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Penchant to Dream - Night Three


Penchant to Dream – Night Three

By Kudara

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.

Warning: Contains f/f graphic scenes.

Rating: Adult (Do not read at work!)

Revision History: 04/30/05

Summary: To dream yet again. Not related to any other ongoing tales :) Erotica


B’Elanna sat down on the bed and stared into space uncertainly. Today had certainly been interesting. She had caught Seven staring at her at least six times with a look that she was absolutely certain never seen on the Borg’s face before. It had been an odd mixture of curiosity, wonder and, at times, what B’Elanna would have unhesitatingly interpreted as desire if it had been on anyone else.

Each time as soon as Seven realized that B’Elanna was looking her way Seven turned away quickly and became engrossed in her work. At first B’Elanna had dismissed it as a figment of her imagination, a byproduct of the dreams she had been having. By the fourth time B’Elanna realized that she wasn’t imagining things, and had whipped her head around in time to return Seven’s stare.

Instead of giving her trademark Ice Princess look, Seven had looked flustered at being caught staring and had dropped her eyes back to the control panel and not looked back up. The next time B’Elanna noticed she had simply continued working and watched Seven’s reflection in the display panel trying to figure out what the woman was staring at.

The answer was her, Seven’s eyes wandered up and down her figure, flickering to focus on her hands quite frequently.

“Their just dreams.” B’Elanna whispered into the empty room.

She hadn’t actually been touching Seven, tasting Seven, taking Seven and feeling her come around her fingers and then last night so intimately against her own flesh. It was just a dream, there could be no connection between it and the way Seven had looked at her today.

It had been a very difficult day for Seven. After the previous night’s dream, she had found it almost impossible to focus on her work with B’Elanna standing only a few feet away.

Seven had been embarrassed when B’Elanna had caught her staring at her. Embarrassed because her attention had been on the half Klingon’s hands, remembering exactly how they had touched her in the dream, and what she had felt as a result. Seven had been certain that the Lieutenant would detect her arousal, but she had only looked puzzled for a long moment then turned back to her work.

After that she had been more careful in her perusal of the Lieutenant.

After Alpha shift ended Seven had begun researching every bit of data she could find on sexuality. This time focusing on the physical aspects of it, specifically information on how to please another female. Seven hoped that the nature of the dream would change and she would be the one allowed to touch, when that happened she wanted to be certain that she would know what to do.

Her research completed, Seven stepped into her alcove unhesitatingly, feeling a thrill of anticipation as she initiated the regeneration cycle.


It was like being caught in some type of web, no matter how she struggled she could not force her limbs to move. The most she could manage was a slow clenching of her hands.

She began to panic, throwing all her efforts into breaking free of whatever force was holding her captive.

Then she felt something and paused in her efforts to try and listen over the rapid panting of her breath. There it was again and this time she knew for certain what it was, a hand trailing down her arm, then grasping her clenched fist gently.

The very same action she had took the previous night when she realized her dream lover was afraid. The thought calmed her, and her breathing slowed as the other woman’s thumb rubbed soothingly over the top of her hand.

When she unclenched her hands, the woman with one final gentle stroke let them go. Before she could miss the touch it was back, this time as a trailing touch along her forehead ridges and down the side of her face.

She was not surprised when the next thing she felt was soft lips moving against her own. Tonight though, there was none of the uncertain learning of the previous night. Lips moved, almost aggressively, against her own and when she gasped at a gentle nip the woman unhesitatingly deepened the kiss.

Two hands threaded fingers through her hair, tilting her head slight sideways before the woman claimed her mouth. The feel of the woman’s tongue thrusting against hers caused her to groan. Deciding to reclaim the initiative, she sucked strongly on the tongue invading her mouth and then gently raked her teeth along the sides. With satisfaction she heard the other woman’s moan.

She was surprised when the woman’s tongue withdrew from her mouth and began a delicately light tracing of her lips. Pursuing it the woman’s tongue with her own, she realized this was what the woman wanted when she found her tongue being suckled on strongly. She shuddered when she felt the pressure of teeth scrape along the sides.

The lips left hers and she wanted to protest, only to sigh with renewed arousal as she felt them again, this time trailing along her jaw toward her throat. Her eyes which had been open and straining to see something in the stygian darkness finally closed as she concentrated on the feel of the other woman’s lips on her skin.

So focused was she on the lips trailing down her throat that the hands cupping her breasts caught her by surprise. Finger tips gently rubbed over her nipples, one warm skin, the other warm metal. She arched into the touch seeking more contact.

The fingers kept stroking her lightly, exploring the shape of her breasts and occasionally gently rubbing over the nipples. A puff of air over one sensitive tip was all the warning she had before it was enclosed in a warm mouth. She moaned at the contact and wished desperately that she could talk; if she could she would beg to be touched more firmly instead of teased with these light, gentle touches.

Gentle suction, tongue, teeth, the crest of her right breast was treated to all of these. At the same time the metal tipped fingers continued lightly caressing her other breast. When the warm mouth left her breast she cried out in protest only to moan her approval when it closed upon the nipple of the left.

Tongue and teeth lavished attention upon their new territory evoking strongly pleasurable sensations. Unable to utter anything else she cried out her pleasure hoping it would spur the woman to more passionate touches.

Suddenly the orientation of the darkness changed and she felt as if she were no longer held upright but was now lying prone. The sudden sensation of the woman’s naked body pressed down against her own confirmed the orientation change, but she found that she was much less interested in the change than the sensual feel of the woman’s skin against her own.

Instinctually she lifted her hips and with a twisting motion ground herself against the woman’s firm stomach. A sudden intake of breath and a sighing moan from the woman rewarded her. Fingers trailed down her back and over her ass then hands gripped her and pulled her hips firmly against the woman’s body.

The woman’s hands held her firmly for a moment longer then loosened their hold. At the same time the woman’s attention to her breast changed, the tongue’s strokes became firmer, teeth scrapped over the nipple a little harder. She arched her back and pressed her breast against the woman’s mouth and moaned her approval.

The hands lightly gripping her ass slowly slid down and inward, gliding smoothing toward more sensitive flesh. Between anticipation of where those hands might end up and the tongue flicking firmly over her nipple she felt her arousal increase exponentially. Instead of touching her intimately though, they continued downward, and pulled her legs slightly apart then slid back up to rest on her waist.

She moaned in frustration, then her breath caught for a moment as she felt the lips leave her nipple and start gliding downward along her stomach. At the same moment the woman’s hands slid downward again, over the muscular curves of her rear, and then inward. This time they drifted inward enough to just brush the hairs covering her sex.

Seeking to force the teasing fingers into a more intimate contact she thrust her hips downward, only to have the hands curl around her inner thigh and stop touching her. She growled with frustration at the cessation of the desired contact. As soon as she stilled the hands slid upward and gently touched her again.

The message was clear, move and the woman would stop touching her, stay still and she had a better chance of getting what she wanted. Incredulous, she wondered just when the woman above her had learned how to tease and subtly dominate so well, as far as she knew the ex-Borg hadn’t had any sexual experience at all. She stopped herself, reminding herself that the woman above her, touching her so gently, was her dream lover, it could not possibly, in any way, absolutely not, be the actual woman who was undoubtedly, peacefully regenerating in the Cargo Bay.

The woman’s finger tips slid ever so slightly into her, dragging her attention away from her musing as to the woman’s identity, and sharply focusing it on what the woman was doing. Finger tips from both hands slid ever so slowly over the tender folds of skin, gathering the moisture there and spreading it about. She held still and they rewarded her by stroking just inside her then withdrawing and stroking the skin just outside, then returning and going slightly deeper before withdrawing again.

Over the pleasure of the woman’s touch she was also hyper sensitively aware of the fact that the woman’s lips had reached the edge of the curling hair of her sex. The fingers that had been so wonderfully teasing her left as the woman settled between her legs, then returned this time drifting down from the front of her thighs.

Instead of sliding down to touch inside her again, the fingers gently spread her apart exposing the sensitive skin to the darkness. Even though she knew that the woman could not see her, the sensation of being so open left her feeling vulnerable. It also left her highly aroused at the thought of the woman’s mouth, which she knew was so very near, upon that flesh.

The sensation of finger tips sliding along the exposed flesh caused her to moan and instinctively thrust her hips toward the woman’s touch. She let out a protesting sound as she realized what she had done, not wanting the woman to withdraw. To her surprise it didn’t, and for some reason the vision of ex-drone’s face appeared in her minds eye with that irritating knowing smirk of hers playing on her lips.

Even though the vision of that knowing smile irked her, she had to admit if the roles were reversed, and she were playing this game, she would be smirking by now too. Then such thoughts were wiped away when she felt the fingers renew their exploration gliding up and down and among the soft folds of flesh.

They drifted tantalizingly close to where she desperately wanted them, but never touched the sensitive nub that she wanted them to. The woman continued teasing her for several moments until finally she felt what she had been wanting so badly. At first she thought the woman was touching her with her fingers, then she realized that the touch was a tongue right before the woman’s mouth closed over her intimately and began giving the sensitive nub exquisite attention.

At the same time the woman’s fingers slid downward and smoothly entered her. The moan she uttered in response was one of pure relief, finally the teasing was over. The woman’s fingers, instead of beginning a thrusting motion, explored their new environment, sliding over her inner walls. It wasn’t what she had been expecting, and not exactly what she wanted, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t arousing. And, she noted, one advantage of those long fingers was that they could explore quite a lot of her.

Finally the fingers returned to the one spot inside that she had suspected the woman was searching for in the first place and began to stroke over it. Immediately she felt her desire build and drew in an unsteady breath. She had to move, she couldn’t stand it any longer.

Slowly she thrust herself against the woman’s touch and withdrew only to repeat the motion. To her delight the woman didn’t stop, and even encouraged the movement by picking up the motion with her fingers. Driven by her own desire she increased the tempo of her movements.

She knew she was panting and crying out wantonly, but did not care. The building pressure inside drove all rational thought away except for the overwhelming need she had for the woman’s continued touch. Finally, in one perfect moment, every muscle in her body seemed to tighten and then waves of pleasure broke over her shaking her in their wake for long moments. Afterward she felt light headed, euphoric and definitely relaxed.

Somehow, the woman seemed to understand that the once was all she needed. Another orientation change and now she was lying on top of the woman, her head pillowed on full breasts. Letting out a contented sigh, she surrendered to the boneless relaxation she felt, and relaxed into the woman’s body.


B’Elanna awoke, reflexively reaching for the body that she had been sleeping upon, only to realize that she was alone in her bed. A moment of disappointment swept over her, before she shook herself awake. She was still feeling a pleasant glow from the dream encounter, which did not fade, even as she considered the unlikelihood of Seven knowing enough about sex to act the way her dream lover had.

Yet, she was becoming more and more certain that something unexplainable was going on, there were too many coincidences happening. First the odd way Seven had acted the day after the first dream, her dream lover’s fear the second night, then the desire she had seen in Seven’s eyes the previous day.

Somehow she was going to have to find out why Seven had thought there was something wrong with her alcove, and whether or not she had been having dreams that mirrored B’Elanna’s. Though if she had… B’Elanna just didn’t want to think of that possibility.

Seven stepped out of her alcove feeling eight foot tall, all the data from the dream encounter indicated that she had performed successfully. There had been several things she had been concerned about. That she might inadvertently damage the other woman, that the woman might find her touch repulsive, that she would be unable to stimulate the woman sufficiently for her to orgasm.

Seven took a moment to evaluate her own reaction, and was bemused to note that she was as proud of the fact that the other woman had climaxed from her actions as she had been in the past for doing something to save her new collective.

Abruptly her mood changed from elated to pensive, as she considered her adversarial relationship with the object of her dreams. Though they had been able to work together recently without outbreaks of hostility. Perhaps some day…

Seven shook her head, perhaps it was her lack of humanity, but she could not imagine Lt. Torres actually allowing her to touch her the way Seven had in the dream.

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