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I am Borg - Part 3 - Chapter 6


  I am Borg - Part 3 - Chapter 6

By Kudara

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.

Warning: Contains f/f intimacy between women.

Rating: NC-17

Feedback: Always welcome, feedback is what encourages me to keep writing. Please let me know what you like and what you dislike about the story.

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Summary: Next day, explanations are due to Janeway.


Seven woke slowly feeling a heavy warm body lying across her, her response was to smile and tighten her arm’s which were wrapped around this body. Seven glanced down and studied B’Elanna’s face which was relaxed in sleep. “BangwI SoH,” she whispered and then realized when B’Elanna smiled in response that she was not asleep after all.

“You are my beloved too, Be’nal,” replied B’Elanna her brown eyes opening. She smiled a lazy smile and ran a hand down Seven’s side, sighing happily. B’Elanna nuzzled the side of Seven’s breast and then kissed it gently. “You feel good.” She informed Seven, the contented smile never leaving her face.

Seven smiled in response and kissed the only part of B’Elanna she could reach right now, which was the hair on the top of her head. It was enough, the driving hunger she had felt to surround, enfold and possess the half Klingon was gone, and in its place was a steady encompassing warmth. She still felt an abiding need to be near the other woman; something about her presence filled an empty spot in Seven she hadn’t even been aware of until now.

Most of all Seven was aware of a feeling of deep contentment that mixed oddly with the other emotions she was feeling; joy, wonder, awe and… Seven had a hard time categorizing the remaining emotion she was experiencing. Part of it was the awe she had identified from before but part was a feeling of profound thanks that B’Elanna loved her. Seven realized that she had been given something of infinitesimal worth, yet she did not feel that she had done anything to deserve the depth of joy she was feeling.

B’Elanna exhaled a very reluctant sounding sigh, “I’m hungry again.” She announced.

“We should perhaps go to the mess hall and eat.” Seven said but did not move.

B’Elanna stilled and then tilted her head up so she could look at Seven, “Ah, we never mentioned something to the Captain.” Her voice held more than a hint of trepidation.

Seven was confused for a second then her eyes widened and she realized what B’Elanna was saying and she glanced at the exposed exoskeleton on B’Elanna’s cheek.

They stared at each other for a moment then B’Elanna buried her head in Seven’s chest mumbling as she did so, “I really don’t want to admit to Janeway that we were only thinking about how it was stopping us from making love, instead of thinking about the crew’s reaction to me suddenly sprouting an exoskeleton.”

Seven frowned slightly, “You do not think they will react well?”

B’Elanna glanced up and noted the slightly downcast expression and placing her hands on either side of Seven she lifted herself upward and caught the blonde’s lips in a passionate kiss. When she pulled away B’Elanna said, “I’m more concerned with what they will make up as the reason before an official explanation comes out. No telling what rumors would be started trying to explain it, I’ve heard some wild ones over the past few years.”

Seven considered this statement, “You are concerned rumors would start that I am assimilating people?”

B’Elanna started chuckling, “Well didn’t you? I must say though, your method is much preferable to the other way. Unfortunately for the crew though, I’m the only one who gets assimilated by you.”

Seven’s lips twitched at this, “It is an inefficient method of assimilation, but a very enjoyable one. Perhaps the crew can be reassured that you are the only one I want to assimilate in this manner.”

B’Elanna smirked, “I’m sure some of them will be very disappointed to learn that but they will just have to get over it, you’re mine.”

“Yes, Be’nal,” Seven replied with a satisfied smile.

B’Elanna looked serious once again, “We need to figure out how to inform the Captain. I think we ought to make sure she finds out from us rather than through gossip. Maybe you could ask for her to come here?” B’Elanna sniffed the room, “It might be a good idea to clean up some and replace the sheets first though.”

Curious Seven inhaled deeply sorting through the various scents; predominant among them were the musky scents of B’Elanna and herself. “You believe the Captain will find the scents in the room offensive?”

“Well I know we will be telling her essentially exactly what happened but most people don’t want to smell it,” said B’Elanna looking amused. B’Elanna inhaled again, “And that’s pretty unmistakable.”

Seven nodded, “We will replace the bedding and shower before contacting Kathryn that should be sufficient time to dissipate the scents to a point undetectable by human senses.”

Once they had remade the bed and showered Seven inquired as to the whereabouts of the Captain. Upon learning that she was located in her ready room Seven contacted her, “Seven to Captain Janeway.”

“Yes, Seven?” came the reply.

“Captain I need to speak with you about a personal matter,” Seven said with a smile at B’Elanna.

“Of course Annika, I’m free right now if you want to come to my Ready Room,” Kathryn replied.

“I believe you would prefer to come to my quarters Kathryn, rather than have B’Elanna and I walk through the ship,” Seven replied.

There was a puzzled silence on the other end then, “I’ll be right down.”

Several minutes later the admittance chime rang and Seven greeted Kathryn at the door, “Annika what’s this…” Kathryn’s voice trailed off a moment as she caught sight of Seven’s cheek and the new exoskeleton there.

“Captain,” B’Elanna drew Janeway’s attention to her and stepped forward. It was clear when Janeway caught sight of the exoskeleton on her cheek from the widening of the Captain’s eyes. “We forgot to inform you of something M’ara told us,” B’Elanna said hoping to draw most of the Captain’s attention. “That I would develop Mularan systems like Annika’s once we had committed to each other. We took the Oath last night.” B’Elanna finished.

“We thought you would want to be informed before the crew saw B’Elanna and formed erroneous conclusions,” Seven added. Her voice softened, “And we wanted you to be the first to know of our changed status.”

B’Elanna saw the incipient angry reaction dissipate at Annika’s last comment and breathed a sigh of relief. It was something they had discussed in the shower, that they both wanted Kathryn to be the first to know. B’Elanna had then suggested that they ask her to perform a public ceremony for them as soon as it could be arranged and Seven after hearing the reason’s agreed.

“We would like you to perform a standard Starfleet ceremony for us when it can be arranged.” B’Elanna said to the woman who was now the closest thing she had to a mother-in-law.

Kathryn turned toward B’Elanna at this in some confusion, “The Oath you took is considered binding by Federation law, both of you are Federation citizens. Why two ceremonies?”

“That is true, but B’Elanna believes it will assist the crew in transitioning from seeing us as separate individuals to relating to us as a couple if we have a public ceremony,” said Seven. Then with a slight frown Seven asked, “Do you disagree?”

Looking thoughtful Kathryn answered, “No, I believe it’s a good idea.” Then her eyes narrowed, “Now back to you two forgetting to tell me about this. What were you two thinking of?” Both women glanced at each other and blushed, Kathryn looked at the two of them and rolled her eyes slightly and sighed, “Nevermind.”

Putting her hands on her hips she glared at the two of them, “This forgetting to mention things to me that you think I might have problems with stops here. Though my relationship with both of you is more personal than with the rest of the crew, I am still your Captain.” She speared both of them with an intense glare. “Now what exactly did M’ara tell you?”

A muted, “Yes, Captain,” came from both of them and they began relating to her what M’ara had told them. As they did so Janeway got a fairly clear idea of why neither of them had immediately thought to tell her. M’ara had forced them to make the decision of whether or not they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives before they had the chance to get to know each other in the way most couples had the luxury of being able to. Not to mention the extra stress of B’Elanna’s physical changes and the mental connection that would form as a direct result of said decision.

No wonder they didn’t want anyone else’s input on this decision, thought Janeway with understanding when they had finished. However, the results of their decision would affect the ship and crew, so they should have notified her about the additional information M’ara had given them. “Do you two understand why you should have told me this information when you received it?” Janeway asked in a stern tone.

“It affects the rest of the crew because you will help Annika and I with our task.” answered B’Elanna before Seven could speak.

Janeway suppressed the smile that wanted to form at this answer and instead continued in the same stern tone, “Can I assume that it will not happen again?”

A chorused “Yes Captain.” answered her.

“I’ll count on it,” she answered giving them a look that said they had better not disappoint her. Then her face softened, “I would be most honored to affirm your Oath in a public ceremony in front of the crew.” She paused and moving toward the couch sat down with a sigh, “Now to figure out what to tell the crew.”

Janeway frowned into space for a moment then with a thoughtful look, “I’d like to bring Chakotay and Tuvok in on this conversation. It will become necessary to inform them of your task… whatever it may be, and this would be a good opportunity to lay some of the groundwork for that announcement and its importance to the continuing existence of the Federation.”

B’Elanna grimaced not looking forward to her and Annika being the center of intense attention when that occurred. Being important was nice, having people know the fate of the Federation rested on your shoulders was another thing entirely.

“You don’t agree Lt.?” Janeway asked B’Elanna.

B’Elanna started in surprise then realized how the Captain had interpreted her silence, “No Captain, I think that’s a good idea. I was just thinking of M’ara’s task and wondering what it might be, and why it will be so important.”

Janeway’s lips twitched in a smirk, “What, you don’t want a task worthy of Kahless?” she said now guessing the source of B’Elanna’s frown accurately.

“Not particularly,” B’Elanna answered her dryly.

“Don’t the Klingons have a saying about glory not being sought but thrust upon one?” Janeway asked B’Elanna.

B’Elanna grimaced, “I believe so, yes. I wouldn’t mind at all though if it were less critical.”

Kathryn’s mood sobered at this comment and she nodded, “Janeway to Chakotay and Tuvok,” she said after tapping her com badge.

“Yes, Captain,” came back the almost simultaneous replies.

After ascertaining that there was no indication of any nearby ships or anything else of note in the area, Janeway asked the two men to come to Seven’s quarters. Undoubtedly a few eyebrows were raised on the bridge at this request but Kathryn suspected just as many would have been raised if she had asked her two senior most officers to go to her ready room before she spoke with them.

When the two men arrived Kathryn watched as they immediately took in the changed appearance of the two women.

Tuvok reacted with a raised eyebrow and a question, “You have taken the Oath I presume.”

Chakotay reacted more quietly with a slight frown and glance at her and Kathryn guessed he was wondering what the Captain’s reaction to Seven’s and B’Elanna’s actions were. She nodded at him and turned to watch the two respond to her tactical officer.

“We have.” Seven stated quietly and with an unmistakable timber of pride in her voice. The look that she gave B’Elanna as she said it was definitely both tender and possessive. B’Elanna’s response to Seven was to straighten and if even possible look more pleased than she had been looking.

Janeway saw Chakotay’s eyes widen as he took in Seven’s actions and B’Elanna’s response, he breathed in deeply and seemed to come to a decision for Janeway saw his shoulders relax as they usually did when he decided something. Ruefully she realized that after six years she had gotten to know her first officer fairly well.

“Congratulations.” Chakotay offered quietly but sincerely to the two women.

Seven offered back a polite, “Thank you, Commander.” while B’Elanna offered him a wide smile and a more heartfelt “Thanks, Chakotay.”

“I asked for you to come here to help me figure out how to tell the crew, maybe even lay some ground work if we need to inform them that Seven and B’Elanna have an important task that has to be accomplished.” Janeway spoke up from where she had been standing observing the room.

Eventually they came up with a simple explanation and one which they thought everyone would accept without too many questions. Their explanation was that Mulara had provided for who ever choose to be with Seven share in her unique physiology so they would be equal. Janeway sent out an official message to that effect and then followed it with the announcement of the public wedding ceremony in two weeks time.

By now Seven and B’Elanna had already eaten lunch in Seven’s quarters and Alpha shift was almost over. “Have you two decided which of your quarters you are going to live in?” asked Chakotay curiously once everything was done.

B’Elanna and Seven looked at him surprised and then at each other questioningly. “These would probably be easier since I’ve already put in the lighting Seven required.” B’Elanna said with a questioning inflection.

Seven nodded her acquiescence, a brief smile playing on her lips as she did so. She had forgotten in the midst of everything else that the Oath meant that she and B’Elanna were now officially a couple, with all that it entailed, including cohabitation.

“I’m sure we can give them a few days to figure out who’s moving where,” Janeway said as she stood. “Ladies, gentlemen would you join me for dinner in the mess hall at… 1800 hours?”

Chakotay and Tuvok on seeing the Captain rise from her seat stood as well, taking the clear hint that it was time to leave. At the Captain’s question they murmured together, “Yes, Captain.”

“1800,” nodded B’Elanna, Seven after a brief moment of assessment nodded to Kathryn with understanding dawning in her eyes.

When their three guests had left B’Elanna commented, “Well that will make a statement.”

“That the Captain approves of our change in status?” inquired Seven.

“Approves, was aware… and that Tuvok and Chakotay are onboard with her.” answered B’Elanna.

Seven raised her brow and looked puzzled and B’Elanna could see she was trying to work out how she was using the word ‘onboard’ besides the obvious one. “In this case it means that Chakotay and Tuvok are aware of what’s going on and… at least publicly agree with it.”

Seven nodded satisfied then she frowned slightly, “I believe we should wear our uniforms to dinner instead of changing?”

B’Elanna hesitated before answering then finally replied, “I’m not sure perhaps we should ask.”

Seven nodded and contacted the Captain, “Kathryn, what are the dress requirements for this evening?”

“You’re the third person to ask me that Annika, casual please. I’m eating with my daughter and her wife primarily, my Astrometrics Officer and Chief Engineer secondly,” Janeway replied.

Seven smiled pleased, “We will see you at 1800 Kathryn.”

Promptly at 1800 hours Seven, wearing her blue Mularan outfit, and B’Elanna, wearing a loose white shirt and black pants, walked into the mess hall. They were waved over by Chakotay, who was wearing his usual brown casual suit, and had already claimed a table. Captain Janeway, wearing clothing remarkably similar to B’Elanna’s, and Tuvok wearing a light blue casual suit walked in as the two women sat down at the table and came over to join them.

The general noise level in the mess hall had dropped for a moment then risen as the two women had walked in and found themselves the center of attention as several curious crewmembers studied their faces. Chakotay’s action of inviting them over to join him had caused a slight stir, but the Captain and Tuvok’s entrance caused an almost unnatural silence in the room as everyone there paused and watched.

Janeway appeared serenely unaware of the attention as she crossed the distance between the doors and table. She smiled as she approached, “So anyone asked what’s on the menu for this evening yet?”

“Chili,” answered Chakotay with suppressed amusement, “Neelix is experimenting with Earth dishes again.”

Janeway raised an eyebrow, and an apprehensive expression appeared on her face. “I hope he doesn’t go overboard on the Talaxian chilies,” she commented as she sat down.

The level of conversation in the room slowly grew as it became obvious that the conversation at the table was about the rather commonplace topic of Neelix’s cooking.

B’Elanna turned to Seven, “I don’t suppose there is a way to hurry up my exoskeleton? Just the part where I can control the sensitivity of my taste buds would be fine.”

Seven, both amused and sympathetic replied, “Unfortunately not B’Elanna.”

“Quit rubbing in the fact that soon you won’t have to worry about such things.” Chakotay said grinning at B’Elanna.

B’Elanna smirked in reply and opened her mouth as if to retort, “Shhh,” admonished Janeway as she saw Neelix approaching the table.

“Congratulations on your Oath taking, Seven, Lt. Torres,” said the Talaxian beaming at the two women. “I’ll need to get with you this week to discuss the menu for your ceremony.” He paused a moment and examined them with wide eyes, “Your… what is it? Exoskeleton is very nice looking, very Klingon. And yours Seven, very…” he paused and then with a gentler smile, “why it’s very beautiful actually, I like how it merges with the lines around your eye.”

In a sudden shift of direction he left that subject and asked, “Have you decided whether you are going with more of an Earth traditional ceremony or a Klingon wedding?” Neelix stared intently at them waiting for their answer.

“Earth traditional,” blurted B’Elanna, not at all certain what a Klingon wedding would entail, and not particularly minded to find out. Her eyes shifted from Neelix to Seven and she looked dismayed, “That is if Seven doesn’t want to have a Klingon ceremony.”

“That will not be necessary B’Elanna, we are already married according to Klingon custom,” Seven replied with a slight, understanding smile at her wife. “The ceremony will not be a wedding Neelix as we are already legally married but a public commitment ceremony.”

Neelix frowned, “I can’t say that I’m familiar with that particular ceremony, but not to worry I’ll have it thoroughly researched in no time,” he finished up cheerily. “Now five bowls of my one alarm chili?” he asked looking around the table curiously.

“One alarm?” asked Janeway.

“Yes, Seven’s been helping me adjust how much spice I use. I hadn’t realized how sensitive human taste buds were to ‘hot’ spices. Those new taste buds of hers have helped me out a lot; she’s been able to tell me precisely how much I need to reduce the amount of spices I use to make a milder dish.”

Several people near them upon hearing this turned curiously and glanced at the table and especially Seven. To Seven’s surprise several of them gave her friendly smiles and nodded to her when they saw her looking back at them. Seven glanced at B’Elanna for guidance only to see her wife watching her with a proud smile which caused her to blush slightly and smile back. Kathryn speaking caught her attention and she turned her attention from the confusing actions of her crewmates to those at the table. Thus she missed the surprised looks that followed as several people witnessed for the first time the ex-Borg react in an emotional manner.

“I think I’d definitely like to have a bowl.” Janeway said smiling. Her response was repeated in various ways by the others around the table and Neelix bustled off toward his kitchen and returned a few moments later with the requested chili.

Seven tasted the food placed in front of her and gave Neelix one of her rare smiles, “It is pleasant tasting.”

Her comment was echoed in various ways by the others and as Neelix left the table he paused for a moment to look at Seven and gripped her shoulder lightly, “Thanks for the help Seven, I might even have to make a second batch the way people are asking for seconds.”

“You are welcome.” Seven replied sincerely.

The meal continued rather quietly from there with Janeway discussing with Seven and B’Elanna their reading assignment from the day before. The conversation drew all of those at the table into a lively discussion of Admiral Kirk’s career and the role of his First Officer and Chief Medical Officer in the decisions he made. B’Elanna had at first been highly interested in the conversation, arguing vehemently with Seven and Tuvok, and being supported by Janeway, over whether or not some of his decisions had been illogically driven by emotional reactions.

Her wife had a cool dispassionate look on her face as she argued her point, and B’Elanna would normally have been irritated by it except for the fact that she noted that Seven was displaying increasing signs of arousal as their discussion continued. It was nothing that anyone but B’Elanna would notice and puzzled her until she remembered that Seven liked seeing her being passionate about things. That realization was the end of B’Elanna’s interest in the discussion as her mind started wandering to other, more interesting things.

Aggravatingly the discussion would not seem to end, either Chakotay or the Captain would bring up another point and Tuvok would obligingly offer a comment and everyone would stare expectantly at Seven and B’Elanna. Finally B’Elanna noticed with dumbfounded amazement the twinkle in Janeway and Chakotay’s eyes and realized the two were purposefully dragging out the conversation.

At first B’Elanna felt a flush of anger which rapidly drained away as she realized that Janeway and Chakotay did not intend to be mean, they were just enjoying teasing them. Besides she admitted to herself, they weren’t doing anything she hadn’t done to new couples in the past. Only now she was on the receiving side and unlike the times when she had been doing the teasing and found it an amusing activity, she was finding that being teased was extremely annoying.

Abruptly she cut off the discussion, “Kathryn, Chakotay, Tuvok,” she smiled at each sweetly, “As nice as this is and as much fun as you have been having, I have plans for the evening that involve Annika and I being entirely alone and in our quarters. If you will excuse us.” she said rising and grasping Seven’s hand to pull her up with her.

Seven gave B’Elanna a surprised and puzzled look but readily allowed her to draw her to her feet amid the resulting quiet laughter. Seven waited until they were out of the mess hall and relatively alone before she asked the question that had been puzzling her. “B’Elanna what is the difference between what you said in the mess hall and what I said to you and Lt. Paris?”

B’Elanna slowed, the question having caught her by surprise, and glanced at her new wife’s puzzled face. She sighed and wracked her brain for an answer that would make sense to Seven. B’Elanna knew Seven thought that her social blunder a few months earlier had simply been because she discussed Tom and B’Elanna’s sex life in public. Yet now B’Elanna had done the same thing and it was apparently alright.

“Well for one thing I was the one who brought it up instead of Kathryn or Chakotay. Second it depends on who you are speaking to and the closeness of your relationship with them.” answered B’Elanna finally.

Seven frowned for a moment then asked, “If we had been friends at the time would it have been permissible?”

“Well, if you had said it in a lower tone of voice so that only Tom and I heard it, then yes it would have.” answered B’Elanna with a regretful look.

They had arrived at the door of Seven’s quarters by this time and entered, when the doors shut Seven turned and with a raised brow said, “You stated you had plans for us when we were alone in our quarters?”

B’Elanna easily detected the amusement in Seven’s tone, and an emphasis on the word our. There was no resentment, no anger in the blue eyes that regarded her so warmly. ‘Perhaps it is time for me to move on as well,’ B’Elanna thought. “Oh, yes… those plans.” B’Elanna said with a smile.

Drawing Seven into her arms she lifted her face and captured the blonde’s lips. B’Elanna was determined that this evening would be gentler than the previous night. She had successfully proven her worth; her mate was won; now she could concentrate only on Annika’s pleasure.

She was still planning how she would make love to Seven when the subject of her thoughts abruptly pulled away, bent slightly and picked her up in her arms. B’Elanna gasped in surprise and gripped Seven’s shoulders for balance. In a few seconds Seven had moved from the front room to the bedroom. She lowered her to the surface of the bed, followed her down and began kissing her again.

Insistent hands at B’Elanna’s waist soon had her shirt free from her pants, then seconds later the feel of air across her chest let her know that the shirt buttons had given little resistance to the ex-Borg. As Seven started trailing kisses along her cheek and down her neck, causing her to turn her head to expose more of her neck she felt Seven’s hands slide underneath her. Mere moments later her bra loosened and then Seven’s hands were there as well causing her to arch and gasp at the sensation.

When Seven pulled away she was confused at first until Seven said huskily, “Sit up.” Knowing what was coming next B’Elanna let her wife pull off her shirt before doing some undressing of her own. It was not until Seven was as naked as she that she allowed the blonde to push her back down onto the bed. When Seven started nibbling her way down her neck B’Elanna groaned and arched her neck back in response to the gentle bites.

“I have been researching different methods of… lovemaking,” Seven whispered against her skin. “I wish to determine whether the information I obtained is correct.”

“Oh,” said B’Elanna in a strangled tone, “What methods would those be?”

“I am employing one now.” said Seven against the skin of her breast just before teeth gently closed around a nipple and pulled it upward slightly before her tongue started flicking quickly over the tip.
“Ahh,” cried B’Elanna as she arched against Seven at the delicious mixture of sensations this evoked. In no way was Seven hurting her, but B’Elanna found the contrast between the precise pressure of Seven’s teeth lifting and isolating just the tip of her breast for the attention of her tongue to be incredibly arousing.

When Seven left her breasts it was pull away slightly and gently rake her nails down B’Elanna’s sides and over her hips, causing her to tremble. Then Seven lowered head and gently bit the side of her stomach then ran her tongue over the area, moving lower she did the same just over B’Elanna’s hipbone. B’Elanna could not understand why she was finding this as arousing as she was but with each gentle purposeful bite her excitement was rising.

“Turn over.” Seven’s voice had went from husky to downright smoky and B’Elanna did as she’d asked without question, thinking fleetingly that the night was definitely not going as she planned but she was certainly not going to argue with the way things were going.

Seven continued her gentle attacks down B’Elanna’s back, raking her nails up the back of her legs, over her ass and along her sides intermittently. By now B’Elanna was finding it difficult to think of anything but where Seven might touch her next, lying on her stomach she could not tell and she found the fact that she didn’t know to be arousing in and of itself.

By the time she felt Seven’s hand on the inside of her thigh urging her legs apart she was almost whimpering with need, having been slowly tormented for almost an hour. She breathed in deeply as Seven lay down on her back, pressing her into the bed and slipped her fingers inside while using her thumb to rub along the sensitive line of flesh along the outside.

Then Seven began to nip along her back wherever she could reach as she increased the tempo of her hand. B’Elanna had never thought of her back as being so sensitive but now it seemed to be wired directly to her groin and both seemed to be incredibly responsive to Seven’s touch. Her world narrowed as she thrust her hips down into the bed and then back against Seven’s hand to what that hand was doing to her, the raking of Seven’s teeth over the skin of her back, and the glide of her tongue over that same skin.

B’Elanna was unaware to the fact that she was panting loudly, and moaning almost continuously. Seven, however, was not and when she judged her wife was sufficiently aroused she touched her wife inside and outside the way that her research had indicated would bring her great pleasure and found herself flung almost off B’Elanna when the half-Klingon suddenly howled inarticulately and exploded into motion underneath her.

Seven wrapped an arm around her wife’s waist and hung on to the wildly moving woman determined to bring her pleasure and was rewarded moments later when B’Elanna in rapid order, climaxed, screamed out her name and then seemed to collapse under her. Seven was worried for .04 seconds until she realized that B’Elanna was not in any distress, only overcome by sensations as she had been the when B’Elanna made love to her last night.

Seven’s ears were still ringing with the noise of B’Elanna’s yell and her eyes widened as she replayed the last few moments in her memory and made calculation on the pitch and decibels of the yell her wife had made. Her brow rose at the answer she came up with and she sighed slightly and began calculating how much and what type of soundproofing their quarters would need to ensure their privacy.

A few moments later B’Elanna’s eyes fluttered open, “Water.” she rasped out.

Seven obediently rolled off her and went to get the requested item, when she came back B’Elanna was sitting up though she was listing heavily to the side and supporting herself with a braced arm. She took the proffered water as Seven sat down beside her and took a few swallows before asking, “Research?”

Seven cocked her head to the side deciphering the request then answered, “I correlated your responses last night, what I learned of your physiology and was able to extrapolate from the information on Klingon and Human sexual responses what you might find pleasurable. I am pleased to see I was correct,” Seven replied proudly. She paused then thoughtfully added, “I believe I can further refine my technique to provide you with a greater amount of stimulation,” and looked at her wife expectantly.

B’Elanna’s eyes widened at this and she blurted, “Greater? Any more and you might kill me woman.”

Seven’s eyes clouded over and her face fell at this, “I damaged you?” she asked with great concern.

B’Elanna sat up, set her drink aside and pulled her into a tight embrace, “No you didn’t damage me, Be’nal. I was joking, you already made me pass out and you’re talking about how you want to do better next time.”

She held Seven until she could feel the woman relaxing, “You don’t have to be the perfect lover to please me Annika. Your simplest touch gives me pleasure because I want to be touched by you.”

Seven drew away from her and stared at her with a slight frown marring her face, “You found tonight to be lacking in some manner?”

B’Elanna groaned, “No, that’s not what I meant. I’m just saying that lovemaking is more than technique, it’s about how you feel about the person you touch. You showed me just now that you love me, I just don’t want you to get so focused on touching me in the perfect way that you lose sight of that.” B’Elanna smiled gently with rueful amusement at her wife, “And you know you can get that focused Be’nal.”

Seven looked at her utterly seriously for a few moments, obviously thinking about what she had said. Finally she replied, “I believe I understand B’Elanna.”

B’Elanna tried to find the energy inside herself to begin making love to her wife in return but only felt an overwhelming need to curl up in Seven’s arms and fall asleep. “Give me another moment.” she said to Seven, unaware of how much her voice betrayed her exhaustion.

Seven looked at her curiously then realized that B’Elanna felt she had to reciprocate. “Lay down,” she ordered her wife and pressed her back, then followed her down and wrapped her arms about the shorter woman. “I am ‘alright’ go to sleep BangwI.”
“I should…” began B’Elanna.

“Should go to sleep, I do not mind that I ‘tired you out’.” replied Seven with a smirk that B’Elanna could not see but could hear.

B’Elanna knew that she should really argue but she was just so tired now, and Seven was so warm and soft and it was so comfortable to have her hold her….

Seven cocked her head curiously as she heard a peculiar noise coming from her wife. Finally she identified it, B’Elanna was snoring, it was not loud but she was definitely snoring. Seven listened entranced for awhile as she finished working out exactly how much of each type of soundproofing would be needed and the best configuration of where to place it. When she was done she kissed B’Elanna’s head and closed her eyes.

In the morning B’Elanna awoke to find Seven gone from the bed, going out into the living area she found her entering an engineering request at the terminal.

“What are you doing?” she asked curiously.

“Entering a request for soundproofing, I do not wish everyone in Deck 9 Section 11 to know when we are being intimate.” replied Seven, who had turned to smile at her wife as she said this.

B’Elanna’s eyes widened at this and she groaned, “Oh no.”

Seven frowned, “I do not believe you would have appreciated me stopping to remind you I only had standard soundproofing last night.”

B’Elanna started chuckling then laughed fully at this comment, “No, I would not have appreciated you stopping what you were doing to remind me to be quiet.” She got her chuckles under control; “It’s just that the Delaney sisters live in this section.” she finished ruefully. 


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