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Penchant to Dream - Night Two


Penchant to Dream – Night Two

By Kudara

Disclaimer: Star Trek Voyager and all who sail in her belong to Paramount/Viacom and no infringement of copyright/trade marks is intended.
Warning: Contains f/f graphic scenes.
Rating: 18 (Do not read at work!)

Revision History: 6/29/04; 1/14/05

Summary: To dream yet again. Not related to any other ongoing tales :) Erotica (hopefully)


B’Elanna yawned, and then shook her head. What had been up with Seven today? The usually unflappable drone had arrived at engineering late explaining that she had needed to run a diagnostic on her alcove. Seven had even ignored her when she had curiously asked why, instead requesting her work assignment almost brusquely. That had caused B’Elanna to reflect sarcastically on the difference between the dream Seven and the real one.

Only, as the day went on she noticed how oddly Seven was acting, the drone had been positively jumpy. At one point in the day it had been all she could do to not sneak up behind her and go ‘boo’ just to see if Seven would end up on the second deck. B’Elanna shrugged, no telling what was bothering the Borg.

Seven was irritated with herself; she had allowed the memory of the night to distract her all day. She had tried to come up with an explanation as to why her alcove was malfunctioning, but had failed. She had even gone to Sickbay and had the Doctor examine her implants to make sure they were not the source of the problem. Yet, there was nothing wrong, which left her here in the Cargo bay staring with uncertainty at her alcove.

Seven resolutely stepped into the alcove and ignored the slight tremble in her fingers as she entered in her regeneration cycle. She also ignored the knot of apprehension and anticipation that seemed centered in her stomach. The emotions were irrelevant, there was nothing wrong with her alcove, nothing would happen to disturb her regeneration cycle. Yet as Seven tapped the key to start the regeneration cycle she took an uncertain breath before darkness fell.

*Darkness… she smiles upon hearing deep even breaths… she is nearer now and the tempo of the breaths quicken… grow uneven… she inhales and scents arousal and fear?

She thinks that perhaps the Borg’s obvious unease during the day has invaded her dream… the scent of fear causes her to pause and seek to reassure the other woman even though she is just a figment of her imagination…

Gently she reaches out and touches an arm… trails a hand down to grasp the other woman’s hand… she tries to lift the hand but fails somehow it fades away… reaches down and grasps a hand.

Breaths are even now… gentle touches explore a face… trailing fingers curiously along an ocular implant… a claw like burst on near an ear… gentle fingers brush along cheekbones… along lips that part in a silent gasp… she inhales and smells only arousal now.

She begins to gently explore the woman’s face with her lips, following the trail laid out by her fingers earlier… a trail of delicate kisses and nips along a jaw line… down a neck… along a shoulder… sighs follow kisses… indrawn gasps follow gentle bites… a pause.

Two hands on cheeks… lips meet lips… delicate exploration… uncertain response… lips meet lips that slowly become more knowledgeable.

She smiles and nips a full lower lip, eliciting an eager response, then soothes the lip with the tip of her tongue… stillness and an increase of heart rate… kisses flow down a long neck… across a chest…

She feel a stillness inside her as she lavished a nipple with tongue and teeth, then an inner warmth spread as a passion filled moan rewards her… for long moments she gently nips and caresses the woman’s breasts… then drifts downward to pay attention once again to the sensitive banding there…

Lower still and she pauses confused as it seems she is no longer standing but supporting herself above the woman’s body… she quits pondering the seeming change in position as the woman without prompting opens her legs inviting her touch…

Gentleness, slowness, where she was quick and passionate the night before now she teases slowly enjoying the taste of the other woman and the ever increasing passion evident in the sounds the woman is making and the seeking movements of her hips…

She rolls her tongue around the sensitive nub slowly and almost languidly thrusts her fingers into the woman… into the warm soft depths and slowly back out… rolls a tongue around soft warm sensitive flesh then flicks it over the bud of harder raised flesh… listens in satisfaction to the moan and reflexive tensing of the flesh under her tongue that follows…

Slowly she quickens the pace of her actions… thrusting deeper and faster, withdrawing almost all the way only to quickly enter the warm slick depths again… more strongly she draws the sensitive nub up into her mouth and flicks it with the tip of her tongue… until finally the other woman cries out and the flesh beneath her mouth quivers with her climax.

Desperate with her own need she straightens above the other woman and pulls her knees up and positions herself against her… with one hand between them she opens the other woman and presses intimately against her then carefully opens herself as well without loosing contact… slowly she begins to move and can’t help but moan out her need as she moves her most intimate self against the other woman…

The woman beneath her after a moments pause begins to rock against her as well increasing the sensation between them… she lets her head fall against the woman’s chest breathing in large gulps of air in between her cries…

She is so aroused by touching the other woman and by what she is now doing that it only takes a few minutes of the contact between them before she give into her own release… the woman beneath her quivers as well in her second climax… she holds onto her tightly as they come together…

Afterward she gently pushes at the woman’s legs and when the woman beneath her lowers them with a sigh rests contented against the softness of her breasts and sleeps…

B’Elanna sighed and stretched languidly when the computer awoke her feeling incredibly sated by the events in the dream. Then B’Elanna groaned knowing that Seven would be working in engineering again today. It was going to be hard not to stare at the Borg and wonder what it would be like to actually touch her, what it would be like to see that cool aristocratic face lost in passion.

It had been hard enough yesterday not to stare and think of the dream, today would be doubly difficult. Hopefully the Borg wouldn’t be as jumpy today as she had been yesterday. B’Elanna frowned wondering yet again what had been bothering the drone.

Seven opened her eyes and stepped out of the alcove not really seeing the Cargo Bay around her. There was only one woman aboard Voyager with cranial ridges and that was what she had clearly felt against her throat just before… Seven closed her eyes remembering exactly how wet the other woman’s sex had been against her own as they moved together, how she had sounded when she climaxed against her. They snapped open again when she considered that the woman in her dreams was clearly Lt. B’Elanna Torres and she was assigned to engineering again today.



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