’Elanna felt a particular pressure rising in her head, a certain tightness across the forehead as she watched this intently; knowing that Seven was very close now. Finally she felt the muscles under her mouth clench and release in waves and her face was bathed in moisture.

Just as that happened Seven’s hips arched upward violently, B’Elanna could hear and feel her head snap back against the bed and a hoarse inarticulate cry came from her. B’Elanna closed her eyes focusing on the wonderful feeling of Seven climaxing against her mouth and felt waves of mental release wash over her just before she came as well, though it was not nearly as intense.

B’Elanna stayed where she was and moving her face in a wide motion ran her tongue over Seven in broad motions from the top of her to the bottom causing Seven to continue to climax in smaller reactions after the first. Finally after almost full two minutes Seven’s body went limp. B’Elanna could feel light aftershocks twitching the flesh beneath her tongue and after they had faded away as well she finally lifted herself away from her lover.

B’Elanna straightened and moved up along Seven’s body to look into the fully relaxed face, ‘very relaxed’ thought B’Elanna as she noted that her eyes were closed and she appeared to be sleeping. ‘Oh yea,’ thought B’Elanna cockily as she realized that Seven was not entirely conscious at the moment. ‘Mine,’ she said to herself feeling a rush of intense emotion for the woman beside her.

A moment later Seven’s eyes fluttered open and she swallowed abruptly and turned her head toward B’Elanna. Seven looked wonderingly at B’Elanna, “B’Elanna…,” Seven stopped apparently at a loss for words.

“More than you expected?” asked B’Elanna and smiled pleased at Sevens wordless acknowledging nod. B’Elanna raised a hand to gently touch Seven’s cheek where she had bitten her. “It didn’t hurt?”

“No, did I hurt you?” asked Seven.

“No, it didn’t hurt at all,” B’Elanna assured her. Noting how her face had a soft, vulnerable appearance to it, B’Elanna moved up the bed and opened her arm’s invitingly. Seven quickly accepted and laid her head down on B’Elanna’s chest and threw an arm and leg over her, snuggling up as close as she could possibly get.

B’Elanna bent her head, took in a long deep breath of her lover’s scent and wrapped her arms protectively around Seven. Running a soothing hand up and down Seven’s back B’Elanna was not surprised when Seven fell asleep quickly. ‘Good timing,’ B’Elanna thought to herself just before she drifted off, ‘We both have today off.’


When she awoke to gentle kisses and nibbles along her jaw line, B’Elanna realized that Seven was straddling her and had her hands pinned to the bed. Noting that she was awake Seven gently licked the now healed mating bite on her cheek and then moved down to rake her teeth down the side of her neck Seven was not surprised to hear an aroused growl from B’Elanna in response.

Seven was determined to perform well at making love to the caramel skinned woman. Having B’Elanna make love to her had been much more of an intense experience than she had imagined in her dreams, and she desperately wanted to do the same for B’Elanna. Seven had read about how physical intimacy could be an expression of love, but she hadn’t realized how intensely it would affect her feelings for B’Elanna. Right now she wanted to surround B’Elanna, touch her intimately everywhere, claim her, possess her, and most of all feel her come and cry out because of what she was doing to her.

Seven was however, uncertain how to proceed; B’Elanna had been much more tender and gentle with her than her research indicated Klingon’s usually were; she wasn’t certain whether it was due to B’Elanna being half-human or due to the fact that Seven was human. She decided to follow B’Elanna’s lead from when she had made love to her. She would be dominant but gentle and see if that was pleasing to B’Elanna.

Thus, when B’Elanna tested the grip she had on her wrists Seven did not let her even move her hands the slightest amount. Glancing at the caramel toned face Seven verified that she was not distressed and was reassured by the aroused look in B’Elanna’s eyes and the scent she was giving off. Seven lowered her lips to B’Elanna’s and nipped gently at the lower one, when B’Elanna parted her lips she deepened the kiss, running her tongue over B’Elanna’s teeth the way she knew the other woman liked.

“You are my mate,” Seven informed B’Elanna boldly when she pulled away and received only a challenging look in reply.

Seven took up the challenge willingly, biting B’Elanna with gentle firmness at the juncture of her shoulder and neck. When she moaned in response and bucked underneath her Seven widened the distance between her knees on the bed and pressed more firmly down across B’Elanna’s hips, holding her in place.

Seven wasn’t certain if B’Elanna would respond to this in a Klingon fashion or not, but when B’Elanna twisted and bucked again Seven knew that at least in this she was following her Klingon instincts and challenging Seven’s dominance of her. She knew that B’Elanna would continue to test her until she was satisfied that Seven would be a suitable mate whereupon she would submit to Seven’s touch.

Seven’s mouth wandered down over B’Elanna’s chest, marveling at the soft smooth caramel colored skin under her lips. With reverence she let her lips explore the rising line of one breast until she reached the top and groaned in satisfaction as she enclosed the hardened nipple. Seven listened with satisfaction to the rather loud growl moan that B’Elanna made in response to this.

Seven continued with light teasing strokes of her tongue until B’Elanna demandingly lifted one shoulder and thrust her breast deeper into Seven’s mouth. In response Seven opened her mouth wider and suckled as much of B’Elanna’s breast into her mouth as she could and flicked her tongue rapidly over the nipple.

A strangled sounding, “Yes,” from B’Elanna followed by a moan let Seven know she was reacting correctly. After several long moments of this she switched her attention to the other breast, being careful to pay it the same amount of attention, 8 minutes precisely. When Seven slid further down B’Elanna’s body and began working her way across her stomach B’Elanna willingly opened her legs and let Seven lie on the bed between them.

Seven released B’Elanna’s wrists, knowing that this meant that B’Elanna had accepted her love making and gripped her hips firmly instead as she trailed her lips across the line where skin gave way to brown curls. An entreating moan came from B’Elanna at this action and Seven’s breath caught in her throat in wonder when B’Elanna bent her knees and opened herself up to her.

Seven marveled at the dusky rose pinkness revealed to her gaze for a moment then reverently lowered her head and ran an explorative touch over the exposed tender skin. Seven had enjoyed B’Elanna’s higher body heat when she had run her lips over her skin, this flesh though was even warmer and Seven hoped that her mouth didn’t feel unpleasantly cool to B’Elanna.

Seven spent the first minute learning B’Elanna’s taste then she began experimenting with different strokes of her tongue, narrow tip only strokes and then broad flat strokes. Carefully monitoring B’Elanna’s responses Seven quickly learned what was most pleasing to her. She had been imagining just this moment for the past few days and thinking of the ways she wanted to touch B’Elanna. One of the things she knew wanted to do was to be inside her.

Increasing the sensitivity of the exoskeleton of her hand Seven slid two fingers through the dusky rose folds, moistening the fingers thoroughly and almost forgetting to continue stroking B’Elanna with her tongue at the sensation. Reminding herself that this was about B’Elanna’s pleasure and not her own, Seven resumed the delicate tracing she was performing with her tongue along the Klingon sensitive ridge of flesh that ran from a very human clitoris down and then inside her.

Seven had been gently stroking from the sensitive bud of flesh, down the ridged line and back again, now she slid two fingers into B’Elanna, groaning against her as she did so at the sensation of being enclosed in warm, moist, soft flesh. B’Elanna had been rocking against Seven’s mouth ever since she started touching her with her tongue, now she paused and growled and then a strangled, “More,” came from her as Seven felt the flesh surrounding her fingers contract twice as if welcoming her.

Following the request Seven slid her fingers back out and added a third and carefully entered B’Elanna again enjoying the increased tightness around her fingers and carefully sliding down the line of the sensitive ridge that continued from outside.

“Kahless,” B’Elanna groaned and increased her rhythm.

Seven anchored herself firmly with one long arm and increased the pace of her actions as well. Seven was starting to lose her objectivity regarding what she was doing, lost in the sensations of B’Elanna against her mouth and the intimacy of sliding in and out of her. Seven found herself sliding her fingers almost entirely out of B’Elanna and then swiftly thrusting them into her and gliding two fingers down either side of the sensitive ridge until she could go no further.

“Annika,” B’Elanna pulled on Seven’s shoulders, “up,” she commanded, then, “stay inside me.”

Keeping her fingers inside B’Elanna, Seven levered herself up B’Elanna’s body with B’Elanna’s help.

“Straddle my leg,” B’Elanna ordered and then bent her leg until it was pressed firmly against Seven’s center. B’Elanna then began moving again, only this time sliding her leg up and down against Seven and holding onto her shoulders.

Seven quickly caught on to what B’Elanna wanted and matched her movements, thrusting into B’Elanna as she rose toward her and withdrawing as she pulled away. Soon Seven’s world consisted of the sensation of sliding in and out of B’Elanna, the feel of B’Elanna’s leg pressed against her and the intimacy of looking into B’Elanna’s face as she made love to her.

“Mine,” Seven gasped with liquid emotion to B’Elanna.

B’Elanna’s eyes focused on Seven’s face, “Yours,” she agreed.

Seven lowered her head and kissed B’Elanna, thrusting her tongue by instinct into her mouth in rhythm with her fingers and eliciting a groan.

The two women continued to move together the tension building until finally B’Elanna pulled Seven fiercely against her and howled loudly as she came powerfully. Seven’s fingers were gripped tightly and rhythmically as B’Elanna came, a sensation she found so arousing that it drove her to own climax and with a hoarse shout Seven followed B’Elanna holding onto her tightly in return.

What Seven did not realize was that the feel of her climax against B’Elanna’s leg was having the same effect on B’Elanna, causing her to respond once again. The two of them followed each other in pleasure until they were exhausted finally stilling against one another only when they could not possibly continue. Seven breathed in deep gulps against B’Elanna’s neck, her body quivering with exhaustion and noting that the other woman was doing the same.

Seven finally rolled over, pulling B’Elanna with her until their positions were reversed and B’Elanna was resting on top of her. Holding her tightly Seven realized she did not want to let go, part of her fought against the need she had for B’Elanna, but a much greater part of her accepted and welcomed it. Slowly she loosened her arms and pulled back enough to look into B’Elanna’s face.

They had discussed whether or not they were falling in love just before M’ara told them what would happen the first time they were intimate. Now looking into eyes that held as much wonder as hers Seven knew there was no place she would rather be but in B’Elanna’s arms. She felt warm, protected, cared for as well as contented, peaceful and yet excited in a way. So many emotions, yet they did not feel chaotic but harmonious. The last time she had felt so many emotions that were harmonious in their totality was when she looked at the Omega molecule.

Seven had known then that she was experiencing a moment of perfection, now she knew she was experiencing another. “I love you,” she whispered to B’Elanna.

B’Elanna’s eyes widened and brightened and she smiled beautifully, pulling herself up along Seven she kissed her. “I love you too,” B’Elanna whispered back when the kiss finally ended. “Take the Oath with me?”

Seven searched B’Elanna’s face looking for any sign of doubt but could find none. “Yes,” she replied simply.

B’Elanna reached up and traced the now healed marks on Seven’s cheek, somewhat surprised they were still there. “jiH dok,” B’Elanna said looking into Seven’s eyes.

“maj dok,” Seven completed as she touched the marks on B’Elanna’s face as well.

B’Elanna grinned, “I should have asked if you knew the Oath but somehow I thought you would.”

Seven flushed slightly, “I studied the Oath along with the information about Klingon mating practices.”

B’Elanna considered this information, “Were you thinking of exchanging it with me before today?”

“Ever since the Captain walked in on us after the end of our first date I have been considering whether or not I would wish to make the Oath with you,” admitted Seven.

B’Elanna’s eyes widened, then an unmistakable look of pride crossed her face, “I kissed that good did I,” B’Elanna grinned at Seven.

Seven quirked an eyebrow at this reaction and a look of amusement crossed her face, “That did factor into my deliberations,” Seven acknowledged.

Just then B’Elanna’s stomachs rumbled loudly interrupting their conversation. “I agree,” said Seven, “It is time to eat, I am quite hungry as well.”

B’Elanna reluctantly rolled off Seven and the two of them got up, ate and showered. By the time they were done, both of them admitted to being tired, though it was morning. Crawling back into bed they curled up against one another and fell asleep with B’Elanna resting on Seven’s chest.

Several hours later they awoke again. Seven, feeling B’Elanna stretch against her, enjoyed the feel of heated bared skin against her own and to her surprise found herself wanting to make love to B’Elanna once again. Wrapping her arms around the other woman she rolled over and reversed their positions with an aroused growl, taking B’Elanna by surprise. Seven captured B’Elanna’s lips with her own and claimed them kissing her with all the rising passion she was feeling.

She was trailing her mouth across B’Elanna’s cheek where the mating marks had been when she felt an odd texture underneath her mouth just as a strangled sounding moan erupted from B’Elanna.

“Kahless, that felt good,” gasped B’Elanna and then reached up and felt her own cheek. “What?” she said in surprise.

Confused Seven pulled back and looked at where she had been kissing. Radiating outward from the center of the mating bite were angular shaped exoskeleton bands. They were black in color with gold borders and red highlights forming a pattern on top of the lacquered looking black. Other bands at the perimeter of the spiral traced where the mating bite had been made and then marched in a pattern up to the corner of B’Elanna’s left eye. Seven’s first impression of the bands were how much like Klingon writing they looked, but there the resemblance ended for they were not Klingon letters or numbers. They did share the same angularness and sharp points where they shifted direction though.

Then B’Elanna’s eyes fixed on Seven’s left cheek and her mouth formed an O of surprise. “Seven your cheek,” she said and then touched Seven.

Seven felt the touch at the core of herself, and groaned at the pleasure of it. Dimly she realized that she must have her own set of newly exposed exoskeleton and its sensitivity to touch was obviously set at maximum.

“It’s beautiful,” said B’Elanna tracing the spiraling lines with her eyes, the design reminded her of filigree work, several bands erupted from the center of the mating bite on Seven’s face then twined with each other in a spiraling design that covered the area of the mating bite and ended up merging with the banding around Seven’s left eye.

“Well I guess there won’t be any keeping this from the rest of the crew,” said B’Elanna with a rueful look at Seven.

Seven sighed, she had been hoping for a few days before they were the prime source of gossip about the ship but obviously that was not to be. “We will be a prime topic of conversation,” she agreed.

“How do you control the sensitivity?’ questioned B’Elanna.

“Just think about the sensitivity reducing to the point of the skin around it,” instructed Seven.

“Ah,” said B’Elanna touching her own face. “What does mine look like,” she asked curious.

Seven smiled and then rolled out of bed and held out a hand. B’Elanna took it and allowed herself to be pulled out of bed and into the bathing room where she could see herself in the mirror. Seven watched as B’Elanna examined the first signs of her exoskeleton in the mirror. Listening intently she tried to determine if she could hear B’Elanna and then reluctantly concluded that she could not, doubtless her internal systems were not completely formed yet.

“How long do you think it will be before the rest of it shows up?” B’Elanna asked Seven looking at her reflection in the mirror.

“I would guess a few days,” replied Seven. “We should see the Doctor to determine the rate of progress; doubtless you will need to consume the same chemical drink that I did while my Mularan systems developed. But you cannot until your systems can handle the metallic compounds otherwise it will poison you.”

B’Elanna frowned, “I think I would rather just ask M’ara. And that can wait until later today,” B’Elanna turned around and stroked Seven’s cheek again and then caught Seven around the waist as her knees buckled from the strength of her reaction. “Definitely, it can wait till later,” B’Elanna said huskily.

Seven’s eyes opened dazedly, and met the fully aroused eyes of her mate and nodded in complete compliance. It could definitely wait until later.



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