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Sites that Archive my Stories.

www.ralst.com - Passion and Perfection website.

www.fanfiction.com - easily the largest collection of multi-fandom fiction on the net.

www.uberetc.com - not an archive per se, but a web crawler page where they search for updates to various femslash sites.  My site is one of them :)

Other Favorite Websites

Unimatrix Seven - Lisa Countryman's stories.

Novel Expectations - G. L. Darrt's excellent Just Between series.

Past Imperfect - Fletchers very well written 4 part series.  Janeway/Original character and Seven/Original character.

Research Websites

How to Design Your Solar System - Good guide for scientific information for your created world.

Temperature Patterns - Interesting discussion about climate.

Planetary Tilt Not A Spoiler for Habitation - Ever wondered what effect different planetary tilts might have on a planets climate?


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