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Penchant to Dream - Night One


Penchant to Dream - Night One

By Kudara

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.
Warning: Contains f/f graphic scenes.

Rating: 18 (Do not read at work!)

Revision History: 6/28/04; 9/5/04

Feedback: Always welcome, feedback is what encourages me to keep writing. Please let me know what you like and what you dislike about the story.

Summary: To dream. Not related to any other ongoing tales. Erotica


Seven activated the controls of her alcove and stepped backward dropping off into darkness as she stood rigid, face calm and serene within her regeneration cycle.

B'Elanna slipped into bed, trying to wind down after a long frustrating day. Seven was so difficult to deal with sometimes, with her irritating Borg mannerisms. And why did she constantly have to stand like she did! B'Elanna hated it when she turned around and ended up staring at Seven's breasts which of course were at eye level, she could swear they were aggressively thrust out at her. It was nerve-wracking. Grrr

Darkness surrounded her, where was she? What was that, breathing?
A gliding motion toward the sound... A realization... this is a dream. Breathing... she is close now to whoever it is.

Reach out a hand... touch softness... an indrawn breath from the other. She pauses then continues exploring soft skin. A breast, a hardening nipple... a woman...the other is a woman. She feels a moist heat start within.

A hand cups, tenderly fingers explore... she listens to the quickly indrawn breaths... it is just a dream but it is exciting to know that her dream lover is excited by this simple touch.

Lips follow, teeth graze a tender nipple... a soft cry rewards... she smiles... searches out the woman's other breast for her hand to touch.

She can smell her dream lover's arousal in the heavy air, breaths coming quicker and deeper, yet nothing is spoken. There is just the darkness, breathing, touch.

She glides her hands downward exploring a waist with... how odd what is this... banding? Smooth warm metal bands arch in rows away from a larger metal surface at the woman's waist.

She pauses realizing who the dream lover represents... and runs a tongue around a hardened nipple then nips gently... a choked response... the smell of musky arousal grows heavier.

She smiles and continues, this is definitely a dream, she would never hear or smell such arousal from the emotionless drone.

She marvels over the smoothness of the metal implant, the smooth way the skin and metal fit together... curious she leaves the softness of the woman's breasts and drifts downward... letting curiosity move her to exploring this with mouth and tongue.

Curious she runs a tongue over the smooth metal and is surprised by a gasping cry... another swipe by the tongue and another cry and this time a fine shiver runs through the woman.

She smiles almost evilly... what have we here... and begins to explore the banding and implant with tongue and teeth... listening to the increasingly passionate response.

The scent is so strong... the woman intensely aroused... a hand drifts downward... ghosts over tight curls then glides into the moist wetness. A growl of satisfaction, the woman is so wet so aroused... gentle fingers glide and dance over intimate flesh... and gasping cries turn into deep moans of need.

Mouth drifts downward, fingers seek out an entrance and gently thrust entering the woman... a full cry greets this effort... She opens the woman with one hand while thrusting into her with the other then with a sudden movement presses her tongue to the stretched flesh... a cry explodes above her at the sudden intimacy and then hips start to rock seeking fulfillment.

She realizes the woman tastes pleasant, her tongue dancing over the woman's intimate flesh never stopping long enough to allow the woman release, listening to the woman's pleading cries with satisfaction.

She draws the anticipation out then pauses for a moment... teasing... then suddenly suckles hard on the bud of nerves and thrusts into the woman... setting a rhythm that the woman matches... suddenly the pleading tone changes into a deeper almost guttural cries that become timed to her thrusting fingers.

A sudden stiffening, muscles tighten, a loud cry of passion... a sudden bucking of the woman's body... internal muscles rhythmically contract... yet she continues her attentions and draws out the woman's orgasm from one, into two, into three. A boneless relaxation to the woman's body after the third signals that it is finally time to gently stop.

A gentle kiss on intimate flesh... She smiles in satisfaction... a good dream. She remembers the final cries... so passionate... so unlike the woman in real life.

She feels a mental relaxation... her body was still aroused but also sated by the others reaction to her touch... definitely a good dream.

Momentarily she wonders... why Seven?

B'Elanna stretched and acknowledged the computer, a sniff of the air confirmed the dream she had last night. A feeling of satisfaction in her body and the memory of those final passionate cries caused B'Elanna to frown. Why had she had a sexual dream concerning Seven of all people. B'Elanna groaned, remembering that Seven would be in engineering again today, thrusting out those full soft...sensitive... Argg get a damn grip on yourself, it was a dream, though B'Elanna to herself. She groaned and sat up, how was she going to manage to get through today without remembering last night.

Seven stepped out of her alcove and turned and examined it with a deeply suspicious eye. She had never had an experience like that before during regeneration. Honestly she admitted to herself she had never had an experience like that at all. With yet another suspicious look at the alcove, Seven began to run a thorough diagnostic.

While she waited she tried to not remember the feel of someone's mouth on her breast, and other more intimate places that had caused her to cry out in total abandon, feeling a deep need for more. Causing her body to tighten seeking something... something... then finally she had cried out as her body began to orgasm and she finally understood why the humans around her sought out this experience so intently. She still felt a sense of bodily satisfaction from the experience and a certain relaxation she had never felt before.

When the diagnostic finished she stared in confusion at the results, there was nothing wrong with the alcove. Suddenly she realized that she was late for her shift, Lt. Torres would undoubtedly comment on her tardiness.



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